Shadow Demon by BenWootten

A form the shapeless and all powerful Entity The Hate can take when transforming in battle and fueled by many of Hatred and Madness.

"As long as there is indifference... As long as people continue to fight... As long as you have the pure will to truly HATE someone or something. We will always be there to help you satisfy the monsters deep within you..." ~ Nelkorious

The Odium is a strange and mysterious organization of unknown origin, probably originating back to the dawn of time and civilization. While it's true origins are unknown, it is suggesed that the original cult and mercenary following dates back to the old days of the first mystic and powerful cults of humanity, including the Church of Chaos, The NWO, and the Black Brotherhood. And it also now widely accepted that the Organization is now centered around many demonic deities like Lucifer, Satan, Samael etc, and practiced worship of the Elder Gods and the Lords of Chaos, Chaos Itself as a Force, and the Primal Force known as The Hate which is arguably the main and unified leader of the team as a whole. The Odium is but a simple yet powerful sub-organization for these big groups that, like them are involved in causing an endless amount of strife across the Universe. Borrowing and mixing a lot of there rituals, cultures, and activities with a mix Anarchism and Satanism.

As the name suggests, The Odium (Being the Latin Translation of "To Hate") are mainly tasked and involved in a very different line of work in there agenda. And a variety of a members, many from different parts of the world and realm with there own hidden agendas they themselves would try to fufill. While they do offer themselves as mercenaries at many points, there reasons for this and there agenda is still a complete mystery, and it's still being debated today, even compared to other mysterious organizations.

Mainly though, they're main line of work is offering there assistance or help whenever a person has an overwhelming hate or reason to kill another person or to sabotage another things life. How they manage to find a client is still cryptic even to historians, whether they know by spies and hidden members, whether they can actually sense an overwhelming amount of hate and malice in an area, they are simply drawn by the amount of hatred bound to a certain person or group of people and as such will carry out there duties with no question asked, often dirty and secretive duties that no else would even be considered of doing, and with very cheap pricing too. Generally The Odium Organization does not even ask for that much of a reward for there service, although at many points the payback can be rather strange at some points, though most people believe that there is always a catch, and a like manipulative little devil playing tricks on you, they don't always tell you what the full price is. Another theory is that they've somehow gained the ability to actually ABSORB hatred and feed on it like an animal making the Organization stronger as a whole, which would make sense considering how little they ask for a reward general, but most people believe that to be a myth and stretch though.

There main crimes include murder, spree-killing, genocide, sabotage, torture, robberies, revenge killings, and sometimes if the client wants, they simply assist the person into killing the one they want dead, as to get the client a more personal interaction with the person they want dead, as long as it fuels there hatred. A lot of times though might not even fufill the task they had promised, rather they simply make the sitaution worse on purpose. Sometimes to help fuel there own agendas and sometimes just for mere amusement.

It is said in the old legends though that the Organization was originally formed or centered around a mysterious Force or Entity known as The Hate. The Hate is a mysterious and extremely powerful entity with unmatched power and unimaginable dark influences and energy among the Force of the Universe. It is said that the Creation of the Odium was perhaps either sparked by the existence of The Hate, or simply put, it was dedicated to the Entity by it's most loyal worshippers who wanted to madly act out its worship and to make it stronger. The Hate itself seems to be a shapeless, dark, and all-powerful entity depicted as a shadowy and shapeless form with red eyes, grinning teeth, and sometimes horns that feeds on hatred, strife, chaos, madness, sorrow, depression, indifference, and negative thoughts like a plant does with water and nutrients, and like a plant it continues to grow in strength because of it. Whatever the reason, The Hate does continue to grow stronger as a result to the amount Hatred it is feeding on, especially ever since the Odium became active and started fueling the hatred of the Cosmos, The Hate's power has grown and now his influences on the Universe and the entire Cosmos has been increasing over the past few Dark Years, it won't be long now before Odium and Hatred gain control of the entire Unvierse, and The Hate will be ruling everything as one, this is simply one of the motives many people believe that is driving the Odium.


"My belly is full... And you have just successfully fueled my hunger. All of you, whether you fight for something noble and full of virtue or selfish and full of sin... it doesn't matter. You all have helped me grow in power. Your Hatred Makes Me Whole!" ~ The Hate

The Hate

The Hate. The Mysterious and powerful entity and Patron God who leads the Odium Organization and who the entire Organization centers around. It's said to feed on Hatred and Negative Emotions itself. Though it's nature and how old it is and what's true intentions are remains a mystery.

No one really knows when and where the Odium first and originally came from, and for what reason. But most people can agree can agree that if anything it has much to do and centers around the mysterious, malevolant, and powerful god-like entity known as The Hate.

The Hate is a strange and mysterious entity and primal force with immense power and knowledge that probably originates from the remnants of The Old World or the Sea of Chaos. The scale of its power is not known, although we know for sure it possess incredible power, knowledge, manipulative abilities, and can extend its control over darkness and intentions thoughout a limited degree into the Mortal World and Universe we know, the length and degree of how much control it has over the Universe is an unknown degree. We do not know whether it came after or before the events of creation, whether it came before, after, or around the same God/Yahweh came to existence. And we don't even know whether its really an Elder God or simply a powerful renegade member of the Black Brotherhood, or that it quite literally is a simple and powerful manifesation of dark power and hatred, but either way, it has prove it's point on how powerful it really is, and on multiple occassions, it's shown events where it quite nearly has taken over all of the Humanity's World as we know it. Like a Plague, it literally expands its influence, through control and power almost automically as it feeds off the hate and chaos of the Universe like a spounge in water, or a weed drinking nutrients for the rest the plant, it seems to only getting stronger the more negative interactions of humanity and cruel nature. As a results, it's mass gets bigger and stronger, and its amount or power, energy, and capabilites increases. 

