Rukia Kuchiki, One of the Wives of Terrantos

Your Life means nothing, your purpose means nothing....what is the point in fighting someone who is far superior then you in everyway possible....none whatsoever and like a fool you will die like the pathetic ant that you are Ichigo.

Rukia Kuchiki Rukia was the Lieutenant of Squad 13 under Captain Jūshirō Ukitake. Rukia is the adoptive sister of Byakuya Kuchiki and a former friend of Ichigo Kurosaki. She is the Sister of Hisana Kuchiki and Niece of both Ginrei Kuchiki and Koga Kuchiki.

In Beyond Light and Darkness, she is one of the primary antagonists of the entire series, being one of the four villains who started the whole war in the 1st place along with Soifon, Sosuke Aizen, and her Husband Terrantos Diabolos Takahashi. As Stated she is one of the Wives of the Dark Emperor. She is the Sister-in-law to her Husband's Biological Sister, Tsurara Takahashi and Daughter-in-law to Angra Mikaboshi Takahashi and Kali Enora Takahashi.


Short and petite, Rukia has pale skin, violet-colored eyes and black hair, with one strand of hair always hanging between her eyes. Byakuya has said to Rukia that she strongly resembles Hisana Kuchiki. As a Soul Reaper of the 13 Court Guard Squads, Rukia wears a standard Shihakushō. 17 months after Aizen's defeat, Rukia wears her hair cropped into a bob-cut which hangs about her face. She wears a fingerless white tekkou, similar to Byakuya's, which extend above her elbows. As a lieutenant, she wears her Division Badge around her uniform's left sleeve, which has been shortened to just reach her upper arm.


Initially born into a lower class, Rukia retains her modesty even as an adopted member of the nobility. She is graceful and "clean", yet chooses to talk to ordinary people. However, her cool and lone demeanor often forces her to hide her personal troubles even from her friends. According to Ukitake, Rukia never opens up her heart and has difficulty making friends. Rukia is clueless about the ways of the modern Human World. She is an accomplished actress, being able to act her way through a number of tough situations, such as getting out of trouble with school teachers or convincing the Kurosakis to let her stay at their house. Rukia always has trouble finding clothes that fit her, especially when inhabiting a Gigai in the Human World, leading to her stealing clothes from Ichigo's sister, Yuzu. She likes to climb to high places. Rukia also likes everything that is rabbit-themed or resembles a rabbit People often have difficulty understanding her drawings, which are typically rabbit-like. Rukia's favorite foods are cucumber, eggs, and rice dumplings.

In Beyond Light and Darkness, Rukia upon her descendent into Evil & Madness shows a high level of cruelty. As a Member of Godstrike she was distant and cold to her allies wanting to stay far away from them as impossible this included Ichigo, as she acted as losing her home world broke her but in Reality she was one of the ones who ended her world by killing the Spirit King. Upon her True Colors being revealed she shows her Cruelty as she willingly kick Ichigo in the chest before grabbing him by the hair and saying to him "Fool....Did you ever think I would love a piece of shit like you? time to die like fucking trash" she became so cruel she placed her zanpakuto in front of his Eyes and cut them to blind him out of amusement. She is shown to also Narcissistic as she shows she loves herself highly as she often ends most of her sentences with "I am more beautiful then anything in this world" but she also believes she is more beautiful then her fellow Co-Wives of Terrantos and will do whatever it takes to prove this fact even if means murder of civilians.

Rukia is also a very serious woman to a point she usually never smiles but when she does its rare, she usually smiles when she is either ruining someone's fun or happiness by destroying it or ruining it for her foes, seeing it as a ultimate form of pleasure for her as she enjoys her enemies suffering, she broke a child's toy just for being a kid and said "Foolish Boy, happiness and fun are for the weak....oh and that's right your weak....So I guess you....DIE". She did all just to hear the boy's crying and to show him the cruel truth about his whole concept of "Fun" upon doing so she then grabs the boy by the neck and tosses him on the ground and kicking him repeatedly and when the boy's mother tried to intervene, Rukia gets annoyed and starts punching her and kicking her to prove that they are inferior to her and that no one but him and her sisters-in-laws stand at the top, showing she has a superiority Complex as she cannot stand being inferior to heroes or weaklings showing she has a lot of Pride for being the wife of Terrantos and a Member of Shadowblood.

Rukia is also seen as a Control Freak as she seeks to show all the soldiers of Shadowblood that they answer to her as well as Terrantos, so she seeks to increase her influence and will control anyone just to get what she wants no matter what it is. She will not hesitate to make anyone suffer if they do not obey her as she killed a foot soldier just for it being to stupid to understand her authority. Rukia demands absolute control over anyone below her, that is not her sister-in-law, husband, child of Terrantos, and etc. Due to her Control Freak and Abusive Nature she tends to abuse Children and adults alike just for her own enjoyment even with life & Death like torture and has done this on more then one occasion, she finds it a sport to amuse her husband which it usually does amuse him.

Rukia is also a very Cruel woman as she takes pleasure in the suffering of others and enjoys it when they cry as they realize the truth about the world or when they lose a loved one, this is seen after Rukia killed a Elder of a village's son and when the Elder started to cry and mourn for her son, Rukia just smiled and laugh and said "Hehehehahhaa....How priceless....How priceless....I love that me your pain even I can rip you apart like a pig....Hehhahahaa" Rukia enjoys breaking her victims, either mentally or physically making her almost seem like Bane from Batman in a way. Rukia can also be seen as a Sadist as she enjoys the sight of suffering and enjoys causing It, as when she sees or causes pain to someone....she gets aroused by it, almost as much as she does when it concerns Dark Emperor. Rukia will often put her zanpakuto in a victim's wound and freeze it just to hear the victim's screams and she smiles sadistically and cruelly upon hearing it and seeing her victim's expression.

Rukia is also shows a side of indifference and Dispassionate showing very little care or tolerance for her enemies seeing them all as just stepping stones or pawns for her and her husband's plans for Omniversal conquest, she will sacrifice anyone necessary to further achieve her goals even if meant killing her own sister, Hisana to do so. Rukia is usually seen without a shred of a emotion in her voice or in her expression only show complete and absolute detachment even when Ichigo mention things from her past she showed no signs of anger or sadness or a single emotion in her eyes the only time that Rukia will show any form of emotion is when her life is in danger or when someone manages to wound her lover, Terrantos. In this state Rukia is far more visible with emotion as she is a wild fit of Rage and is quite brutal and violent in this state willing to kill or break anyone who injured him or was involved in the innocent, showing she shows no mercy whatsoever once angered.

Rukia in her violent state is what her comrades like to call "Punch-Happy Rukia" as Rukia enjoys punching her foes in this state. As she punches so fast that no one can keep up, She is brutal and Highly Aggressive as she states "I enjoy seeing you bleed by my fists!" Rukia punched Ichigo so hard that he was sent flying into a electric fence and hearing his agony just amused her and even on the electric fence she punched him and punched him just to hear his agony. Rukia when bored of punching then grabs her foe by the neck and kicks them across the room before drawing her blade and preparing to freeze them such as when she froze a elder's legs to prevent the elder from escaping and when Rukia knelt down she said "are you shall soon join your so called God in heaven....Now Die." She then places her Blade near the neck and had her hand on the head of her victim and pulled it back before cutting off the elder's neck and laughing diabolically. She has even ripped out a foe's intestines just for her own amusement and to see the disturb expressions of the civilians and her enemies.

Despite her Violent and Tyrant like personality, Rukia does show a Kinder side when it comes to her Husband Terrantos, even calling him "My King of Ice". She shows a High Devotion of Love and Loyalty towards him, caring for him more then anything else in the omniverse. If anyone else harms, threatens, or insults him she will do everything in her power to make them pay, as she is protective of her lover and will kill anyone who insults him even if its a joke or not a huge insult. She loves him so much she would tear down the heavens in his name, or when he is injured she tends to his injuries like a loving wife would do and won't leave his side until she knows he is completely healed. Rukia has kissed him on several occasions because of her love for him and after she is done with a mission for him, she loves him so much she had one daughter with him.


Hisana Leaves Rukia

Hisana Abandons Rukia

Rukia and her older sister, Hisana, were brought together to Inuzuri, 78th District of Rukongai after they died in the Human World. Unable to live there while caring for a child, Hisana abandoned Rukia when she was still a baby. Rukia grew up on her own for a considerable amount of time. One day Rukia tripped an adult that was chasing Renji Abarai's group of friends and urged them to follow her to avoid losing the water they had stolen. Rukia joined their group, becoming their spiritual leader and they lived together as a family.

Rukia saves

A Young Rukia saves Renji and his friends

They all hated Inuzuri and the people there. Rukia exhibited some spiritual power during this time. Ten years after Rukia joined the group, with all of their friends dead, Rukia proposed that they become Shinigami and live in Seireitei, noting that she had heard it was pretty there. Renji agreed with her. As they were quite gifted with spiritual powers, they entered the Shinō Academy with ease, where they struggled to prove their worth among those from noble families. The night before the welcoming ceremony for the new students of the Academy, Renji slept in a tree, against Rukia’s advice. The following morning, he fell out of the tree and landed on a headstone where a startled Izuru Kira had been praying, for which Rukia scolds him.


Rukia and Renji part ways

Two months after entering the Academy, Renji scolded Rukia for still not fitting in and informed her that he was going to the Human World for field training to practice Konsō for the first time. Rukia complains about this being unfair, but Renji retorts that it is about talent and that he will get stronger. Rukia replies that she will show him that she is the stronger one, but trails off. One day, while meeting with Byakuya Kuchiki and his entourage, Renji entered the room to tell her that he had passed an important exam. Disappointed with the interruption, the nobles left and told Rukia that they were eager to hear her answer. After they had left, Renji asked her what they wanted. He congratulated Rukia when she told him that they want to adopt her into the Kuchiki family, have her graduate immediately and assigned to the Squad 13. Rukia thanked him and left. Rukia was told that Byakuya adopted her into the Kuchiki family due to her similarity to Hisana, whom he had married.

Kaien and Rukia

Kaien teaching Rukia how to treat her superiors

Rukia was admitted to the Squad 13 without taking their entrance exam. On her first day in the Squad, she is shown into a room by a fellow Soul Reaper, whom she tells to treat her like any other new recruit. After he leaves, she hears him and others talking about her and the favoritism shown to nobles. Rukia is disappointed that it is like that there as well. Lieutenant Kaien Shiba entered the room, introduces himself and scolds her for her weak reply. Rukia was deeply happy that she could have a normal relationship with her superior, rather than being treated as special. That evening, Rukia reported to Byakuya that her first day had ended peacefully and that she did not attain a Seated Officer position. Byakuya then told her to leave. Rukia soon became Kiyone Kotetsu's assistant and went on a mission to the Human World.

Rukia shikai

Rukia achieves Shikai under Kaien's tutelage

During her time in the Squad 13, she became friends with Kaien. One day, seeing that she was gloomy, Kaien told her that as long as she is in his Squad, he would stand by her even if he died. They were interrupted by the drunk Kiyone and Sentarō Kotsubaki who tried to encourage her. Kaien mentored Rukia, teaching her how to fight. Their first training location was Mount Koifushi of Hokutan, the 3rd district of West Rukongai, where Kaien taught her about the concept of the heart. He was present when she learned her Shikai's first two "dances".

Miyako farewell

Miyako leaves on her last mission

Rukia greatly admired Kaien's wife, 3rd Seat Miyako Shiba. She aspired to be like her one day. When Miyako was killed by a Hollow, Rukia, Kaien and Ukitake went to its lair. She offered to go first in order to scout out its abilities, but Kaien asked to face the Hollow alone. When its special ability destroyed Kaien's Zanpakutō, Rukia attempted to help but was stopped by Ukitake. He told her that Kaien's fight was one of honor rather than a fight for his life. If she were to help, Kaien's life would be saved but his honor would be forever damaged. After protesting about this, Rukia reluctantly obeyed his order. However, the Hollow entered Kaien's body and possessed him.

Kaien's death

Kaien forgives Rukia for killing Him

The Hollow attempted to attack Rukia, but Ukitake blocked it and sent Rukia away as he fought it. Afraid to fight it, she obeyed, but she came back because she wished to help Kaien and was afraid to face her cowardice in future. As it leapt at her, she noted that it was no longer Kaien. Unable to bear seeing him like that, she stabbed Kaien. He thanked Rukia and apologized for dragging her into it. Kaien then died in Rukia's arms. Rukia brought the corpse to the Shiba family estate but was afraid to apologize since she felt guilty about her role in Kaien's death.

