I am a Goddess of Poison, and those who anger me or threaten my friend or my harem...will die by the poison of Sekhmet"

Sekhmet or Celestia is a Fanmade Character made by Kya-Shin-Jiyai. Sekhemt is one of the Two Main Principal Antagonists of the Series, the Other being her friend, Terrantos. Sekhmet has one thing in common with her friend other then betraying the light and becoming evil, they both have Harems while her friend's harem consists of many women, hers consists of men and some girls. Sekhmet is the 1st Bisexual Villainess in the Series. Like Her Friend's Children and Harem, She has no rank but serves as a Leader like role. She is the Wife of Hazama, Gin, Jin, Nu-13, C.C., Light Yagami, Taokaka, Sesshomaru, Alucard, Lelouch, Bakura, and many others. She also has had several Children, even with her wives.





The Beginning ArcEdit

While Terrantos was fighting Roy Mustang and corrupting [{Riza Hawkeye]] and making her into one of his wives. Sekhemt under the name Nephyts called her friend Terrantos and informed him that Anti-Monitor and some of his Women wanted to see him now before being ordered to look into something and to take Gin and Hazama with her.

Corruption ArcEdit

Rise of Vaati ArcEdit

Wives of Terrantos ArcEdit

Fatal Four ArcEdit

Pandora ArcEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

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