Due to the fact that's also an ameba and basically a formless Primal Entity, it has the capability to take any form it wants and desires, most often being depicted and taking the form of the person's worst fear, a thing that bring's a person great anger or despair, or can help it manipulate other people. It has no true gender either, and although it is shown to be a more masculine figure through most of its scriptures, evidence also shows that it has more then likely then on many occassions took the form of an attractive or seductive woman. And like many of the other powerful Elder Gods possibly before, it's capability and influence over the weak and fragile minds is rather, especially when it gains more power, it's able to break the unstable mind and bond of a human, and turn them against eachother, and influence great madness upon people.

The initial origin of The Hate is unknown, some people speculate him to be a Power God amongst himself, others claim him to be a powerful ArchDemon, many others believe that he's one of the many Elder God or DemiGods who spawned from the Sea of Chaos and had drifted into our world/existence to Corrupt, Defile, and Feed on everything in it's path. In the Asylum series though, the majority of people actually believe that The Hate is actually a Primal Force that is the daul opposite of God in the sense that everything the Creator stands for, the Destroyer opposes, and that The Hate is actually and quite literally God's dual side or his Shadow. This makes many people believe that The Hate is actually The Devil Itself in it's purest form. It also helps the fact that the Hate is usually depicted as a large shadowy figure with evil red eyes, sharp toothish grin, and in several incidents horns that resemble a Satyr or even a powerful Dragon. Whether it's true or not is a mystery, he could be the or quite simply a powerful Devil, and the other more possible theory is that he's a powerful member, and possibly renegade member of the Black Brotherhood or Sea of Chaos. Either a way, he is a powerful force for anyone to have to deal with. And whether you are considered to be Good or Evil... the Hate will always find hidden evil, anger, or fear deep inside you and always find a way to destroy you. Either have a way to pull your strings; it can kill you, manipulate you, influence you, get you to kill yourself, or fool you into doing something it wants, and the more you hate... The stronger it becomes.


"In the beginning there was nothing but a Sea of Chaos you see... But then God rose to try and bring order to this Endless Void of Darkness... And so he made sure he brought fourth Light and Order to help him create and make sure he represented something. But at a cost... For you see... Whenever you stand for something... You always cast a SHADOW... And we are the Harbingers of those Shadows..." ~ Dremora

Again, origins to how the Odium was made, when it was made, and where it was made is never clear. Though it can be clearly indicated that it started with a dispute of the Elder Gods, or the Fall/Act of the Primal Force, The Hate.

The Hate at one point grew full and powerful of dark and negative emotions such as fear, anger, and hatred it had been feeding on, and thus it entered the mortal world and demanded obedience, loyality, and sacrifices. The original Odium dates back to earliest days of life and civilizations. From the Egyptians to the Germans, all over the world and cosmos, The Hate and his cult has been depicted through countless scriptures and arts throughout different cultures and regions, and although it and it cult names, the similarities are undeniable.

Its name being referred to as The Odium though, did not really start though until the later 1200's or early 1300's in Germany though, when the first united group of Hate members rounded up together and chose a name that would end up being a staple for there cult and be the name that would strike fear to al who remembered there names. The Odium. Although some evidence shows that the Cult might have really gotten started and had become much stronger when it spawned in the early years of when Greece was conquered by Rome.

Known MembersEdit

It is not often we find a place where we feel as if we can truly belong. And although I may regret saying this, I must admit this with clear honesty. I feel much more comfortable in a Mad Hourse filled with honest people, then a Corporation or Church and Sect filled with liars." ~ Plague

The real number of how many members there are in the Odium is unknown, and perhaps will never been known, since the organization is so old and cryptic, many members are never truly found out about or remain nameless through the team, and those who do get caught or killed keep there secrets with them. And those who plan to betray face the full wrath and punishment of there former comrades, the Elder Gods, or The Hate.

The number of members is not known, currently its hard enough to even keep, most people aren't even sure how many of them are alive or dead, most of the members are in secret, and those who die in the battlefied remain silent with there secrets and sometimes they'll kill themselves to prevent them from ever revealing too much information. Even the most loudmouth or insane members who pottymouth, swear, and shout off the most absurd of comments or obscene things and material will most likely keep quiet about there Organization, most would rather die by an explosion of themselves or at the hands of the enemey then to betray the Unity they have with there Masters/Leaders of the Odium. It's hard enough to keep track on the current one, doing an all out history lesson on them and there members is impossible, though there are reaccuring members in the Organization that do manage to show and that do of that are still alive/present in the Organzation such as The Hate or Jerenovah/Naamah.

Currently, ever since the rise of the new Odium, and it's rise and gain in power (Especially since it's most recent alliance with Shadowblood) has only initiated its path of pure destruction and the chaos it causes throughout its path, increasing its fame and legend of butchery and fear once more helping them grow strength from within the negative emotions and thoughts.