Forty years after her adoption into the Kuchiki family, Kiyone and Sentarō informed Rukia that she had been assigned to the Human World. Rukia thought this was a transfer order, which Kiyone denied, reminding her of her previous mission to the Human World, which Rukia still failed to remember. Ukitake told her that she was being assigned to Karakura Town for one month, which should be easy for her. Rukia thanked him for telling her. Ukitake asked if she had told Byakuya about it, but she replied that he would not wish to be bothered with such a minor thing. Ukitake offered to tell him for her, for which Rukia thanked him.


The Substitute ArcEdit

Rukia looms

Rukia looms over Karakura Town

In Karakura Town one Friday evening, Rukia feels a strong presence. Rukia enters the room of Ichigo Kurosaki, who mistakes her for a burglar and kicks her. Surprised that Ichigo can see and touch her, Rukia tells Ichigo that normal Humans cannot see her and informs him of the existence and purpose of Soul Reapers. Ichigo refuses to believe Rukia's explanation of Soul Reapers, insulting her. Incensed, Rukia binds him with a Kidō spell. She explains what Kidō is and returns his insults.

Ichigo meets rukia

Rukia explains about the Soul Reapers to Ichigo

Rukia reassures and performs Konsō on a nearby Plus. She explains about Konsō and the duties of a Soul Reaper to Ichigo with the aid of some drawings, drawing on his face when he complains about their quality. She then reveals that she has been unable to sense the Hollow she had been tracking anymore, as a great power is hindering her senses. Ichigo tells her that he can hear something howling. Rukia realizes that it is a Hollow, but notes that something is still impeding her senses and is confused by how Ichigo heard it before her. She rushes out of the room to confront the Hollow, refusing to free Ichigo. She spots Karin Kurosaki lying in the corridor and listens as Karin tells Ichigo what happened. When she collapses, Rukia reassures Ichigo that she is just unconscious. She is shocked when Ichigo breaks free and rushes to stop the Hollow, Fishbone D.

Rukia, Fishbone D, and Ichigo

The wounded Rukia about to give Ichigo her powers

As Ichigo futility attacks the Hollow, Rukia injures it, freeing Yuzu from its grasp. She explains to Ichigo that she has never encountered a Human like him and that he is likely the Hollow's target. Ichigo thinks this means that it is his fault that his family is in danger. Distracted by this, Rukia is struck by the Hollow and forced to shield Ichigo with her body, causing her severe injuries. Realizing that she is unable to continue fighting it and seeing that Ichigo is truly determined to protect his family, Rukia offers to temporarily turn him into a Soul Reaper by piercing his chest with her Zanpakuto and transferring half of her power to him. However, Ichigo absorbs almost all of her power and becomes a Soul Reaper. As she watches the transformed Ichigo making short work of the Hollow, Rukia realizes that it was Ichigo who had been confusing her senses earlier, leaving her wondering just who he is. After defeating Fishbone D, Ichigo collapses and Rukia goes to his side, where she is approached by Kisuke Urahara and offered a Gigai by him.

Rukia removes Ichigo

Rukia Removes Ichigo's Soul from His body

The following day, Rukia shows up at Karakura High School as a new student, telling people that her family had just moved there. She greets Ichigo in class and quietly threatens to kill him if he reveals anything about her identity. Later, Rukia explains that because she has lost her Shinigami powers, she cannot return to Soul Society. She tells the confused Ichigo that her power is still inside him and explains that his "soul" has become Shinigami, rather than his body. She reveals that she is using a Gigai to recover, enabling normal Humans to see her. She then tells Ichigo that until her powers return, he will have to take over her Shinigami duties, which he refuses to do. Rukia forces his Shinigami form out of his body and takes him to a park where she has received word via her Denreishinki that a Hollow is about to appear. As the Hollow attacks a young Plus, Rukia successfully manipulates the situation to persuade Ichigo to perform her duties.

Acidwire appears

Acidwire appears to attack Ichigo and Rukia

Rukia arranges for Ichigo to undergo some rudimentary training to improve his combat tactics. Explaining that sneaking up and defeating Hollows in one hit is a basic tenant of fighting them, she urges him to attack the head, noting that he is yet to defeat any Hollows in one blow. Ichigo spurns the idea of attacking from behind, but Rukia tells him to save such ideals for fighting Humans, otherwise he may be killed. As he trains, she studies modern speech by reading a horror manga. They are interrupted by Orihime Inoue, whom Rukia initially does not recognize. Rukia notices a mark on her leg left by a Hollow and asks Ichigo about her, before leaving, refusing to reveal that she has been staying in Ichigo's closet and wearing Yuzu's clothes. That night, Rukia receives a message about a Hollow on her Denreishinki. She tries to warn him of a Hollow attack just as a large hand bursts through the floor. Rukia uses her Gokon Tekkō to force out Ichigo's soul and at her behest; Ichigo slashes the Hollow's head. He only manages to slice off part of its mask, revealing it to be Orihime's brother, Sora. The Hollow flees and Rukia reveals to Ichigo that all Hollows were once Human.

Rukia heals Orihime

Rukia heals Orihime's Soul Form

As Ichigo and Rukia rush to Orihime's home, Rukia explains more about Hollows, revealing that they attack their relatives. When Ichigo is thrown through the apartment’s wall and knocked out, she wakens him, warning that if he loses, Orihime's soul will be eaten. Rukia scales a drain pipe and enters the apartment as Orihime is badly injured. Revealing that she can save her with Kidō, Rukia tells the lucid Sora to move out of the way and treats her. When Sora decides to purify himself with Ichigo's Zanpakuto, Rukia says that it is the right thing to do and explains that his sins will be washed away by the sword. When Orihime awakens and starts to ask Ichigo questions, Rukia erases her memory.

Ichigo, Rukia, Juice, and Bird

Rukia and Ichigo with the parakeet

When Ichigo remarks that his wounds have healed very well, Rukia tells him that she excelled at Kidō in the Academy before changing the subject by asking him how to open a juice box. Mizuiro Kojima interrupts, noting that Rukia and Ichigo are together again, saying that they get along well. Rukia calls him by name, surprising Mizuiro who formally introduces himself to her for the first time. Ichigo says that his hobby is womanizing, especially older girls, warning Rukia to watch out for him. Keigo Asano arrives and introduces himself to Rukia. As Reiichi torments the group, Rukia ignores him and continues to struggle with the juice box until Yasutora Sado arrives with a talking parakeet. Rukia tells Ichigo the spirit inside of it is just a lonely Plus, which they should send to Soul Society that night. She notes to herself that Ichigo is now caring for other people's safety. When an injured Sado is brought to the Kurosaki Clinic Rukia tells Ichigo that the wound on Sado's back was inflicted by a Hollow.

Shrieker and Rukia

Shrieker sneaks-up on Rukia

The next morning, Sado disappears and Rukia searches for him. She later tells Ichigo that she did not find him nor has she received any word about Hollows from Soul Society. After she explains that Hollows can hide in the space between the Human World and Soul Society, Ichigo tries to track the parakeet instead. Rukia claims this is impossible, as she can only sense it when it is close and the spirits of the Plus and parakeet is intermingled. To Rukia's shock, Ichigo finds the Reiraku of the parakeet and begins to follow it. Just as they find Sado, they also come across a weakened Karin. Rukia orders Ichigo to bring her home, so he is not distracted while fighting. Brushing off Ichigo's concerns about her fighting a Hollow, she runs after Sado. Unable to catch up to him due to the restrictions of her Gigai, she curses the SRDI. Rukia is attacked by a Hollow. The Hollow, Shrieker, is left surprised that she survived. Rukia uses Sōkatsui against him, but to no avail, realizing that her powers have not recovered enough. When she is pinned by the Hollow, Sado punches it, freeing her. Realizing that he cannot see Shrieker, Rukia is surprised by his calmness and directs his attacks towards the Hollow.

Rukia and Chad

Rukia being launched into the air by Sado

After they are briefly caught by Shrieker's artillery, Rukia has Sado throw her up to the airborne Hollow. However, she is knocked down by his artillery and injured. Shrieker holds the parakeet hostage and demands that she run. Rukia tells Sado what is happening and runs, dodging attacks from more artillery before being hit again. When Ichigo arrives, she transforms him into a Soul Reaper and warns him about the leeches. She moves his body away from the fight and tells Sado to hide Ichigo and the parakeet in a safe place. The parakeet says that it is his fault she was injured, as he wanted to bring his mother back to life. Rukia questions him about this. When Ichigo defeats Shrieker, the gates of Hell open to claim the Hollow. Rukia explains about Hell to Ichigo. After examining the parakeet, she determines that he cannot be returned to his body and reassures him about going to Soul Society. She then erases Sado's memory.

Rukia and Urahara

Rukia buys supplies from the Urahara Shop

With her supplies running low, Rukia visits the Urahara Shop. She stops Jinta from bullying Ururu outside the shop before being shown in to Urahara. She orders various goods and pays for them with the bounty from Ichigo's defeat of Shrieker, shrugging off Urahara's concerns. She also collects a previously ordered Soul Candy dispenser. At school, she gives him the dispenser, explaining that it will allow him to transform into a Shinigami without her help, while placing an artificial soul in his body. She ignores Ichigo's unease with the idea and makes him use it. When she receives an order, she drags him off to deal with it, leaving the artificial soul, Kon, in Ichigo's body. After dealing with the order, they rush back to find that the artificial soul is causing mayhem in their classroom. They attempt to confront it, but he escapes, leading Rukia to believe that it is a Mod Soul.

As they search, Ichigo and Rukia argue until she explains about Operation Spearhead, revealing that according to Soul Society's laws, all Mod Souls must be destroyed. As Rukia naively asks a shopkeeper if he saw Kon, she receives an order. When they find the Hollow, Kon is already fighting it. After it is defeated, Urahara arrives to reclaim Kon. Rukia tells him that she is content with her purchase and tells Urahara not to worry about it. Later, Rukia and Ichigo see a news report about the incident on TV. Ichigo asks what they should do, but Rukia stays silent. Rukia and Ichigo search for a dead animal to put Kon into, but eventually settle for a stuffed toy animal. On the sixteenth of June, Rukia notices that Ichigo is very distracted. After a family meeting that night, Ichigo tells the confused Rukia that the following day is the anniversary of his mother's death, adding that she was killed.

Rukia Confronts Ichigo about his mother's death

Rukia asks about Masaki Kurosaki's death

The following day, Rukia is waiting for Ichigo near Masaki's grave. She questions Ichigo about his mother's death, asking if a Hollow had killed her. Angered, Ichigo tells her that he was responsible for Masaki's death. Horrified by this and what she had said to him, Rukia quietly watches Ichigo's family visit the grave. Kon crawls out of her backpack and asks to go home, but Rukia insists that they must be nearby in case a Hollow attacks. When Karin and Yuzu are attacked by Grand Fisher, Rukia senses the Hollow, but is surprised by the lack of any orders on her Denreishinki. She rushes towards them, meeting up with Ichigo on the way. She tells Ichigo that she will not ask about Masaki any more. She transforms him into a Shinigami and carries his body. She finds Ichigo's sisters and sees Ichigo being confronted by Grand Fisher. Rukia tells Ichigo about this infamous Hollow and berates him when he recklessly attacks it. Realizing that Grand Fisher killed his mother, Ichigo stops her from helping him with Kidō and tells her to stay out of the fight. Rukia puts Kon in Ichigo's body and they bring the girls to safety.

When she honors Ichigo's request to stay out of the fight, Kon asks her to save Ichigo. Rukia rushes back to watch Ichigo's battle. Thinking to herself that she cannot interfere as Ichigo is fighting for himself, she remembers the events of Kaien's death and decides not to interfere. When Grand Fisher escapes, Rukia tries to calm the heavily wounded Ichigo, insisting that the fight is over. Ichigo collapses and she sets about healing him and Kon thanks her. Rukia uses up most of her strength to heal Ichigo's major wounds, so she returns him to his body before he is fully healed, reassuring him over the outcome of the battle. Rukia listens as Ichigo talks with Isshin. Afterwards, Ichigo asks Rukia if he can remain a Soul Reaper for a while longer.