The Cult could have anything from 30 to 40 to possibly a 100,000 members, and we still don't know it today. They are a large and very powerful Global Scale organization with a deep code and serious background knowledge, even its weakest and dishonorable or not-so-loyal members are kept hushed in secret and held together tormented to be loyal less they want to face the insane wrath and madness of other members's punishment or worse, and wrath of the Old God. And while they aren't quite as Universally large, not nearly as large and powerful as the Black Brotherhood, there former and rooted legionary commanders, they are just as loyal enough to hold tight a powerful Organization together. And each one of them is known to be just as terrifying enough and formiddable enough to fight in the battlefield, and cause people an unending amount of pain and suffering, those unfortunate enough to go against one will face serious consquences, many far worse then Death even. Each usually has there own individual Goal in mind and only a fraction of them by comparison are fully aware or even care about who the real leader is... but as long as they stay loyal, obey there order, and do there jobs on time, on task, and get the job done they were asked for to help fuel the power of Great Wheel Of Hate in there Organization then they will continue to be rewarded with there existence, and severe punishment and harmful devices will not be used against them, instead they'll have the oppritunity to use it on other sad and unfortunate victims and people.

There are only a few known members so far. Merely around 30 to 40 we only know, many more have been seen of course but still not identified, and many still not named. Most of there identities and what we know of them are a mystery, and many of them could only dugged up through extensive infromation and knowledge, each one has there own objective and goal, but as far as we know, few have ever betrayed, and we are still not sure if any of these members have been deceased or not... or if that's even possible even. Keep in mind, there are still many other beings who have been seen in The Odium that we still do not know of, whether they are real consistant members or slaves, and even if the fact they are the same being that appeared multiple times or a completely new being with different or varied apperances is also not clear, this make identifying them  very confusing. The majority of these members in The Odium have been seen killing, stalking, manslaughtering, illegal summoning, chasing, trading, manipulating, leaving dangerous messages, threatning people, involved in terrorist attacks, explosions, conspiracies, deception, hate crimes, leading people astray, manipulating other people, giving false information, robberies, destroying, mutating, doing satanic acts, anarchistic acts, killing spree, mass shootings, extensive property damage, and many other negative things that are quite possibly too insane and too many of them to even count.