Rukia explains jibakurai

Rukia explains Jibakurai to Ichigo

One Sunday morning, Rukia stops Ichigo as he beats Kon clean against a wall, revealing that she has arranged for an implement to clean him with and starts using the school's toilet brush on Kon. Ichigo orders her to take it back. At school, Keigo invites Rukia to the live broadcast of Don Kanonji's TV show and encourages her to do his pose. Rukia declines, politely saying that she is too shy. The following Wednesday evening, Rukia accompanies several of her classmates to the broadcast at an abandoned hospital. She tells Ichigo that he must be tired from his dual life and instructs him to relax. She then reveals that she does not know what the "festival" is about. Ichigo explains it to her, but she still does not understand. He asks Rukia if there really is a spirit there, thinking that Soul Reapers would have dealt with it. She replies that it is likely to be a Jibakurai, which can be difficult for Soul Reapers to detect and begins to explain what this is.

When the Jibakurai screams, Rukia tells him that it is a Demi-Hollow. As the show begins filming, Rukia turns her attention to the events unfolding; she is impressed with Kanonji's entrance. Ichigo asks her if they should perform Konsō on the Jibakurai, but Rukia tells him that it takes months to years to turn into a Hollow. Believing that it would be trouble if there was a struggle with some many people there, she states that they will do the Konsō after the show and seeks to reassure him. However, Don Kanonji jams his staff into the hole in the Demi-Hollow's chest. Rukia condemns Kanonji's actions. When Ichigo is pounced upon by security after attempting to stop Kanonji, Rukia tries to change him into a Soul Reaper, but is caught too. Urahara frees Ichigo, prompting Rukia to ask what he is scheming. Urahara claims to be there because Ururu and Jinta enjoy the show and frees her. Rukia gives out about him using Soul Society's tools so freely. When the spirit disappears, Rukia realizes that its body is about to reform into a Hollow and searches for it with her Denreishinki. She yells at Ichigo to look above him, attracting the attention of some security guards.

Rukia and company

Rukia and company are called before the principal

The following day, Rukia and the others are called before the school principal over their appearance on the show. Rukia subdues Kagine by claiming responsibility, allowing the others to flee. When Kagine notices the others are gone, Rukia escapes as well. Keigo thanks her, but Ichigo tells him not to as she was going to sell just him out. Rukia retorts that she was just acting and that she would not sell out a friend. That afternoon, Kanonji invites Rukia for a drive in his car. He gives her loads of sweets and she tells him where Ichigo's home is. As Ichigo is trying to evade Kanonji, an order arrives and they leave the house. As they bicker, they pass Uryu Ishida. Later that week, Rukia and Ichigo arrive at what they believed to be the site of a Hollow attack, but find a Plus cowering in a corner and no Hollow. Ichigo asks her how many times such a thing has happened in the past week, suggesting that her Denreishinki is broken. The two bicker and Rukia insists that it is working and rebuke's Ichigo's suggestion that there is another Soul Reapers defeated the Hollow before him. Rukia is unable to get the Plus to reveal who saved him, but determines that somebody did in fact save him.

Unable to contact him by phone to see if he can determine if the Denreishinki is broken, Rukia complains to herself about Urahara. Upon receiving an order, she drags Ichigo off, causing him to complain about the rumors about them. Rukia tells him she does not know about them and to complain later. After school, as they fail to find another Hollow, Ichigo complains about the missing Hollows. As Rukia drags his body from its hiding place, she tells him to shut up and return to his body. The pair is approached by Uryu, who states that a new Hollow has appeared. Rukia confirms this when she receives an order and is surprised when Uryu kills it. He then introduces himself as a Quincy. The next day, Rukia removes Kon from his plushie body and tells Ichigo to keep the Mod Soul with him in case Uryu tries to contact him again. Later, she visits Urahara, scolding him for not answer the phone. She asks about the Quincy and Tessai and Urahara inform her of their history and destruction. As they talk, Rukia is confused by the repeated appearance and disappearance of Hollows on her Denreishinki. Seeing a large number of Hollows, Rukia goes outside and notices a spiritual disturbance in the sky.

Later, Rukia is attacked by a Hollow. When her Byakurai‎ spell has no effect against what she regards as "small fry", she is annoyed that her power has not recovered despite being in a Gigai for two months. Kon knocks back the Hollow and the two argue about Kon forgetting what he was supposed to ask her about. Uryu interrupts them and Rukia deduces that he is responsible for the large amount of Hollows. Ichigo then arrives and argues with Kon. Rukia interjects when Kon claims to be able to find her by scent alone, insisting that she does not smell that bad. The group continues arguing until they notice that the Hollows are gathering at the disturbance in the sky. When Uryu leaves, Rukia tells Ichigo about the Quincy and their extermination by the Soul Reaper. Ichigo chases after Uryu, leaving her alone with Kon. She fends off his advances and goes after them.

Menos Grande appears

Rukia watches as a Menos Grande appears

Rukia watches in shock as a Menos Grande appears near her. Seeing Ichigo charging towards it, she tries to stop him but is cut off by Urahara. When she insists that Ichigo will be killed if she does not stop him, Urahara binds her with Kidō and tells her to watch the battle, which he claims will be crucial for her and Ichigo. When the Menos prepares to fire a Cero, Rukia urges him to run or he will be killed. She is left stunned when Ichigo severely injures it and it flees. Rukia realizes that news of this event will reach Soul Society. When Uryu turns up at school heavily bandaged, Rukia tells Ichigo not to pay attention to it as it is not his fault. Mahana Natsui invites Rukia to lunch with the girls of the class and asks Rukia what her relationship is with Ichigo. She replies that they are just friends, despite Chizuru's and Orihime's encouragement. Realizing that she has become too attached to the Human World, she ties up Kon and writes a coded note for Ichigo telling him not to look for her and to go into hiding. She then leaves the Kurosaki Clinic.

Renji attacks Rukia

Renji attacks Rukia to apprehend her and bring her back to Soul Society

Lost in thought as she runs, Rukia is surprised by Renji who attacks her. He complains that she has become too soft in the two months that she has been missing and demands that she summon the Human she gave her powers to. When Rukia denies this happened, Renji asks why she is acting like that. Byakuya appears behind Rukia, surprising her. As Renji prepares to attack her seriously, Uryu intervenes. Despite Rukia's attempts to protect him, Uryu is attacked and defeated by Renji. As Rukia notes Renji's increased strength, Ichigo arrives. Angry that he came after her, Rukia watches Ichigo and Renji fighting.

Rukia kicks Ichigo

Rukia kicking Ichigo's arm away from Byakuya

Hoping that Ichigo will run away, Rukia leaps on Renji to distract him. However, Ichigo continues fighting and is heavily wounded by Byakuya. Rukia tries to run to him, but Renji stops her. She tells him that it is her fault that he is dead and asks to go to him, prompting Byakuya to say that Ichigo resembles "him". Ichigo grabs Byakuya's leg, relieving Rukia. However, she quickly kicks his arm away from her brother to prevent Byakuya from attacking again. She tells Ichigo to know his place and accepts her arrest, saying that there is no point in finishing off someone who is clearly about to die anyway. She tells Ichigo that she will not forgive him if he tries to follow her. Renji then opens a Senkaimon and they leave for Soul Society.

Rukia is imprisoned in the Squad Six's barracks. Renji visits Rukia in her cell. She refuses his instruction to eat something and makes fun of his eyebrows and new rank. Rukia asks if she is going to be executed. Renji replies that Byakuya is reporting to the Central 46 and that he will most likely appeal for her sentence to be commuted. Rukia disagrees, saying that she knows what type of person he is and that he has not truly looked at her once since her adoption. Byakuya later informs them that Rukia will be executed in twenty-five days’ time and tells Rukia that they will not meet again until the execution, insisting that it is their final conversation. After Byakuya leaves, Rukia tries to cheer Renji up by saying that she is alright, as it only makes her more determined to escape and making fun of his tattooed eyebrows, angering him.

Soul Society arcEdit

Renji, rukia, guards

Renji leaves Rukia in the Senzaikyū

While Rukia is in the Squad Six's prison, Hanataro Yamada, who is assigned as a janitor there, regularly talks to Rukia. Hanataro states that during this time her face is gloomy and sad. She asks him not to address her with the "Miss" suffix and tells him of Ichigo, expressing her faith in him and mentioning how it is her fault that his life changed and that he suffered a lot of pain. 14 days before Rukia’s scheduled execution, Renji escorts a group of Stealth Force guards as they transfer her to the Senzaikyū. Once there, he points out to her that they can see the Sōkyoku, which will be used for her execution, from the windows. Before leaving, Renji tells Rukia that there was an unconfirmed report that five Ryoka invaded Soul Society and that one of them matched Ichigo’s description.

Ganju grabs Rukia

Ganju Shiba confronts Rukia about Kaien's death

While in the Senzaikyū, Rukia notices the sky becoming brighter when Ichigo and his companions break into Seireitei. While Ichigo fights Kenpachi Zaraki, Rukia hears and senses the Reiatsu from their battle. When the battle ends, Rukia wonders who died, noting that the Sekkiseki made it difficult to determine. She asks Kaien if she is worth spilling blood over. Shortly afterward, Hanataro and Ganju Shiba open the door to her cell. She recognizes Hanataro, who urges her to hurry so they can escape. However, Ganju realizes that Rukia is the person who killed Kaien. Rukia confirms this and as Ganju grabs her, she urges him to kill her, saying that she will not regret it if she dies at his hands. As Hanataro tries to reason with Ganju, Byakuya arrives on the bridge that provides access to the cell. As Ganju dismisses Hanataro’s plea to run, Ganju insists that he will not throw his life away for Rukia. Hanataro decides that he will face Byakuya by himself in a bid to allow Rukia to escape. Rukia tries to stop him, but Ganju restrains her and then goes out to fight Byakuya.


Rukia and Ichigo reunite

As Ganju confronts Byakuya, Rukia tries to stop the fight but falls to her knees, unable to handle the Reiatsu due to the effects of the Sekkiseki. When Rukia realizes that Byakuya is about to use his Shikai, she shouts at him not to do so and yells at Ganju to run away. However, Ganju is defeated and Byakuya turns his attention to Hanataro. Rukia tries to protect him, but he is stopped by Captain Ukitake, who notes that Rukia has lost weight and asks how she is. As Byakuya and Ukitake converse, Ichigo lands on the bridge. Initially shocked, Rukia becomes angry with him for attempting to rescue her. Ichigo ignores her protests and begins to fight Byakuya. When Byakuya tries to release his Shikai, Rukia warns Ichigo to run. However, Yoruichi Shihoin arrives and stops him. Hanataro asks who she is and Rukia tells him about her. Yoruichi escapes with Ichigo and Byakuya leaves. Rukia falls unconscious when the Reiatsu is suddenly lifted and Ukitake orders Sentaro Kotsubaki to take Rukia back into the Senzaikyū, which he does despite Hanataro's refusal to allow him.

The following day, Rukia is informed that her execution has been brought forward to the next day. Rukia notes that while she was shocked, she is not sad because of it. She attributes this to the dream she had the previous night about Kaien's death and reflects on her role in his death, wondering why she did not stop him. She states that she does not deserve to be rescued or have anyone stand by her.

Gin approaches Rukia

Gin Ichimaru approaches Rukia

On the morning of the execution, the guards tie up Rukia and escort her out of the Senzaikyū. As she is being moved onto Sōkyoku Hill for her execution, Rukia senses Renji falling in battle against Byakuya, only recognizing his spirit energy after it began to drop. Although she mourns for her fallen friend, it is cut brief as Gin Ichimaru arrives. Gin teases her over how she greets him and points out that Renji is still alive. After telling her that he was trying to rescue her, Gin offers to save her friends for her. Reflecting on how much she has hated Gin since first meeting him, Rukia briefly wonders what he would have to gain from such an act, only to learn that he was joking. After he leaves, Rukia is then disgusted that Ichimaru was able to make her want to live again.