  • The Hate/The Destroyer-Centered God, Leader, Creator and possible initiater of entire Odium Organization as a whole. It is said that it is the true Master who pulls the strings behind all the Cult plans.
  • Zodias The Unfathomable-The Center and Mysterious Apex being of unspeakable power and Evil that is perhaps the most powerful ever known member of the Odium and without a doube the most feared. Zodias is most likely the mysterious God Leader of The Odium and might almost act as a Harbinger for the Hate but it is not exactly what his connection to The Hate actually is. Many believe this powerful Creature to actually be the Top Leader of the Odium and for the Fate to simply be a Concept, but regardless, it is the most powerful Leader of the Odium ever and is the most feared as well. Very few members are even aware of his Existence, only the most powerful and worthy can even look at him without dying a horrible death or going mad out of fear. Zodias is assumed to be an Old One, an Enigmatic Monster and Forgotten Relic of the Old World. What he wants is not exactly clear, and why he started the Odium is even less certain but it does have a clear hatred for humanity and will use every power it has to destroy it, but not just destroy instantly, to make sure it suffers just as much as possible as it fears off there hatred and watches joyfully as all of humanity tears itself a part.
  • Thalia Of The Dead-A feared and rare example of  a Demigod who has no regrets over the suffering and damage she can cause. A powerful Reaper and Necromancer with great knowledge, it is said that she is a descendent of Thanatos himself.
  • Dremora-When The Hate isn't present, The Immortal Spectre of Decay, Death, and Destruction takes the lead and is one of the initial leaders of the group and one of the first members of the original organization, her command is no less unparallel then the amount of power she possess. She is said to be the next unquestionable leader of the Cult.
  • Nelkorious-The once brilliant Mage and Sorcerer who was said to have once been a symbol of great hope and prosperity for the future, the Mage went Mad after his latest obssessions with Death and Mortality drove him to the brink of insanity ever since he tried to ressurect his dead wife. His existence and conflict brought upon the Mage Wars and the End of the Days of Magic forever, he is one of the oldest and most powerful members of the Odium.
  • The Knight Of Oblivion-A once loyal knight who's obssession with the Dark Arts and origin of the Elder Gods drove him mad, he now serves loyally as Nelkrorious's right hand man, and is a most formiddable opponent on the battlefield. His strength in the battlefield is only matched by his unstable ambition to gain more forbidden knowledge.
  • Plague/Darrius Cooper/Nightmare-A powerful, intelligent, and cruel Mad Scientist and now Cleric of Chaos, he s said to originally have been the next in line to rule in the loyal bloodline of the Ottoman Empire, the usurp and destruction and death of his original family led him to be raised as a mere slave and humble farmer in the fields of Constantinople. After years of suffering of opression though, he made a deal with the Merchant to grant him immortal power and gain unfathomable forbidden dark knowledge, this would eventually lead him to be a Satanic Worshipper of Hell, but this was not satisfy is need for power and dark knowledge. He eventually found out about the Truth of Existence, the Hidden Veil behind the True Gods of Chaos and the Old Ones, and eventually got to meet Chaos Itself. This experience afterwards drove him mad and insane, yet afterwards he arrived back onto the Odium, more feared, cruel, and powerful then ever. With extensive knowledge, intellect, cruelity, mysterious abilities, and his disturbed nihlistic mentality, he is by far one of the Odium's dangerous and pathological members to have ever joined the team. His cruelity is said to even disturb some of the oldest members of The Odium. He generally works alone, though has been known to form alliances, though granted very shaky ones.
  • The Undertaker/The Man-An enigmatic entity shrouded in nothing but mysterious, but has been known to being one of the most respectful and feared members of the Odium as of yet. Though evidence of whether he's still in the Organization or not is a complete mystery. Some say in legends that he could cause Death just by a mere touch... This makes many suspect and believe that he is actually possibly a Reaper, probably even connected to the likes of Thanatos or Samael.
  • The Hunter (The Blame)-A mysterious spiritual enity that seems to have originted off the woods of North America. The Hunter is an extremely powerful marksman that loves to stalk, torment, and kill his prey. He always refers to the events performs as "The Hunt" and as one big Survival Game. He is to resemble something along the lines of an extremely tall and thin man with a skull mask and antler horns sticking out of his head.
  • The Imposter/The Chameleon (Deceased)-A strange and powerful biological experiment made into a success by the Incubi Organization. Said to be born in Japan and trained to be a ruthless killer, The Imposter/Chameleon was a being genetically modified to change or alter his phyiscal apperance right down to the most minor of details. He could change his size and matter of apperance with simply a mere thought in just seconds and disguise himself as anyone. Unfrotunately for him, years of being an ever changing entity, he soon began to lose sight of his own well being and identity, forgetting who he even was and losing his sense of identity cause him to go insane and shoot himself, supposedly dying, though his current whereabout are unknown.
  • The Butcher (Deceased)-The Butcher was a long time and formiddable member of the Odium Organization who did time and work for other mysterious organizations too. His cruelity and obssession with slow and painful deaths were something many people found disturbing about him. He was later killed by Special Agent Henry Lee Leonidas, after The Butcher had kidnapped and attempted to he and a Senators daughter.
  • Aternus-Aternus The Alchemist is a terrifying example of the absolute will one will go to just to prove a point or survive. Aternus was a powerful Alchemist originally killed during the Mage Wars. Yet somehow his spirit was able to gain conciousness again perhaps due to pure will. And thanks to his apprentices, he was able to gain a body back in the form of a metalic skeletal being crafted by his Blacksmiths to kill brutally. He seems to have a deep hatred for magic, a pure love for most of science, and a deep rooted rilvary with Nelkorious.
  • Mr. Issium/Lord Justice-An Old and Powerful Mercenary of the Old West. Originally on a quest of his own to achieve what he beleived to be Salvation and reach Nirvana but claiming his Godhood, Mr. Issium was one of the most feared and greatly terrifying Cowboy that ever lived... That's quite possibly because he wasn't really alive, and that he had many connections to other Dark Forces that gave him power to use for his own purposes.
  • Numbs The Lich-An experimental undead being brought back to life by a mix of Elder God Magic and under the will of the powerful Dark Mage Nelkorious. Numbs, unlike many other undeads before him, still has a mind, and a rather powerful thinking mnd too. He is both intelligent, and a formiddable opponent to go up against, and his cocky attitude only amplifies his serious craviny hunger and ambition. He mainly acts as the Messanger between worlds due to his fast trasporations and vast abilities granted to him by the unlimited power of the Elder Gods, although a lot of times he doesn't seem to grateful for it.
  • Rex/Primevil-A Mad Experimental being brought upon by abominatable science and magic. Rex is a pure inbred mess between human genetics and Leviathan DNA transforming him into a horrifying and destructive Monster. With reptillian scales, senses, and gills to help him breathe underwater, this makes his bloodthirty hunger and super strength all the most frightning.
  • Harriet Havoc/Amber-A once tragic figure, now turned to psychotic Irish Outlaw, Havoc is a formiddable, psychotic, and pathoogical Anarchist and War Criminal wanted on several nations of The Empire, both Good and Bad and is one of the most Chaotic beings ever to grace upon the rest of Creation, let alone The Odium. She is apparently loyally married to Plague.
  • Klock King (Deceased)-The mad apprentice of a once successful Watch Maker, the murderer of his mentor led him to insanity and it only got worse when he got his hand on an ancient clock device that allows him to manipulate time and even conduct electricity to a certain degree. He was later killed by one of the main protagonists of the story Jericho/Jeriko and betrayed by Plague. 
  • Sandman-One of the oldest and most feared members of The Odium. Evidence of this murderer goes back from the earlry 1300's to the late 21st century. His main MO involves him killing people at night, usually in there sleep. Whether through gunshot, gasoline, knives, or strange forbidden magic usually involving a manipulation through fear, Sandman is one terrifying opponent that few have ever survived from, and many fewer have been able to maintain sanity over after fighting him and his horrors.
  • The Stygian Judge-One of the most feared and powerful members of the entire Odium Organization as well as all being one of the most mysterious and enimgatic, covered in mysteries. It is believed through Myth that he was a a powerful Creation of the Underworld by Hades and his Worshippers to Create the Ultimate Undead Enforcer of the Underworld, and he more then surpasses those expectations. However for reasons that are still not quite clear, it is revealed that he is now serving loyally as a Highly Dangerous and Respected member of the Odium Clan. Silent, Stoic, Deadly, and only speaking when he needs to be spoken, The Stygian Judge is by far one of the most powerful and feared beings ever witnessed or seen. And he will stalk, kill, mame, and massacre anyone unquestionably and do it all perfectly without question until the job is done.
  • Tremor-Another powerful inbred abomination, this time brought upon the mix of human and Behemoth DNA. The Tremor is a gigantic force to be go up against. The more steps of his feet can cause severe erosions and earthquakes. And when he digs underground to achieve his goals of destruction, he's shown capabilities of being able to destroy entire cities with his mere will. Though he is usually seen being lazy, uninterested, and not ambitious of the whole legions goals in mind.
  • Timothy Johnes-A once successful man of the year, Timothy was then black mailed into sabotage on murder and treacherous acts over his country if he did not comply with the Odium desires. He's no kept under a least by The Odiums Iron Grip, which makes sure he carries his duties pit on manipulating the governments events and tasks.
  • The Iron Grip-Nothing is known about him, all that can be gathered is that he's The Odiums Top Silent Enforcer Unit. In charge of keep things quiet, tieing up loose ends, killing any survivors who may have escaped, and basically fixing any flaw or mistake that was supposedly by the team. He supposedly works hand in hand with the 1000 Eyed Seeker. While his origins are unknown to most people, even to his own partners, Thalia and Dremora describe him as an obssessed perfectionist.
  • The Winged Key-An engimatic entity shrouded in mysteries, who's history dates back as early as the 1600's. His main MO is usually going after escaped convicts, and making sure they suffer through as much punishment as possible for there crimes.
  • Abyss-A strange, mysterious, and bizzare entity shrouded in nothing but debate and mystery, The Abyss is a bizzare and relatively sad example of a creation gone horribly wrong. An abomination without a doubt, it manages to be both a feared entity and pitiful. Said to be a Manifesation of Millions, even Billions of souls who have all died together and have manifested into one monsterous being known as the Abyss, The Abyss is an extremely powerful nigh-cosmic force with unfathomable power and more then anything, meant to be the ultimate killing machine. It's abilites are vast and powerful, and it's not even known to how many abilities it could even posesess, but it is clear enough that it is surely enough to destroy this planet alone. Because of this, many believe and assume that The Abyss is actually the most powerful being of The Odium and is the Monster meant to be its Ultimate Triumph card. However he is a flawed creation, the fact that he's a manifestation of so many souls, the amount of power he possess and the amount souls and identities he has in his head are unstable and thus he's always suffering though an unimaginable amount of pain in his head. Because of his mental instability and unpredictable nature, most of The Odiums authorities are hesitant to use him because in many cases he can destroy way too much and cause more damage to the plan then good. Needless to say he's still one of the most feared and powerful members of The Odium, and perhaps even the MOST powerful and frightning, and the fact that he seems forever doomed in the mentality of a child only makes his existence that more frightning.
  • Taboo/Lucius Luck-A clear cut sociopath, an optimist with a cruel and sadistic sense of humor and personality in the battlefield. Lucius is none other then the son of Lucien Estrella: The AntiChrist. Yet Lucius unlike his father does not seek to Conquer the World as much as he does, he simply enjoy causing destruction in his own merrits and having fun, the rest of The Odium, the majority don't seem to trust him at all with his perminant grin in the slightest and yet his overly optimisitc behavior and cruel nature to people in the battlefield shows that he really enjoys doing what he does to people. His real goal, if he has one is unknown, yet he seems to regard most of the Odium members with a clear sense of caring and friendship... Bizzarely enough.
  • The Clayton Family-A savage and ruthless group of violent and barbaric Satanists. They act as a family to one another and behave like a group of active hillbilly murderers and they seem to worship Satan loyally as a cult and have killed many for his sacrifice. They are responsible for around a hundred, possibly even thousands of murders and kidnappings of children, and coverting them to Satanic Worship. Luckily though so far, the majority have been found, arrested, and killed. Most notably during a Sting Operation involving a SWAT Team. Only two known members of this family are known to have survived.
  • The Nightwalker/Stalker-A being said to be one of the most feared and most talked about legends in Urban Legend. His crimes were known to be extremely cold, calculating, and violent. Murders that he would perform would go from being simple as blunt brute strength involving hitting someone to death with a hammer or bat, to extreme cases where he guts and pulls the intenstines out of his victims and uses them to suffocate his victims. From 1910 to 1930, nearly 20 years he was known to have murdered 300 to 500 people before his crimes mysteriously stopped, and it is said that the killer may have stopped or even have died on the streets of Chicago... Until Now!
  • The Coma Phantom-A cruel example of an experiment with dark intentions. Aizan was once a sad child who grew up in the slums as a young drug addict, after a horrd accident. He later suffered a Coma. He was then later kidnapped by members of the Incubi Organization and cold mind was manipulated into his imagination into reality. He possess the ability to create one to multiple Phantom Avatars to do his bidding... including murder, spree killing, and warfare. But only when he's unconcious, asleep, or in a coma.
  • The Golden Claw-An active anarchist and warfighter who originally fought the authorities of the Roman Empire. His/Her whereabout are currently unknown.
  • Dead Eye-A cold, heartless, sniper killer and murderer known throughout the country for his expert Sniper Aim and murdereous intent, his knife skills are no less impressive too. He's currently being locked up in a high security prison in Florida where he still refuses to talk or confess to anything he knows about the Odiums plans or murders.