She is brought to the base of the Sōkyoku and tied up there. After witnessing Byakuya's arrival and being ignored by him, Rukia asks Head Captain Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto to let the Ryoka leave after the execution. Yamamoto tells her that he would grant her request, pleasing her. Yamamoto then orders the execution to commence. As she watches the release of the Sōkyoku, Rukia notes that her heart is at peace once again following the desire to live that Gin reawakened in her, wondering if it was because of Captain Yamamoto agreement or Byakuya ignoring her. Rukia is carried up into the air as the Sōkyoku's release is completed. She reflects upon her life, saying that she is content with it and that she has no regrets. As she says goodbye, the Sōkyoku advances towards her. However, Ichigo arrives and manages to stop the Sōkyoku.

Ichigo saves rukia

Ichigo frees Rukia from the Sōkyoku execution stand

Rukia overcomes her initial shock and becomes upset that Ichigo has attempted to free her again, but he ignores her protests. The Sōkyoku prepares for a second attempt, prompting Rukia to tell Ichigo to stop. However, Ukitake and Captain Shunsui Kyoraku destroy it and Ichigo then destroys the Sōkyoku's stand, freeing Rukia. He dismisses Rukia's protests, but she refuses to thank him. As she question what his next move is, she notes that he has become stronger. Renji arrives moments later, which relieves Rukia greatly. Ichigo throws her to Renji. After they scold him for being reckless, Ichigo orders Renji to run with her to safety, which he does.

While they are escaping, Renji refuses Rukia's demands to release her and help Ichigo. Insisting that they have to run, he tells her that Ichigo feels that he owes her for allowing him to protect everyone. He tells her that Ichigo believes in her and that she blames herself too much, that she should depend more on him and Ichigo. They are eventually confronted by Kaname Tosen, who brings them back to Sōkyoku Hill, where Sosuke Aizen and Captain Ichimaru are waiting for them. Aizen demands that Renji hand Rukia over to him. Renji refuses Aizen's order and is attacked by the captain. Telling Rukia to be quiet when she expresses concern, he continues to resist Aizen and attacks Aizen while still holding Rukia, but he is quickly overwhelmed. Rukia offers to surrender herself, but Renji silences her. Ichigo returns to defend the pair, but Aizen is able to defeat them both with ease and grabs Rukia.

Byakuya saves Rukia

Byakuya saves Rukia

Rukia listens as Aizen talks about Ichigo's role in his plans and about how to overcome the limits of a Shinigami. Aizen reveals the existence of the Hōgyoku and that Urahara had buried it deep within her soul. He states that Urahara gave her a Gigai in a bid to turn her into a Human and hide the Hōgyoku forever. Aizen is then attacked by Sajin Komamura and Gin takes custody of her. Aizen quickly defeats Komamura and takes Rukia back. He reveals that he killed the Central 46 and orchestrated the events of Rukia's execution. Wanting the Hōgyoku for himself, Aizen hoped that her death would give him access to it, but settles for a non-fatal alternative, once the execution is halted. Aizen removes the Hōgyoku from Rukia's body and tells Ichimaru to kill her, but a battle-worn Byakuya grabs Rukia and is impaled by Ichimaru's Zanpakuto instead. Rukia asks him why he saved her, but Aizen advances on them. Before Aizen can kill them, the remaining captains arrive to subdue Aizen, Gin and Tosen.

During the aftermath of the battle, Rukia is restrained by a member of the 4th Squad as she tries to go to Byakuya's side while he is being healed. Captain Retsu Unohana takes over the treatment of Byakuya and tells Rukia that Byakuya is calling for her. Byakuya tells her about his deceased wife, Hisana, revealing that Rukia is actually Hisana's younger sister. He recounts to her Rukia how Hisana had regretted abandoning her and had kept searching for her while they were married. He reveals that she asked him to find and protect her, as well as why he had sworn to always abide by the rules. He apologizes to Rukia for his actions.

During the following week, Rukia visits Kukaku Shiba's home and apologizes to both Kukaku and Ganju for her role in the death of their brother, Kaien. Kukaku cuts short her apology, saying that she forgives Rukia. She reveals that Ukitake had told her what had happened. Ichigo and Orihime then arrive looking for Rukia. She tells Ichigo that she wishes to stay in Soul Society. Ichigo tells her that if it is what she wants then it is for the best. The next day, Ichigo and the others gather at a Senkaimon to return to the Human World. Orihime gives Rukia a dress that Uryu made, insisting that she take good care of it. The group then says goodbye and leave.

Bount arcEdit

Rukia arrives in Karakura Town as Ichigo is battling the Bount Yoshino Soma. After Ryo Utagawa retreats with Yoshino, Sado and Orihime arrive and the group welcomes Rukia. She tells them that she has been assigned to Karakura Town again. Rukia then notices mod-souls Lirin, Kurodo and Noba, loving Orihime’s rabbit plushie. At the Kurosaki Clinic, Rukia is told of the Bount situation. Rukia states that Soul Society does not know anything about them. After Renji arrives Rukia tells Orihime and Sado that it is odd that there are now three Soul Reapers in the area. Rukia reveals that she intends to go back to school during her stay and later manipulates her classmate’s memories of her to allow her to resume her school life.

Ho & Ban attack

Hō and Ban attack Rukia and the others

Rukia and the others go to see Uryu in Karakura Hospital. At the hospital, water starts pouring out of a sink. More water comes flooding into Uryu’s room when the door is opened and it starts taking the form of two balls. The water attempts to drown Uryu, but the group escapes from the room. The water follows them, so Rukia uses Shakkahō to evaporate it. They then encounter Ho and Ban and flee from the hospital, attempting to evaporate the water as they go. As they fight the Bount pair, Rukia, Renji and Ichigo are swallowed up by the water. Ganju and Hanataro arrive and use fireworks to defeat the two Bount.

When Lirin notices traces of the Bount on a nearby rooftop, Rukia remarks that she can sense the missing Uryu’s Reiatsu as well. However, they find no one there. From the damage to the area, they deduce that Yoshino and an unknown person where there. Sado finds Uryu’s bandage on the ground and Ichigo asks Rukia if they can track Uryu’s Reiraku, but Rukia states that they cannot as Uryu is purposely hiding his Reiatsu. Later, Orihime tells the group of a mansion which they go to. After confirming that Uryu is inside, they split up. Once closer, Rukia tells Ichigo that she can sense seven Bount inside, stating that they should act while they have the element of surprise.

Meeting Kariya

Rukia and the others meet Kariya for the first time

They explore the mansion but find nothing and Rukia states that something is messing up their senses. A small floating object begins attacking them. Using Kidō, Rukia is able to defeat it, but more of enemies attack and the two of them run away, meeting up with the Mod-Souls. Noba uses his powers to make the enemies disappear and Rukia asks them what they are doing there. The Mod-Souls state that they had encountered the same enemies in the mansion and could not overcome their numbers. The enemies find them and attack again, forcing Rukia and the others to run away. They then encounter Jin Kariya and the other Bount.

Kariya introduces himself and reveals that he knows of Rukia. Ryo Utagawa asks them if they are afraid of the Bount, angering Rukia. After Ichigo calms her down, she remarks that Kariya has a "repulsive glare", warning Ichigo to be careful. Utagawa tries to attack Rukia, but Ichigo stops him. Rukia and the others successfully escape, leaving Ichigo behind. Kurodo asks if he will be all right on his own and Rukia tells him that Ichigo is just buying time for them to find Uryu. She then states that after they find Uryu, they will use Noba's ability to get Ichigo out of the mansion.

Rukia kido

Rukia's Sōkatsui attack fails

Upon encountering Maki Ichinose, Rukia is surprised to see a Soul Reaper and asks if and why he is with the Bount. Ichinose asks her why she is in a Gigai, saying that she should use her Zanpakuto. Rukia tells him that she cannot and fires Kidō at him, but it has no effect. He remarks that she has not used her true power against him, but Rukia informs him that this is all she can do. She again asks Ichinose why he is with the Bount and he tells her his motives. Ichinose then senses Ichigo's battle and leaves before Rukia can stop him. She turns her attention to healing the Mod-Souls and is worried that she will not be able to heal them in her current state, but then realizes that they were pretending to be unconscious. The group saves Uryu and Yoshino Soma, making their escape as the mansion is shelled.

Yoruichi explains what Soul Society has learned about the Bount to Rukia and the others. Rukia surmises that living Humans’ souls are needed for their plans. Later, Rukia and Ichigo return to the Kurosaki Clinic after fighting a Hollow to find the house filled with booby traps laid out by the mod-souls. Lirin and Kurodo stage a Bount attack using special suits from Urahara. Not recognizing them, Rukia fires Kidō at them. Noba teleports them to safety, but Rukia and Ichigo think that they are attacking him. They chase Lirin and Kurodo around the town. While trying to hit them with her Kidō, Rukia strikes Zennosuke Kurumadani by accident. The Mod-Souls surround Rukia with a bunch of rabbits, before Noba ends the battle by removing their suits.

Ritz rukia

Ritz possesses Rukia

While patrolling the town, Rukia and Ichigo sense Renji's Reiatsu disappear. Ururu and Jinta arrive with a new Bount sensing headband, which they give to Ichigo. When he heads off to find the Bount, Rukia, Ururu and Jinta go in search of Renji. They find Orihime and Kurodo. Orihime asks after Ichigo and Rukia tells him that he went to find the Bount, saying she should go and back him up. However, they are attacked by the Bount Yoshi. Rukia orders Ururu to go after Sado and Jinta to look for Renji. As Rukia battles Yoshi, Orihime protects Rukia with Santen Kesshun. They fight for a while before Rukia and Orihime try to escape. As they flee, Yoshi attacks them but is stopped and chased off by Mabashi. His doll, Ritz, attacks Rukia, who struggles to keep up with its speed. While protecting Orihime, Rukia is struck by Ritz and it enters her chest, allowing Mabashi to seize control of her. The Bount forces Rukia to attack Orihime.

Hisagi saves Orihime

Hisagi blocks Rukia's attack

Ritz makes Rukia leaves her Gigai to increase her power. As Kurodo tries to convince Orihime that she has to attack Mabashi, Rukia runs towards them. Kurodo tries to hold her off. Orihime uses Koten Zanshun against Mabashi, but Rukia gets in the way and resulting in her leg being wounded. Shuhei Hisagi arrives and stops Rukia's counter-attack. Mabashi sends Rukia to attack Hisagi, but Rukia suddenly regains partial control and tells Orihime to attack her. Rukia falls back under Ritz control and Orihime reluctantly battles her friend. Orihime hugs her and places Santen Kesshun around the two of them. Ritz suddenly screams out in pain and retreats from Rukia's body. Ichinose then takes Mabashi and retreats from the area.

At the Urahara Shop, Ichigo notices Rukia's wounds. She tells him not to worry and urges Orihime to focus on her own injuries rather than healing her. Rukia calms an agitated Renji and informs him that the other Shinigami are heading to the Bount’s hideout. She tells him that if he lets his feelings get to him, then even the simplest things will be messed up. The group prepares to go to the Bount’s hideout, with Kon stating that he is going so he can protect Rukia. She dismisses him as only be good for stopping a couple of bullets.

At the Bount's hideout, the group is attacked by eye-like creatures. Unable to kill all of them, Rukia decides that they have to draw them into a more confined space and attack them all at once. However, Gesell's hand comes out and attacks Rukia. Rukia is sent flying towards the cave's wall, but Renji grabs her. Rangiku Matsumoto arrives and helps the group to finish off the creatures. Orihime tells Rukia not to push herself since she still has not fully recovered from her last battle. Rangiku states that she was told by Hisagi that Rukia had her soul damaged before and that it takes more time for your soul to recover then to recover from damage to your body. Ichigo tells Orihime to stay and heal Rukia's injuries. The mod-souls hear the sounds of Ichigo and Kariya battling. Rukia gets up and states that she has to hurry on despite her injuries. Before she can go though, Uryu confronts the group. They find Kariya and Rukia watches as the Bount successfully leave for Soul Society.

Byakuya catches his sister

Byakuya catches the defeated Rukia

Rukia and the others arrive in Soul Society and she notes that the Bount have already fought some Shinigami. After a long search, the group finds Kukaku Shiba's home. The next day the group decides to look for the Bount. Rukia tells Ichigo that she has to go back to her Division. As she is walking through Rukongai, Yoshi confronts her. As she is attacked, Rukia notes that Yoshi is stronger than before. Lirin creates an illusion to give the outmatched Rukia an opportunity to attack. Yoshi is badly injured, but she quickly gathers the spiritual particles in the area to heal herself. Unable to meaningfully injure or restrain her, Rukia hides so that she can treat her injuries. Yoshi finds her and attacks, before holding a child hostage. However, Byakuya arrives and attacks Yoshi, saving Rukia.