  • Laura Hotchner-A highly intelligent and persistant hacker and spy who use to work for the Russian Authorities. On a case where she ws investagating the mysteries of The Odium Cult, she was later kidnapped and caught by the Odium Elite Initiates and taken in to be executed, instead though, The Hate took a fancy to the woman and decided that she had enough talents to pay the debt back she owes to The Odium. She claims to do this for her own survival, but even she begins the notice, the longer she is present with these monsters... the more she notices that she begins to change into a Monster.
  • Layda (Beastdaughter)-The last of her kind of a once proud and powerful tribe of Native Shamans that practiced the art of transformaton and beast worship. They were described as being incredibly powerful and barbaric, her race was later assumed to have been whiped out by the humans during there invasion of the land and there race completely lost hope during the Pagan Wars when The Church placed on the curse on there land, and there people. Because of this, she completely hates and despises humans with every fiber of her body, and will do anything, and work with anyone if she'll get a chance to get revenge back on the people who wronged and killed her family... even if it means to allign herself with other humans. Also she seems to get quite along with Plague and Numbs, possibly because of there very negative personality and attitude. She also appeared to have actually some found of love, and ironically have had a romatic relationship with The Hunter, even having a child named Vorn.
  • Sanguine Vladimir (Deceased)-A descendent of a powerful race of bloodsucking Vampires, Ms, Sanguine is shown to be just a formiddable and powerful as a bloodthirsty and powerful demon, as she is in just showing how cruel and malevolant she is. Her varied tactics and array of how she uses her Vampiric powers in certainly something to be both marveled at and feared. Her days of terror were at an end though when a Vampire Hunter named Rayden Keizer and The Horsemen finally put an end to her life. Her son though is still alive and with a vengeance.
  • The Swine King (Deceased)-Without a doubt, perhaps the single handedly most sick, sadistic, and depraved of The Odium members ever to walk into the Bloodstained carpet. The Swine King was an active Torturer, Sexual Saintist, Cannibal, and Serial Killer that hunted, stalked, raped, butchered, and slaughtered a seemingly endless amount of people, and he hid it all behind himself in a smile of deception. Originally a rich and successful British born Surgeon, living in what seemed to be a quaint and peaceful life of happiness, purity, and joy with his family, what hid behind this Lying Smile and Stiched Masked was one of the most cruel and violent serial killers and torturers that ever lived. He is arguably the most popular of his crimes in the world when it comes to the Odium, the most hated person by the heroes as he is still responsible for the torture and killing of many innocent civilians and friends to the Legion and Host, and even other violent members of the Odium per say are indifferent and even very disturbed and afraid of him and his strange and disturbed intentions that he carries deep within his mind. His life was all successful until he found out that killing people was much more fun as a Surgeon by slowly torturing them and watching them suffer in pain, this obviously took a huge toll on his mental state, job, and family but it almost seemed like he didn't care anymore. After killing his family, he violated them, surgically cleared there bodies and ate them. And he would continue to do this all around the London Countrysides until the Police broke into his door to stop him, but by then it would already be considered too late for them. He made a deal with Dremora as the Odium leader at the the time to become a new Odium member, and he has enjoyed causing so much pain, sorrow, and depraved violence ever since, almost uncontrollably. Fancing himself to be an Artist of killing and being aroused by suffering, many other Odium members even regard as simply being too made for the Organization if that is even possible. He was finally though to have been killed and has life had thankfully ended when Michael found one of his brothers tortured and killed and Timothy Johnes wife and children being brutally mauled, raped, gutted out, tortured, and killed. In a fit of rage, he could take no more and continue to stab and kill The Swine King thus thankfully ending his killing spree forever. Oddly enough, even the Odium found themselves a bit relieved.
  • The Mad Traveler/The Rail Man-A man who once haunted the entire Mexican Border in Fear for a decade. His killings first occured in the late 1990's and 2000's, the Mad Travel or Rail Road Killer was a man who grew sick and tired of labor work and decided to invade a few house in America by killing the vacant residents in there and living in the home for a while, he then realized though that he took out much more joy in killing the people who were blessed with such great houses and lives, then actually living in there houses with himself. He travels through Rails and Train, it's his method of transportation and he has killed several people in the fashion of leaving them in the Rails too. He dissapeared for about 11 years before coming back again, this time with a partnership.
  • The Pink Pigmy-Perhaps the most strange and bizzare being the Odium yet, and that's saying a lot. No one really even knows what the Pink Pigmy is of now, as it's so bizzare that most people it even exists. It appears to look much like a small and mishapen humanoid fetus with slight evidence of aquatic features sticking out. It doesn't seem able to move, but when it bites, it can cause a huge genetic mutation to people, turning them into these strange, powerful, and near invicible Slug Beings nicknamed "Pink Bull Slugs".
  • The Plagues/Fears-Plague's Creations. Over the past many years, Plague has created many deadly and ferocious monsters, and as of lately, he does need seem to be stopping anytime soon. Some of his Older Ones have last long enough to be considered worthy and loyal, powerful enough to kill any foe who stands in there way and attempts to flee. There is a wide variety of them. Some of them are mutants, some are monsters, some are small and tiny enough to spy on people, others are large and gigantic colossus's that are enough to whipe out an entire Civilization possibly without a trace.
  • The Accursed Mist/Toxic Brother-A Powerful and Strange Primordial Creation possibly made by either Old Plague, Nelkorious, or Dremora. The Accursed Mist is simply that, a sentient, powerful, and and highly intelligent cloud of miss that leaves a path of Death and Decay where it leaves, the more toxins that fuels it's power, the better. He has been shown to actually turn into a terrifying physical humanoid form if given enough power and he is known as the Toxic Brother.
  • Seahawk-A ruthless and stoic Assassin working under the Odium Organization under very few words. She kills swiftly and does all of her tasks unquestionably, she is an Apprentice of the New Plague and is arguably in a romantic relation to him.
  • Nygmha The Nephilim-Almost certainly one of the most physically powerfully, imposing, and largest scaled most deadly opponent to go against in a fight. Nyghma is a Nephilim, a rare surviving breed of creature that were long sought considered to be Extinct after the Great Flood, Nyghma is arguably one of the last survivors of that race and proves to be a real unforgettable force at that, taking advantage of ever power play she can get. She can transform into her True Powerful Form which is that of a great and barbaric Giant, and possess traits that are both Angelic and Demonic.
  • The Black Hands/Dead Hands-A large Organization of Death Worshippers, some have taken it upon themselves to put extra support into the Odium Organization and there worship of the Hate, there subname is known as the Dead Hands.
  • Nellous The Necromancer-A gifted and talented Necromancer with visions of grandure. Nellous once was a talented physician turned mad when he made a deal with Thalia to help achieve his dream, to break the bonds between Life and Death.