Rukia is brought to the Kuchiki Family Manor, where she is healed by several Shinigami. She later wakes up and realizes that she was rescued. Noticing that the pillow next to her is warm, she believes that Byakuya was recently there. Later, Rukia is moved to the Sixth Division's barracks. She wakes up due to a commotion outside. Concerned about Ichigo, she tries to leave the barracks. When Renji spots her, Rukia asks him to take her to Sōkyoku Hill, where Ichigo is battling Kariya. One there, she attempts to assist him, but Renji stops her. Shortly after, she tells Uryu, Sado and Orihime not to go to Ichigo's aid. She suggests that maybe Ichigo is the only one who can stop Kariya since they carry similar burdens. She then tries to cheer up Orihime by saying that Ichigo will definitely win.

After Ichigo's victory, she is taken back to the Kuchiki manor to recover. She is visited by Ichigo and Renji and she recalls how her life changed when coming to Karakura Town. She stays in Soul Society as the others return to the Human World.

Arrancar arcEdit

Rukia arrives

Rukia returns to Karakura Town

Toshiro Hitsugaya and an advance team of Soul Reapers that includes both Rukia and Renji are sent to protect Karakura Town from the treat of Aizen's Arrancar army. Upon arrival, Rukia greets a stunned Ichigo and then assaults him. Removing his Shinigami form from his body, Rukia drags Ichigo to fight a Hollow and tells Ichigo not to fear his inner Hollow, but to rise up and crush it. She then forces Ichigo to apologize to Orihime for not being able to protect her. Orihime thanks them both and welcomes Rukia back.

Rukia accompanies Ichigo to the Kurosaki Clinic, where she is greeted by an excited Kon. She stamps on him and bickers with Ichigo. After Ichigo shoes away the eavesdropping Yuzu and Isshin, Rukia remarks that his family has kept its charm and watches as the other members of Hitsugaya's team enter the room. As they explain to Ichigo why they are there, Rukia assists with some drawings, throwing them at Ichigo when he is critical. Rukia sees the others off as the leave and annoys Ichigo by insisting that she will stay in her old spot. She tells Isshin and Yuzu a false story to convince them to let her stay with them. She shares a room with Yuzu and Karin, which disappoints her slightly.

Rukia vs Di Roy

Rukia using her Shikai against Di Roy

When Grimmjow Jaegerjaques invades Karakura Town with his Fracción, Rukia and Ichigo sense their presence. Counting six of them on her Denreishinki, Rukia expresses her surprise at their numbers and deduces that they are combing the town, intent on killing anyone with power. She tells Ichigo that Orihime is safe with Hitsugaya and Matsumoto, but that one has targeted Sado. As she runs towards Sado's location, Ichigo goes on ahead. Rukia passes Sado half-way there. She expresses her happiness that he is safe, but he runs passed her. When she reaches Ichigo, who has confronted the Arrancar Di Roy Rinker, she asks him what he said to Sado. When he replies that he told him to step aside, she orders him to do likewise and leaves her Gigai, saying that he runs the risk of losing control again if things go bad so soon after his previous fight. She tells Ichigo that Urahara's Gigai was responsible for her powers never returning and that she has recovered. While the Artificial Soul Chappy restrains Ichigo, she releases her Shikai and quickly kills Di Roy.

Shortly after, Grimmjow confronts Ichigo and Rukia. Sensing Grimmjow's incredible power, Rukia urges Ichigo to run away. However, Grimmjow impales her with his hand. Chappy goes to her side and after the battle; Rangiku takes her to Orihime, who heals her. After Orihime is finished, Renji asks if she is fully healed while Chappy fawns over her. Rukia states that she healed incredibly fast and thanks Orihime, noting that her skills have improved. Ichigo asks how she is and Rukia tells him not to blame himself for her injuries. She suggests that he ask Urahara about his inner Hollow, but he declines. The following day Isshin and Yuzu ask her if she has seen Ichigo and she goes in search of him. Unable to find any trace of his Reiatsu, she returns to the Kurosaki Clinic, apologizing to Yuzu when she asks if Rukia had found him.

Rukia spars with Orihime

Rukia and Orihime spar in Soul Society

At the Urahara Shop, Rukia encounters an upset Orihime leaving the store. Rukia is angered to hear that Urahara told her to stay out of the battle, insisting that it is not right for her to be cast aside so easily. She tells Orihime, who is worried about being in the way in battle, that the ones who get in the way are those who lack resolve, not power. She also states that if any one of those that came to rescue her where not there, then she would not be here today. As she says that they should look for a way for her to help in the battle, Hiyori Sarugaki suddenly appears and takes Orihime away, leaving Rukia wonder who she was. Rukia later finds Orihime leaving the Visored's hideout. When Orihime tries to explain, Rukia tells her that she felt a bit of Ichigo's Reiatsu when she arrived and is content that he is safe.

Rukia and Orihime travel to Soul Society, where she asks Captain Ukitake to open the training grounds behind the Squad's headquarters. They pair spend a month training. When the Espada attack Karakura Town, Rukia receives notice of the attack from a Hell Butterfly. Ukitake orders her to head to the Senkaimon in front of the Squad headquarters. Rukia tells Orihime that she cannot accompany her, reminding the Human that she would end up in the Dangai if she entered a Senkaimon. Ukitake tells her that the Kidō Corps will secure the walls of the Dangai for her and Rukia tells her that she will wait on the other side for her. As she rushes to the Senkaimon, Rukia wonders why the Espada are attacking so soon.

Rukia helps Ichigo

Rukia trying to free Ichigo after freezing Grimmjow

Rukia arrives in Karakura Town to find Ichigo losing in a battle against Grimmjow. She freezes the Arrancar with her Zanpakuto and tries to free Ichigo from Grimmjow's blade, which is pinning his hand to the ground. Ichigo comments on her power, prompting Rukia to state that he was using a reckless power himself. Grimmjow breaks free from the ice, grabs her head and charges a Cero. She is saved by the intervention of Shinji Hirako, who takes over fighting Grimmjow. The battle is cut short when Ulquiorra Cifer appears and restrains Grimmjow and they leave with the aid of Negación.

After the battle, Hachigen Ushoda heals Ichigo and tells Rukia to bring him home, as he will recover better if he is not near people with Hollow-like Reiatsu like them. That night at Ichigo's house, Rukia is unable to connect to Soul Society with her Denreishinki due to spiritual interference. She wonders who Hachigen and his comrades are, as well as what power Ichigo is trying to acquire. As she then ponders the Arrancar's sudden retreat from battle, she decides to go outside to cool her head. She finds Karin and Yuzu outside the door, who asks if it is alright to have dinner with Ichigo. She tells the girls that Ichigo would enjoy that.

The next day, Rukia is present when Hitsugaya's team filters through the interference and contact Soul Society. They learn from Ukitake that Orihime was taken by the Arrancar. Head Captain Yamamoto orders them to return to Soul Society. Rukia accuses him of abandoning Orihime and states that she cannot obey the order to return. Yamamoto states that he expected as much and Captains Kuchiki and Zaraki arrive via a Senkaimon to force them to return. Rukia listens as Ichigo unsuccessfully pleads with Yamamoto to allow him to go to Hueco Mundo on his own. She leaves with the others through the Senkaimon.

Hueco Mundo arcEdit

Renji & Rukia

Rukia and Renji arrive in Hueco Mundo

Upon arriving in Hueco Mundo, Rukia and Renji find Ichigo and his group under attack from Lunuganga. Rukia freezes the giant Hollow with her Shikai, defeating it. As Ichigo greets the pair, they hit him and demand to know why he left for Hueco Mundo without them. She questions why he did not have faith in them, saying that they immediately planned to come back to help rescue Orihime. As the group travels towards Las Noches, Rukia explains that Byakuya had allowed them to do as they pleased and gave them cloaks to protect them in Hueco Mundo's desert. She asks Ichigo who Nel Tu, Pesche and Dondochakka are. They introduce themselves and Ichigo tells her they are Hollows.

Upon reaching the walls of Las Noches, Rukia notes that it is not made of Sekkiseki. Renji and Ichigo attack the wall and break through it. As the group run through the thick wall, Rukia mocks Renji for trying to use Kidō to illuminate the tunnel they find themselves in when his spell fails to provide much light. Upon arriving at a crossroads, Rukia proposes that they split up. When Ichigo objects, Renji backs her up. Rukia insists that she did not come to Hueco Mundo to be protected by Ichigo, telling him not to worry about her. After Renji leads them in a chant about their safe return, the group splits up. As she explores Las Noches, Rukia senses Sado's defeat. She hurries in the direction of his fading Reiatsu, intent on helping him. However, when she exits a staircase she finds herself under a blue sky, confusing her. The 9th Espada, Aaroniero Arruruerie appears behind her and leads her inside his palace. When he removes his mask, Rukia is shocked to see the face of Kaien Shiba.

Rukia vs Aaroniero

Rukia fights Aaroniero, who is disguised as Kaien

Rukia asks if he really is Kaien before reminding herself that Kaien died at her hands. Aaroniero manages to convince her that he is Kaien and the two talks for some time, explaining how he is alive and took the place of an Espada. As he is about to propose a strategy, Aaroniero asks Rukia to change locations and attacks her as she approaches him. He reminds her that she killed Kaien and asks if she is prepared to offer her live to atone for that action. Rukia replies that she would do so, but she must rescue Orihime first. Aaroniero then tries to manipulate her into killing her friends. She demands that he stop insulting Kaien and insists that Kaien was not like him. She releases her Shikai and they begin fighting. Aaroniero has little difficulty in dealing with her attacks and releases Kaien's Shikai, Nejibana.
Rukia kills Aaroniero

Rukia kills Aaroniero

Rukia notes that as much as she tries to deny it, everything that she is seeing points to Aaroniero being Kaien. She urges herself to believe that it is not him. Using Kidō, Rukia binds him and destroys part of the palace wall. The sunlight shining on Aaroniero causes his true face to be revealed. Finally at ease now that she knows he really is not Kaien, Rukia prepares to continue fighting. Remembering Kaien's death, Rukia is saddened that she had not saved her mentor from the control of a Hollow as she had previously thought. Aaroniero releases his Zanpakuto and impales her, breaking Sode no Shirayuki. Rukia reflects upon her training with Kaien, remembering his warning not to die alone and that he left her heart with her. She kills Aaroniero with her Third Dance, Shirafune, She is determine to go to Orihime's aid, but loses consciousness soon after.

The 7th Espada, Zommari Lureaux, arrives to finish her off, stating that he will rip off her head. However, Byakuya Kuchiki appears and challenges Zommari, When Hanataro Yamada arrives, Byakuya uses Shō to free the frozen Rukia from the ice and Hanataro tries to move her away from the battle. However, Zommari uses his Zanpakuto, Brujería, to take control of Rukia's body and she slashes Hanataro. She then holds her blade to her throat to stop Byakuya from doing anything. Byakuya binds her with Kidō, which prevents Zommari from further controlling her. Byakuya then kills Zommari and requests that Isane Kotetsu heal Rukia and Hanataro.

When Rukia wakes up, she is surprised to see the 4th Squad members there. She is also surprised to see that Byakuya is injured, but he insists that she lie there until she is fully healed. Later, Rukia hears via Tenteikūra Aizen's announcement that he is leaving to attack Karakura Town and that he is leaving Orihime in the Fifth Tower. He reveals that they have been trapped in Hueco Mundo. Byakuya explains the 13 Court Guard Squads' preparations for battle in Karakura to Rukia.

The New Captain Shusuke Amagai ArcEdit

While in the Human World, Rukia is notified of Hollows in Karakura Town. She and Ichigo go to fight them. They find it odd that more than fifty Hollows have appeared all at once and they split up to fight them. After learning that Ichigo encountered someone in a Gigai, Rukia goes to Urahara’s store to ask about it, but Urahara isn’t there and the others decline to tell her anything. Lurichiyo Kasumiōji joins their class in school the following day.

After helping fend off an attempted attack on Lurichiyo, Rukia learns that the girl is being targeted for assassination by Gyokaku Kumoi. When Rukia hears that Lurichiyo’s family name is Kasumiōji, she recognizes that as a house of high nobility from Soul Society. Kenryū in turn is amazed that Rukia is from the Kuchiki family and bows his head to her. Kenryū asks Ichigo to be Lurichiyo's bodyguard and Rukia forces him to do it while deciding to personally help too.