  • The Masked Men/The Party Animals-A true example to just how cruel humanity can be, the Party Animals are a Cult-Like group of 20 or so people all gathered together to perform excessive violence and torture on people within there homes from Families to Hospitals, etc. There madness has caused to horrible Deaths of more then a hundred people. They are wanted in nearly every state of North and Canada. 17 have been stopped, 12 have been shot dead and 5 are now currently arrested and put into a mental institution but are not saying anything. It is assumed that 3 remaining are still out there killing and recruiting, including the Jungle King/The Ring Leader.
  • Weever Of Fate-A powerful and mysterious being as Old as possibly the Known World Itself. Age has not been kind to the Creature though since it has been incompacitated and cannot seem to be able to from it's place, suffering through a lack of mobility. Still, this creature is far from being harmless or even weak against any human foolish enough to cross it's path. The Weever Of Fate is a creature that appears to be some strange cross between a Spider and an Old Asian Woman, she wraps around a large silk-like web and weaves the Fates of the latest victims The Odium has as targets. It is rumored or even thought of that Dremora is actually an old friend of hers.
  • The 1000 Eyed Seeker-You think you have what it takes to get away? Think again. The 1000 Eyed Seeked is a strange phantom like being who literally has around or over 1000 eyes all over his body, and many he can physically manipulate to make them fly around and track down anyone anywhere who is trying to make an escape from the prisons. Always a devoted member and doing what he is told, he is a powerful Creation of the Sorceress Dremora.
  • Belial the Shadow-A Mysterious and powerful Evil Spirit summoned by the Organization and thus pledged his alligence towards them, the Shadowman spends most of his time gaurding the Prisoners and relunctantly assisting his partner and brother Bagul in kill people in the Snuff Program. He however though shows little interest to it though does seem to like the money. Some call him Belial.
  • The Director-A fanactical and flamboyant artist and movie director who wants to make the most successful and violent snuff film ever in history, no one really knows why he wants to do it but he simply obssessed of making what he believes to be be perfect art. He has no special powers known whatsoever but does indeed have a lot of money, enough money to make Belial and Bagul his main gaurds too. Although it has been seen at one point that he was able to project electricity, but results of that are still yet to be uncovered of it being his power or not.
  • Bagul The Clown-Younger brother to his Elder Shadow, Belial. Bagul The Clown is a sick, sadistic, and psychotic monster rivaled only by a few in the Odium's meter. How he went mad is yet to known but when he did, he never stopped, he seems to unfathomably enjoy the suffering of others and being part of a Snuff Flim being video tape. He is a demon, who is immortal and can live as long as he wants the more he's remembered by his victims in fear.
  • The Gremlin/Surge-An Avaitar gone mad, The Gremlin is a Mad Anarchistic Supervillain that tends to only plan and proceed to cause as much disasters as possible. His main method of destruction nowadays usually involves property damage and huge vehicle disasters. He's wanted on charges of causing several thousands of Deaths and is mostly known to being a technologically advanced Supervillain that can conduct electricity and transform into hundreds of little Gremlin-Like Creatrues. His main rival appears to be the Heroic Gamboy. 
  • Rando Lee Lucus/The Car Crask Killer-Rando Lee Lucas was granted the gift of Immortality, but as he would soon figure out after making a deal with Zodias, this was actually a curse. His main method of killing people seems to be just recklessly crashing into a certain person or bringing a victim along as a passanger and crashing thus killing the passanger and not him, although he secretly wishes to be dead.
  • Gameboy (Villain)-Originally part of Geek Club of younger gamers, Kevin Conroy was a gifted student in technology and robotics, but he aimed at nothing less to be the next greatest Super Villain Of All Time. Gameboy is a master of technology and is known for being the most masterful hacker in the entire Organization... Aside from his young age.
  • 17-A new breed or serial killer, as he's referred to. The killer known as 17 is referred to that after the message he leaves behind each time he kills, but what it means is yet to be unknown as is anything else in his identity. He seems to take much of his inspiration form the Zodiac Killer in the sense that he writes strange messages to the victims and authorities each time he feels the need to brag about how he killed his victims, though it's not known how many people he's killed, it could be in the triple digits for all we know. He seems to a breed of narcassistic characteristics, patient stalker, highly functioning homicial psychopath, and spree killer.
  • Phobia/Miasma-The mysterious second child and daughter of Plague and Havoc, Phobia's presense wasn't even known until much later, and by then it was too later, she had already caused enough damage behind the scenes already that had corrupted the plans of both The Watchers. At the time she began killing at a young age, she took heavy influence from her father and after his death, went mad trying to keep the memory of his fear alive and vowing for his legend and fear to live though her. People even began to mistake her for her father because of how much she resembled him. Afterwords though, she began to fine her own identites and own goals, and soon afterwards began forming her own crime group and trying to achieve her own motives after realizing how much power she could gain and use, from that day fourth she became known and feared as Phobia: The Bringer Of Paranoia, Decay, and Horror. A clear Sociopath and Obssessed with Domination, she will do anything it take to establish her territory.
  • Daimon-The long lost son of Sam Rosenberg and his long love Eva Angelica, Daimon under false pretenses joined The Odium to find out who and what The Odium are planning to hopefully clear him and his fathers names for good, but he finds that there maybe something far more deeper into his intentions then he thought.
  • Vicor Vladimir-The proud son of his mother Sanguine, Vicor is the flamboyant, sassy, homosexual and yet still angry and vengeful right hand man to Phobia. He acts as one of his advisors and protectors, though sometimes he's known to cause more trouble then actual help in the group. He's also at odds with his partner Vorn who's the complete opposite to him. Needless to say though he's always loyal on his job and highly respects his boss Phobia with a sincere amount of intent, and like his mother, is damn well ruthless and sadistic on the battlefield.
  • Vorn (The Beastchild)-A fairly recent member of The Odium, he was and trained by his clan to be an ultimate killing machine and bred to be the perfect Lycan. He remains most stoic, silent, and quiet without saying a word. Yet cross his gaurd, and horrible things are bound to happen. He acts as a silent and loyal gaurdian to Phobia and is a son of Layda.
  • The Scarred One (Deceased)-A rookie killer of the Odium who served as grunt assassin working for the group. He was later found to be shot and killed by two College students who he had attempted to murder.
  • Black Moth-A famous serial killer and spree killer who spent the majority of his time and crimes slaughtering in the streets of Boston's streets. It is said that this was the city that he was born in, and the town that he continued to murder before The Odium got a hold of him as a contract killer. Black Moth was last seen stalking a famous professor/doctor of Harvard University who had been uncovering a mystery behind the mysterious cult activities happening in the country. He was later shot by Agent Leia, but from most people that this was not the end of Black Moth, many believe that he is still at large, and planning to kill his next target.

Former MembersEdit

Members that have been known to have either have quite or simply have cut off access to the rest of the organization, or possibly betray them. Very few of them re known and for good reason to... many of them don't survive for that long, unless for very good reason if they're kept alive or quite possibly if they are strong enough.

  • The Redeemer
  • The Banshee
  • Fallo Sinone
  • Decay/Deacan
  • Sam Rosenberg?
  • Numbs?


These are beings who are known to be extremely involved in The Odiums plans or acts of crimes. Ususally these beings are already involved in crime or are undercover in these crimes. Sometimes, a couple of these assistants could be former members of The Odium. Many who have since resided or quit The Odium, but have done so for benefit of themselves and if The Organization sees is as neccessary or views this act not as an issue for the whole of the team. 

  • Lord Terrantos (Shadowblood)
  • The Merchant
  • Vaati
  • The Chaos Crusade
  • Lucius Estrella?
  • Sam Rosenberg?

Debatable Agenda/Multiple ObligationsEdit

"Evil? You say? You're seriously calling me Evil? Bloody Hell if I'm going take that shit from you, especially from a Crusader who did his bidding for the Church. I still find it ironic how you're calling me Evil after all the shit you've done in the name of your Lord. Really I say we aren't really Evil. What is it that we do really? We answer the calls. When a person is really feeling antsy one day and would really wish pain, misery, and death to those who they think deserve... they call us. It's our Job. We're people who they come to when they really feel like putting a person through Hell. We give them comfort, our hands are already bathed in sin, so we do the misfortunes and kill for them so they don't have to. Now if that isn't Handy... I don't know what is!" ~ Numbs

Odium Stalking

An Odium member may act on his or her own will alone. They are given the freedom to fulfill there own personal task and agenda. Just so long they honor the main objective.

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