After Lurichiyo is again attacked by assassins, Rukia and Ichigo also arrive on the scene and engage the assassin, who manages to temporarily immobilize their weapons. Kenryu escapes with the princess and Rukia and Ichigo defeat the assassin. When Lurichiyo is targeted again, Rukia fights Jinnai Doko. She uses her Shikai in response to his speed and long range attacks. She delivers a finishing blow but to her surprise Jinnai breaks out of her ice attack, only to suddenly die from being devoured by his Bakkōtō.

When Lurichiyo returns to Seireitei on her own, Rukia opens a Senkaimon and she, Kenryu, Enryu, and Ichigo go to Soul Society to find her. Despite not being granted access to the Kasumiōji compound, they sneak in. They are confronted by the Squad 2 for causing chaos at a Noble wedding and Rukia clashes swords with Soifon so that Ichigo can save Lurichiyo. Rukia manages to escape with Ichigo after they realize that the Lurichiyo they were talking to is an imposter. Ichigo and Rukia escape with Shū Kannogi's help. The three decide to escape by having Shū pose as a hostage. They manage to escape underground. However, they are soon discovered and confronted by Captain Shusuke Amagai. When Amagai realizes that Rukia and Ichigo have good intentions, he decides to help them in their mission to save Lurichiyo. He tells them of his problem with Makoto and they agree to work together to solve both problems.

Rukia, Shu, and Ichigo

Rukia, Ichigo and Shū search for Lurichiyo

As they head to the Kasumiōji manor, they are discovered by Captain Hitsugaya and attacked. Rukia engages in battle with Rangiku, When the Kasumiōji family's treachery is revealed the Gotei 13 cease attacking Rukia and company. Rukia and Mastumoto are attacked by dozens of Kumoi's soldiers, each wielding a Bakkōtō. Rukia finds Shū and Ichigo in a similar situation inside a secret part of the manor. She takes Shū through the forbidden rooms until they find a secret passage where Lurichiyo was taken. The three find Lurichiyo being held hostage by Kumoi, but are unable to fight him as he threatens to kill her. Captain Amagai suddenly appears and kills Kumoi, taking Lurichiyo with him, to the complete surprise of Rukia, Ichigo and Shū. Rukia later watches as Ichigo battles and defeats Amagai.

Fake Karakura Town arcEdit

Rukia surrounded

Rukia battles Rudobon Chelute's Calaveras

Rukia comes to Ichigo's aid at the five towers at the center of Las Noches. She freezes Rudobon’s arm as he tries to attack Ichigo and tells him to hurry and rescue Orihime. Rukia defeats Rudobon’s underlings fairly easily. The Arrancar releases his Zanpakuto, Árbol, commenting that simply defeating his subordinates is not enough to beat him. As she battles Rudobon, Rukia notices the battle between Ichigo and Ulquiorra Cifer above her. Rudobon continues to spawn new Calaveras with which he fights Rukia, but she is eventually able to overpower him by freezing his "branches". Rudobon is knocked out of the way by Yammy Llargo, who bursts through a nearby wall, ending their battle. Yammy confronts Rukia, Sado and Renji. When a Cero comes through the roof of Las Noches, Rukia notices Ichigo's Reiatsu.

As Rukia wonders if Ichigo defeated Ulquiorra, an enraged Yammy curses the fact that they are all he has to fight and increases in size, causing his jacket to tear and revealing his Espada tattoo. Renji then tells Rukia and Sado that together they can defeat Yammy, as he is only the 10th Espada. However, Yammy releases his Zanpakuto. As he towers over them, Yammy is revealed to be Espada number 0, much to the trio's horror.

Yammy holding rukia

Rukia is captured by Yammy

After Renji and Sado are defeated, Rukia is caught by Yammy. She uses Hadō #33: Sōkatsui against him, but to no avail. He hurls Rukia to the ground. She realizes she cannot recover because of the strength of the throw and the air pressure. She hits the ground in an explosion of sand but when it clears she realizes that Ichigo saved her. She asks where Orihime is, to which Ichigo says that she is tending to Uryu’s wounds. Ichigo moves her to safety and begins to battle Yammy. She then watches Ichigo as he fights, wondering what had happened to Ichigo above the dome. Rukia notices that his eyes did not look like those of someone victorious in battle or about to cut down his enemy. After seeing Ichigo's attack on Yammy, she realizes that his Hollow mask has changed from its previous form.

Rukia fades

Rukia disappears from Ichigo's sight

Sometime after Urahara has sealed Aizen, Rukia arrives in Karakura Town, along with Uryu, Sado, Orihime and Renji. Her arm is in a sling as they greet Ichigo. When he suddenly collapses, Rukia along with the rest of the group runs towards Ichigo as he screams in pain. A month later, Rukia and Ichigo's other friends are present in his bedroom when he wakes up. Rukia tells the surprised Ichigo how long he has been unconscious for and that they know from Urahara that he has lost his Soul Reaper powers. Rukia further explains the stages of losing his powers, with the first stage bringing intense pain, unconsciousness and a reversal of the time flow Ichigo's body spent in the Dangai Precipice World. With his Soul Reaper powers gone, the second stage sees his Reiatsu stabilized and him awakening before his remaining spiritual power will completely disappear. At Ichigo's request, the group goes outside. Rukia knows this is farewell as it becomes harder for Ichigo to see her. She mocks Ichigo's sad face and remarks that she will still be able to see him, much to his displeasure. Rukia then disappears from Ichigo's sight completely as he bids farewell and thanks her.

Zanpakuto Unknown Tales arcEdit

Rukia recovering

Rukia recovering after Sode no Shirayuki's attack

Rukia receives a notification from Yamamoto to meet at the Sōkyoku Hill where it is learned that Muramasa was really the person who called her and all the high-ranking Soul Reapers of the 13 Court Guard Squads. Muramasa reveals that he captured Yamamoto and had turned all the awakened Zanpakuto spirits against their Soul Reaper partners. Rukia manages to escape through a Senkaimon and is taken to the Urahara Shop by Ichigo after a brief battle with her Zanpakuto spirit Sode no Shirayuki. While resting there, Orihime heals Rukia's wounds and Rukia then tells Ichigo, Sado, Uryu, Orihime and others of what had happened in Seireitei and of how Byakuya had been defeated by the spirit of Senbonzakura.

Rukia binds her and her zanpakuto

Rukia binds herself to Sode no Shirayuki

Later on, Rukia goes back to Seireitei to find Byakuya. She finds Renji, who tells her that Byakuya's status and whereabouts are still unknown. Soon after, Sode no Shirayuki attacks Rukia again. After Ichigo tries to protect her again, Rukia binds both her Zanpakuto and Ichigo and tries to kill herself along with Sode no Shirayuki, in order to "set her free". Sode no Shirayuki, who tries to reach out for her, is then stopped by Muramasa.

Rukia is taken to the Squad 4 barracks to recover from her battle. She apologizes to Ichigo for going off alone. When Ichigo questions her reasons for doing so, Rukia says that she has bad feeling about the situation with Byakuya.

Rukia wants answers

Rukia asks her brother, Byakuya for answers

Later, with Renji's permission, Rukia searches Byakuya's office for a clue, but falls asleep at his desk. She awakens to find that the Squad 6 barracks has been attacked by her brother. Byakuya does not answer her questions and Senbonzakura gives her the remains of Sode no Shirayuki. Byakuya tells her to stay away from him, while Senbonzakura attacks her. Renji arrives and protects Rukia. He tries to place Byakuya under arrest, but Byakuya defeats him.

Ukitake with Rukia

Ukitake with an injured Rukia

Other Zanpakuto spirits sent by Muramasa appear soon after and Kazeshini prepares finish off Rukia and Renji, but the Stealth Force arrive, together with various high ranking Shinigami and Ichigo and surround them. An all-out battle between the two sides begins. Rukia pleads with Byakuya to put an end to his betrayal, but to no avail. As Byakuya battles the newly arrived Kenpachi Zaraki, Rukia runs towards their duel, only to be caught in the poison of Ashisogi Jizo's Bankai form. She is seen later talking with Ukitake about Byakuya.

Muramasa grabs rukia

Muramasa grabs Rukia

When Byakuya and Muramasa enter Karakura Town to free his master, Rukia follows her brother's Reiatsu. She uses a Kidō spell to stop Muramasa attacking Uryu. When she witnesses Muramasa bringing forth several Hollow, she questions Muramasa about what type of Zanpakuto he is. Muramasa simply replies that he is a Zanpakuto that will change the world and leaves to continue off with freeing his master. After getting Sado and Orihime to safety, Rukia tries to stop Muramasa with Kidō, but is unsuccessful. Rukia is caught by Muramasa and learns of Muramasa's objective as Koga is freed from his seal. Ichigo then appears right as Koga awakens.

To Rukia and Ichigo's shock, Koga stabs Muramasa and decides to kill him. Rukia watches as Byakuya intervenes and Senbonzakura explains that he had been pretending to still be under Muramasa's control and that Byakuya had pretended to betray Soul Society so he could find Koga and put an end to him in order to draw a close the dark chapter of the Kuchiki clan's history. Relieved to learn that her brother is not a traitor, Rukia joins Ichigo in fighting off dozens of Gillian-class Menos released from Muramasa's body.

Rukia protects Orihime

Rukia protects Orihime

As the number of Hollows increases, Muramasa's unstable power reabsorbs the Hollows, resulting in him transforming into a Hollow then transforming again, becoming a giant dome that continues to grow, attracting more Hollows and gradually opening a huge Garganta. One of the Hollows attacks Rukia and Orihime. They are saved by Sode no Shirayuki. While Rukia is unable to comprehend how this is possible, the Zanpakuto spirit reveals that she is also with several other Soul Reapers and Zanpakuto spirits, here to help battle Muramasa. The Zanpakuto spirits and Soul Reapers fight the Hollows and Muramasa is eventually defeated.

Beast Swords arcEdit

Mayuri explains

Mayuri explains about the Beast Swords

When Soul Society is given a day of rest to recover from Muramasa's attack, two Beast Swords attack the Kuchiki manor. When Rukia is overpowered by them, she is saved by Senbonzakura and Sode no Shirayuki. Later, Rukia and Byakuya bring the remains of one of the Beast Swords to Captain Kurotsuchi, who explains that several Zanpakuto spirits manifested by Muramasa succeeded in killing their partners and became Beast Swords. Hoping to stop this problem quickly, Rukia, Sode no Shirayuki and Senbonzakura search for them. Much to Rukia's annoyance, the two spirits' best ideas to find the Beast Swords are to either cause more destruction to lure them out or through a big party. After the latter plan fails, Rukia talks with Sode no Shirayuki, who admits to how weak and foolish she felt for falling to Muramasa's control. Rukia assures her spirit that she has always been of great help and importance to her. Soon afterwards, they encounter a Beast Swords. While initially overpowered, Rukia and Sode no Shirayuki combine their powers to subdue it and have it delivered to Captain Kurotsuchi for analysis.

Zanpakuto play

Jushiro Ukitake and Shunsui Kyoraku discuss recent events

Later, in the destroyed sections, Rukia comments upon the strangeness of walking side-by-side with her Zanpakutō spirit. Sode no Shirayuki agrees, as Rukia states that she thought it was all over back then.

Zanpakuto regenerate

Mayuri and Nemu regenerate Sode no Shirayuki

She inquires what her master means, prompting Rukia to recall when Senbonzakura handed her back Sode no Shirayuki's broken katana. Rukia reveals that she felt suffocated when she saw her broken form, as Sode no Shirayuki apologizes for her master's suffering. She states that Captain Kurotsuchi was able to reverse the damage, as they were able to successfully regenerate her previously destroyed form. Rukia comments that she was suspicious of Mayuri's methods, but is eternally grateful for him saving her

13 Court Guard Squads Invading Army arcEdit

Rukia stays in Karakura Town in the month after Aizen's defeat. One day, Rukia and Ichigo return back to the Kurosaki Clinic, where they are greeted by Kon. Ichigo complains about him being outside of his room, but they are interrupted by a Hollow alert. They immediately leave their bodies with Kon and Chappy. Rukia notices that a Senkaimon opened nearby, but since it is unrelated to the Hollow sighting, she shrugs it off. As they continue, Rukia sees Orihime, Chad and Uryu below, as Ichigo declines an offer for help. After they return to Kurosaki Clinic, Rukia stares at the girl whom Kon brought back to the clinic, as Ichigo berates him. Rukia notices that she cannot sense the girl's existence and that she was found where the Senkaimon opened earlier

Ichigo & Rukia run

Rukia being carried by Ichigo as they run through the Dangai

Rukia sends a message about this to the Department of Research and Development. Later, Rukia reveals to Urahara at his shop that she received urgent orders to appear before the S.R.D.I. with Ichigo, stating that she has never heard of an order like that before. As Rukia and Ichigo are in transit through the Dangai, she tells him that they can take their time, as the Kōtotsu was destroyed by Aizen one month ago. However, they are forced to run when it inexplicably regenerates, much to their surprise. Rukia is caught by Ichigo, who uses his Bankai's speed to outrun the Kōtotsu. When they exit the Dangai, they are separated when Ichigo falls to the ground.

After Ichigo is apprehended, Rukia breaks him out from his cell and inform him that they must escape through the Hakuto Gate in order to leave Seireitei. She then explains to Ichigo that a time-gap has formed between the Human World and Soul Society, as they are approached by Ikkaku and Renji. As Renji explains why Ichigo is being suspected, Rukia starts to understand the mastermind's motives, as she soon faces off against Renji.

Rukia fights Renji

Rukia clashes with Renji

Rukia asks Renji why he is doing this, to which he says that he is merely following orders. He then taunts Rukia, telling her that if she doesn't fight, he cannot guarantee that they will live. However, Rukia is saved by the timely intervention of Yoruichi, as she and Ichigo escape with her. As they arrive at Yoruichi's hideout, she explains the concept of Reigai to her, stating that it is highly likely that someone from the 12th Division could be implicated in this. As this is happening, Rukia notices Ichigo's disappearance and vows to aid him in his infiltration of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute.

When they enter the S.R.D.I, Rukia knocks repeatedly upon Hiyosu's door, knocking him out with a Kidō spell. She goes to his computer and realizes that an order was given to apprehend the girl. Rukia asks Ichigo what they will do next, but berates him when he suggests returning to the Human World. Yoruichi appears beside them, and tells them that she will assist them in getting to the Senkaimon, despite the possibility that the reigai are guarding it.

Rukia, Ichigo, and Yoruichi

Rukia arrives alongside Ichigo and Yoruichi at the Senkaimon

As Rukia arrives alongside them, the reigai are soon alerted to their presence, proceeding to surround the pavilion. Rukia charges at the reigai, as she blocks a thrust from Renji's Shikai, pushing her back momentarily. She tries to attack Renji, but her blade is coiled by that of Shūhei's Zanpakutō. Ichigo then returns to Rukia, as they are surrounded by the fakes. Meanwhile, Yoruichi reveals her trick to the reigai, exploding her portable Gigai alongside Rukia's, as they attempt to use the diversion to escape through the Senkaimon. As they run, Rukia berates Ichigo for screwing up on the timing for the Gigai. Before they are able to enter the Senkaimon, however, Yoruichi is thrown back by Byakuya, causing Rukia to look back in concern. As Yoruichi holds Byakuya and the other reigai off, she tells Rukia and Ichigo to proceed through, as she will be able to handle herself. Rukia then emerges in the Human World, and asks Orihime whether she is alright.

Rukia protects Ichigo from Kageroza

Rukia protects an injured Ichigo from Kageroza Inaba

As Kageroza prepares to fight against Ichigo, she comments upon the bizarre nature of his reiatsu. Whilst they are fighting, Rukia warns Ichigo not to over-exert himself, before he activates the powers of his Hollow mask. After Ichigo is defeated by Kageroza, she raises her sword, protecting him from Kageroza. However, Kageroza is thrown off balance by Renji's sword, as the real versions of the 13 Court Guard Squads appear. After Kageroza retreats, the 13 Court Guard Squads meet in Ichigo's room. Rukia and the others learn from Mayuri Kurotsuchi what Kageroza Inaba’s role in the Shinigami Research Institute was and what Nozomi’s role in recent events may be. After the Reigai Rangiku kidnaps Nozomi, Rukia, along with Ichigo, Renji and the real Rangiku arrive to helo her. Rukia places her sword to the reigai's throat in an attempt to stop her. Once defeated, Rukia heads to the barbeque.

Rukia vs Reigai Rukia

Rukia vs her Reigai Copy, Reigai Rukia

Rukia is later confronted by her reigai counterpart while out searching for Nozomi. As a train roars above them, Rukia battles her reigai. She states that the reigai's skills are unparalleled and that her has a greater fighting ability than her own, wondering what she can do to defeat her. A reigai of Nemu Kurotsuchi joins the fight against Rukia. The real Nemu comes to her aid shortly thereafter and Rukia concentrates on her reigai. They both attack each other with their Shikai, but Rukia is defeated and falls into the river. Later, Ichigo and the others oversee Rukia's healing process. After she is healed, Rukia joins everyone as Urahara gathers information on the situation in Soul Society.

Rukia listens to Kisuke

Rukia listens with the others

After Ichigo goes missing and Sado suggests they go to Soul Society, Rukia and Renji tell him to trust in the captains' abilities. As Urahara says he still cannot find Ichigo, Kon tries to reassure everyone but Rukia stops him. After Ichigo awakens at the Urahara Shop, Urahara explains that Kageroza is really after data on mod souls. When asked about mod souls, Rukia takes over and explains with her drawings. Ichigo says it has been a while since she ruined things like that but Kon encourages her to go on, however, Nozomi pops in and says she sucks.

Nozomi with Rukia, Ichigo, and Yuzu

Rukia watches as Nozomi is introduced to the Kurosaki family

Rukia is with Ichigo when he introduces Nozomi to his family, telling them that she is Rukia's relative. After Isshin, Karin and Yuzu leave to do some shopping, Rukia receives an order about a Hollow on her Denreishinki. After Ichigo defeats the Hollow, Ikkaku and Yumichika ask him how Nozomi is doing. Rukia asks why they are interested, but they do not reply. At his shop, Rukia asks Urahara about Nozomi. He tells her that he thought it was unusual that he could not sense any reiatsu from her when they first met. He reveals that he became certain that she was a Modified Soul when she healed Ichigo, noting that her power was similar to Kidō, but different, possibly articifial. They wonder what Inaba wants with Nozomi. Rukia later has dinner with Kon and Nozomi.

Rukia participates in a meeting in Ichigo's room, where she listens to Nanao Ise reporting on the situation in Soul Society. Later, Ichigo, Rukia, Uryu and Sado spar with Nozomi in order to help her to awaken her Zanpakutō. With their help, Nozomi succeeds releasing her Shikai. Afterwards, she helps the other Soul Reapers in fighting the reigai, joining Renji against Reigai Byakuya. Despite their combined effort, the captain Reigai easily brushes off their attacks and forces them back. Ultimately, she and Renji are pushed back to join their allies. In a desperate decision, everyone decides to rely on reishi-absorbing power of Nozomi's newly acquired Shikai. They fire their attacks on her, allowing Nozomi to absorb it all and then redirect it on the Reigai as an enormous blast, defeating them. As the dust settles, it is revealed that Reiga-Byakuya narrowly survived the attack with a "Dankū: Spell and counterattacks with a "Sōren Sōkatsui" spell, knocking Rukia and every one but Ichigo and Nozomi out. As Reigai Byakuya prepares to finish them, Yamamato arrives and quickly defeats the Reigai with a powerful blast of fire.

After awakening, quickly showing her respect, Rukia bows before the powerful captain and explains the situation. Shortly afterwards, Kageroza arrives and engages Yamamoto. As Ichigo and Nozomi join the captain in fear of replicating powers of Kageroza’s "Raiku", they attempt a multi-directional attack to exploit Raiku’s limited range of replication, only for the attack to fail. After Inaba uses the collected energy of Yamamoto’s flames and Ichigo’s Getsūga Tenshō against Yamamoto who counters, the two are launched to the ground, knocking Yamamoto out and only battering Inaba. Rukia then joins Ichigo, Renji, and Kon in defending Nozomi. As Kageroza laughs at the Soul Reapers's belief of understanding Nozomi's feelings, be reveals that he and Nozomi are actually the same being split in two. The three attack Kageroza, only to be easily defeated.

Later, Kageroza has succeeded in capturing Nozomi while the Soul Reaper forces in the living world have all been greatly injured. Ichigo has also lost the last of his powers, forcing everyone to regroup at Urahara's Shop. After discussing their options, Urahara theorizes that they can restore Ichigo's Spiritual Pressure with the remaining reishi still in the Kōtotsu from earlier. After Ichigo is successful in acquiring his reishi, Ichigo and Urahara prepare to return to Soul Society to use Kageroza's Reigai technology so they can restore Ichigo's powers. Before going, Urahara asks Rukia and the others to act as diversion in the Dangai while Urahara and Ichigo go through a different entrance.

Later after succeeding in their mission, Rukia and the others return to Urahara's Shop. There, they grow impatient from not getting any news from Urahara and Ichigo. Ultimately, Rukia and the others decide to go back to Soul Society with the now healed Soul Reapers. There, they learn that Ichigo has regained his Spiritual Pressure but was unstable and has transformed him into a Hollow again. They also find him bound by a mysterious Soul Reaper. Before he, Yushima, can strike down Ichigo, Rukia rushes over and attacks to force Yushima back. The man reveals that he is a fusion of both Nozomi and Kageroza, and by extension has all their respective powers. Despite Rukia and the others combined effort, Yushima quickly defeats them. Yushima then moves to kill Rukia, only for the Hollowfied Ichigo to surprisingly block the attack with his body.

Following the attack, Ichigo returns to normal, albeit deprived of his reiatsu again. Rukia fends off Yushima long enough for her friends to join her. Rukia then follows Uryu's lead in setting up for his "Sprenger". While succeeding in restraining Yushima long enough to use the technique, Yushima counters with a "Hajokuri" spell to dispel the attack and subdue his enemies again. As Yushima prepares for victory, Nozomi's essence emerges again, restraining Yushima. Ichigo tries to reach Nozomi again, but Yushima regains control and strikes at Ichigo, only to be blocked by Renji and Rukia. After they are knocked away, Reigai Nemu Kurotsuchi appears with medicine to stabilize Yushima's fusion. Before taking the medicine, Reigai Nemu kicks Yushima aside, revealing it to really be Kon in the Reigai's body. Greatly disturbed by the sight, Rukia removes Kon from the Reigai and places him back in his plushy.

Ichigo engages Yushima, fighting on even grounds with the resurrected opponent. Ultimately, Kon can't stand waiting on the side line insisting that everyone should join the fight. Rukia starts the attack with a barrage of ice pillars, only for Yushima to absorb them. The groups attacks are ultimately defeated, but gives Ichigo an opening to strike Yushima hard. After a final clash, Ichigo is able to defeat Yushima.

The Lost Substitute Soul Reaper ArcEdit

Rukia returns

Rukia Returns

Soul Society was aware of Ichigo's involvement with Xcution members. Shortly after Ichigo awakes his Fullbring, Rukia is ordered to observe him. Upon learning Ichigo teamed up with the enemy, she denies that he would ever do such a thing.

Rukia appears with Kisuke Urahara and Isshin Kurosaki when Ginjo Kugo and Shukuro Tsukishima succeed in stealing Ichigo's Fullbring powers. She stabs Ichigo in the chest from behind, eventually materializing behind him so that he can see her. Rukia's actions result in Ichigo once again acquiring Soul Reaper powers that manifest in a new form.

Rukia says it's been some time and then kicks him in face, proceeding to berate him for crying, saying he should be ashamed that he became a coward while she's been gone. She then comments Tsukishima's ability to change people's pasts is a horrendous ability, but it doesn't matter, saying he cannot change Ichigo's future and that the bonds that were lost can be rebuilt. The 13th Lieutenant then explains to Ichigo about the sword, which Urahara made to transfer Shinigami powers back to him again. Kūgo interrupts, saying one person's reiatsu will not be enough to restore Ichigo's power, prompting Renji to reveal the 13 Court Guard Squads contribution of spiritual pressure to the sword. Rukia explains to Ginjo that a small part of Ichigo's power fused with his Fullbring and there was no way Kūgo could take all of his powers, as he has deep wells of power. She then tells Ichigo that what these fools don't understand that this isn't enough to make him despair because they don't know how much despair he has already conquered; Rukia tells Ichigo to show them that despair cannot ever hope to stop him.

Meanwhile, she heals Uryu, who joins Ichigo fighting against Ginjo. As she enters Yukio's chatroom to face Riruka Dokugamine, she is bombarded by stuffed animals. While struggling to resist her obsession with rabbits, she demands Riruka to show herself but is only faced with more of Riruka's dolls.

Rukia doll

Rukia after being trapped by Riruka

Riruka continues to launch more animal dolls at Rukia, who simply can't bring herself to hurt them, instead begins hugging them. Riruka scoffs at the idea the Rukia can kill her, but Rukia informs her that as a Soul Reaper, it is her duty to protect the lives of Humans and will not kill one. Riruka finds that statement conceited, to which Rukia responds by saying she cannot bring herself to kill a "normal Human", which infuriates Riruka who shouts that as a Fullbringer, she is not a normal Human. She then uses her "Addiction Shot", stamping a heart on Rukia's wrist and places Rukia into a plushie, making her unable to hold her sword. Riruka looks down on Rukia, smirking at her predicament.

Riruka stabs Rukia

Rukia struck in chest by Riruka

Rukia flees from Riruka and tries to fire a Kidō spell at her, but it explodes inside the plushie, leaving Rukia immobilized. Riruka asks Rukia if she now understands that Fullbringers are more than just normal Humans. Rukia notes that she is caught up in this idea. Riruka begins to explain her "survival of the fittest". As Riruka reflects upon the past, Rukia nearly defeats Riruka with Some no Mai: Tsukishiro, but Riruka frees her from the plushie to place herself inside Rukia's body, saying that she did not want to be defeated by that power. As Riruka disappears, Rukia wonders what happened to her and collapses to the ground.

After Yukio shuts down the chatrooms, Byakuya appears with an unconscious Rukia, stating she only suffered minor injuries and her spiritual pressure is normal, although he notes her opponent didn't leave so much as a trace behind. Rukia awakens to see the other Soul reaper just standing around while Ichigo is still inside one of the pocket dimensions. When she urges Byakuya to do something, Yukio tells her that he cannot deactivate it and that they cannot break it. Rukia refuses to believe that and wonders if there is some other reason they do not act. She looks on as the dimension is broken apart by Ichigo activating his Bankai.

To Rukia's surprise, the captains turn to leave. Byakuya reminds her that they were only tasked with observing Ichigo and his decision. Hitsugaya states that the captains had agreed to use whatever Substitute that came after Kūgo to lure him out and get rid of them both, but Ichigo caused them to change their plans. He reminds Rukia of her reaction to being told to observe Ichigo and acknowledges that she was correct about him. When Tsukishima tries to attack Ichigo, Rukia leaps between them and Riruka bursts forth from her chest to take the attack. Rukia collapses and Ichigo catches her. Rukia is later present at Urahara Shop and sees Riruka wake up, she then informs Ichigo. She accompanies him to Soul Society, and is present with Renji at the captain meeting when Ichigo requests to retrieve Ginjo's body.

The Thousand-Year Blood War ArcEdit

Rukia injured

Rukia lays defeated amongst the rubble

As Rukia paces impatiently while the captains are in a meeting, Renji tells her to calm down. Izuru interrupts them by asking about the recent disappearances in Rukongai. As pillars of blue flame erupt across Seireitei when the Vandenreich begin their invasion, Rukia passes Kiyone and Sentarō on her way to the base of one of the pillars. She hurriedly explains the enemy is likely waiting at the base of the pillars.

Later, Rukia, along with the other captains and lieutenants, is notified by Rin Tsubokura that Ichigo is currently heading to Soul Society. Later, she is distracted by Byakuya's apparent death, which her unknown opponent took advantage of and knocked her unconscious.

Rukia and Renji recovering

Rukia and Renji recovering from surgery

While recovering from surgery to treat her severe injuries after the Vandenreich leave, Rukia briefly talks with Ichigo. After he leaves, she asks Captain Hirako for his opinion on Ichigo's sorrowful expression. He suggests it is the result of a difficult battle, but her intuition tells her he is hiding something much more serious. Later, Senjumaru Shutara brings Rukia, Renji, and Byakuya to the Royal Guard's Tenchūren so they can be taken to the Royal Palace. Unohana states their condition is too critical for them to leave Seireitei, but the Royal Guard insist on taking them.

Upon arriving in Reiōkyū, Rukia and the other wounded are taken to Tenjirō Kirinji's headquarters, where they are placed in his "Blood Hell Pond" hot springs, allowing its unique healing properties to treat the wounded Soul Reapers.

Beyond Light and DarknessEdit


Beginning to the End ArcEdit

Corruption ArcEdit

Horseman of Apocalypse ArcEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Rukia knows the basic-levels of Zanjutsu, of which she seemed to have only mastered the rudimentary skills. By her own admission, she has less talent in swordsmanship than Kidō. However after much training by her former mentor, Kaien Shiba, her skill drastically improved. She has shown herself to be capable enough to hold her own in a battle, most notably defending herself from attacks from the 9th Espada, while he was using the expert swordsmanship skill of Kaien Shiba.

Rukia Hado 73

Rukia using Hadō 73

Kidō Expert: Rukia's greatest strength is her knowledge of Kidō, amongst her known skills are those for binding, healing and destruction. However, as she said herself, while her Kidō skill at the Shinō Academy were the highest of her class, the sheer power of them were just average when she joined the 13th Division. Through continuous training, she has greatly developed this skill. She is able to switch from Zanjutsu to Kidō without delay upon losing her Zanpakuto. She has shown she is able to use several high-level Kidō in rapid succession without incantations and still have considerable control and power. She has also shown great skill for using various spells in unique combinations, even using multiple spells simultaneously. Rukia has shown that she is capable of using a level 61 Bakudō spell and a level 73 Hadō spell consecutively, though she needs to chant the incantations for both to perform them.

Enhanced Durability: As a Shinigami, Rukia has a great amount of durability. She was able to withstand being impaled by Aaroniero's Nejibana, in conjunction with his Glotonería and finish him off before losing consciousness.

Enhanced Strength: Despite her size, she is actually powerful enough to defeat a superior opponent. Even without the aid of her Zanpakutō, she is still a considerable opponent. Her strength is displayed when Ritz is controlling her and she picks up Orihime with her own two hands, able to throw her in the air, despite her size. Hakuda Combatant: She was also seen in a Gigai fighting enemies with her physical strength (kicking, punching, etc.). She is also capable of having hand-to-hand combat while in her Shinigami state, with augmented strength. During the Bount invasion, she showed herself capable of countering the swift and accurate attacks of Yoshi. Keen Intellect: Repeatedly in missions, Rukia has shown herself to be very intelligent, as seen from her ability to compensate against stronger opponents with combination attacks. During her forced stay in the living world after losing her powers, Rukia proved herself very resourceful in assisting Ichigo with his new Shinigami duties. Rukia is also very knowledgeable, as shown from her knowledge of the Soul Society's history. High Spiritual Power: Although Rukia is an unseated officer in the 13th Division, her skills and power is equal to those of a seated officer and is capable of exerting large amounts of reiatsu when needed.

Rukia vs Yoshi

An unarmed Rukia battles Yoshi

Hakuda Combatant: She was also seen in a Gigai fighting enemies with her physical strength (kicking, punching, etc.). She is also capable of having hand-to-hand combat while in her Shinigami state, with augmented strength. During the Bount invasion, she showed herself capable of countering the swift and accurate attacks of Yoshi (Bleach).

Keen Intellect: Repeatedly in missions, Rukia has shown herself to be very intelligent, as seen from her ability to compensate against stronger opponents with combination attacks. During her forced stay in the living world after losing her powers, Rukia proved herself very resourceful in assisting Ichigo with his new Soul Reaper duties. Rukia is also very knowledgeable, as shown from her knowledge of the Soul Society's history.

High Spiritual Power: Being a lieutenant of the 13 Court Guard Squads, Rukia boasts a high spiritual energy and is capable of exerting large amounts of reiatsu when needed.

Shunpo Expert: Renji says that Rukia is also helpful and effective because of her high speed. During her battle against the Adjuchas of the Menos Forest, she skillfully dodged multiple attacks from several enemies.


Sode no Shirayuki: In its sealed form, Sode no Shirayuki is a normal katana with a rectangular tsuba with inward-curved corners with curved slits above and below the blade and a series of curved lines embossed on either side of the blade. It has a reddish-brown hilt.

Sode no Shirayuki

Sode no Shirayuki

  • Shikai: Its Shikai command is "Dance" Rukia holds her Zanpakuto out in front of her and turns it in a circle counter-clockwise. While she is turning it, the blade, hilt and tsuba turn completely white. The tsuba becomes a hollow snowflake-like circle and a white ribbon forms from the pommel. Sode no Shirayuki is regarded as one of the most beautiful Zanpakuto in the Soul Society. The transformation comes along with a rush of cold air in all directions.
Shikai Special Ability: Sode no Shirayuki has control over ice, much like Toshiro Hitsugaya's Hyorinmaru, but uses it in a different manner. Like Kaname Tosen’s Suzumushi and Kisuke Urahara's Benihime, Sode no Shirayuki possesses more than one ability in Shikai. Sode no Shirayuki's abilities are labeled as "dances" by Rukia.


Some no mai, Tsukishiro

  • Some no mai, Tsukishiro: Rukia calls out the name of the dance while holding her Zanpakuto upside down. The blade glows and then she makes a slashing motion when her target is in position. When she does this, a large ice circle forms around her intended target which freezes everything that touches it. The circle not only freezes the ground but everything within the circle's influence including anything above it up in the air, creating an extending pillar of light that then freezes all within in the circle. Shortly after being frozen, the victim then shatters along with the ice.
Tsugi no mai, Hakuren

Tsugi no mai, Hakuren

  • Tsugi no mai, Hakuren: Rukia calls out the name of the dance and punctures the ground once creating a large ice circle similar to the first dance, then she punctures the ground in front of her four times in a semi-circle. She takes a battle stance as the ice particles begin to flow up from the punctures she made in the ground. They build up and then fire toward the target in a massive, powerful pure-white wave of ice from Sode no Shirayuki's blade, in turn encasing the target in a block of ice.
San no mai, Shirafune

San no mai, Shirafune

  • San no mai, Shirafune: Rukia calls out the name of the dance, which allows her to reforge her Zanpakutō with ice particles if it is broken, piercing through objects in its path. After piercing its target, it continues to freeze any surrounding objects, including the battlefield.
  • Juhaku: Rukia stabs the ground which creates a trail of ice in the direction of her intended target. The ice then freezes the target from the base up in a continuing freezing process, as it transforms the target into ice.


Hollow Mask: Rukia's Hollow mask strongly resembles a Ice Dragon's mask, with a flower like things on the side of it. When donning her Hollow mask, Rukia's sclera turns completely black and his irises become Gold.

  • Power Augmentation: While wearing the mask, Rukia's Hollow powers supplement her Soul Reaper powers, giving her a vast increase in both strength and speed.

Cero: Rukia similar to Soifon and her Former Captain Ukitake, has a Cero but hers is the same color as Soifon's which is Silver-Black. Unlike Soifon's hers goes at beyond God-like speed and its power is equal to that of Cero Oscuras or Gran Rey Cero.

1st Resurrección:
Rukia's 1st Form (Sode no Shirayuki Resurreccion)

Rukia's 1st Resurreccion (Drawn by DragonlordRynn)

Rukia's 1st Resurreccion release command is Freeze everything in your path. Rukia takes the form of some type of dragon. She is mostly covered in dragon like armor-scales around her body and of course her arms and legs. Her legs have a black stripe with 1 spike on the knee and 2 front dragon claws and 1 on the heel. Her shoulders are extended to a dragon like padss. She also has a presumably a dragon tail or sheeth behind her back. Her neck is somewhat long but covered in scales. Her face however is more feminine and has four things on her mask on both sides coming out like flower but are scales. She also has a feather on the top. And some of her black hair is visible and her spikes are on her elbows and her hollow hole is located in her chest and still maintains her hakama of her soul reaper uniform. and unlike most resurreccion's her Zanpakuto still remains.

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