Szayelaporro's 2nd Form (Fornicarás Resurreccion Form)

Fornicarás, The 1st Resurrección Released in the Darkness within Shadow Series

Resurrección returns the essence of an Arrancar's offensive hollow abilities to their humanoid bodies. Arrancar seal the nuclei of their abilities within the form of a sword, entirely different from what the Shinigami use. When they release their weapons' seals, they unleash their true power and their true form. The only time they can return to human form is when they reseal their powers in sword form. Changing their form without resealing their powers in a sword is the same as burning off an arm, and if they were to discard part their released form, while in it, they can never return to normal again.

Most known Resurrección give the Arrancar user an animal-like appearance. While most unreleased Shinigami Zanpakutō take the form of a katana or wakizashi, there is a significantly broader range for Arrancar (such as a sai, axe, a more fictionalized weapon like Nnoitora's Zanpakutō, or a body, whole or otherwise, like Aaroniero Arruruerie's Zanpakutō, or Lilynette Gingerback).

Because their powers are sealed in their Zanpakutō, an Arrancar's release will usually transform their body into a Hollow-like form, allowing them to use all of their abilities freely. This form usually reflects what the Arrancar looked like as a Hollow, although to highly varying degrees. A Resurrección restores an Arrancar to its "true" form, resulting in significantly various increases in speed, strength, stamina, durability and spiritual power, as well as allowing access to both more powerful variations of previous techniques and completely new abilities. Some Arrancar even gain new weapons as a part of their released form.

Ulquiorra Cifer, the 4th Espada, has demonstrated the ability to attain a second form of Resurrección called "Segunda Etapa"; to date he is the only Arrancar capable of the transformation.

In Darkness within Shadow, Soul Reapers are capable of Resurrección but since they start off with thier full strength & abilities thier Resurrección gives them more of a boost in power and skill and new abilities than returning thier full powers and with no restrictions. Soul Reapers Resurreccións give them a animal-like appearance to a Humanoid-animal appearance. And like in thier normal forms they have no restrictions in thier forms. Soifon has a total of 10 or more forms; all of them being classified as Resurreccións.

Known ResurrecciónEdit

Arrancar Release Command Resurrección Spanish For Japanese For
Yammy Riyalgo Be enraged Ira "Anger" "Angry Beast"
Coyote Stark Kick About Los Lobos "The Wolves" "Wolf Pack"
Baraggan Luisenbarn Rot Arrogante "Arrogant" "Great Skull Emperor"
Tier Halibel Destroy Tiburón "Shark" "Imperial Shark Empress"
Ulquiorra Cifer Enclose Murciélago "Bat" "Black-Winged Great Demon"
Nnoitora Gilga Pray Santa Teresa "Mantis Religiosa" "Sacred Crying Mantis"
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Grind Pantera "Panther" "Panther King"
Zommari Rureaux Subside Brujería "Witchcraft" "Sangha of the Bewitching Eyes"
Szayelaporro Grantz Sip Fornicarás "You Will Fornicate" "Lewd Concubine"
Aaroniero Arruruerie Devour Glotonería "Gluttony" "Eating Hollow"
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck Praise Gamuza "Chamois" "Antelope Knight"
Arturo Plateado Flap your Wings and annihilate everything Fenice "Phoenix" "Immortal King"
Hichigo Shirosaki Destroy the World Zangetsu "Cutting Moon Wielder"
Luppi Antenor Strangle Trepadora "Climbing Vine" "Ivy Girl"
Rudbornn Chelute Grow Árbol "Tree" "Weathered Skull Tree"
Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio Whirl Giralda "Weather vane" "Storm Baron"
Cirucci Sanderwicci Rip Off Golondrina "Swallow" "Car Wheel Iron Swallow"
Gantenbainne Mosqueda Inblaze Dragra "Dragon Fist"
Lilynette Gingerback Kick About Los Lobos "The Wolves" "Wolf Pack"
Wonderweiss Margela Extinguish the Flames Extinguir " To Extinguish" "Prince of Extinguished Flames"
Abirama Redder Scalp Águila "Eagle" "Sky Battle Eagle"
Charlotte Chuhlhourne Sparkle Reina De Rosas "Queen of Roses" "Beautiful Queen of the Palace Rose Garden"
Findorr Calius Engrave the surface of the water Pinza Aguda "Sharp Pincer" "Crab Sword Cutting Current"
Ggio Vega Bite Off Tigre Estoque "Tiger Rapier" "Tiger Fang Swift Wind"
Choe Neng Poww Breathe Calderón "Pilot Whale" "Giant-Armed Whale"
Nirgge Parduoc Trample Mamut "Mammoth" "Giant Elephant Soldier"
Emilou Apacci Thrust {Cierva "Doe" "Blue Deer Battle Girl"
Franceska Mila Rose Devour Leona "Lioness" "Gold Lion General"
Cyan Sung-Sun Strangle to death Anaconda "Anaconda" "White Snake Princess"
Tesra Lindocruz Crush Verruga "Wart" "Tusked Armored Warrior"
Edrad Liones Erupt Volcanica "Volcanic" "Volcanic Beast"
Shawlong Kūfang Snip Tijereta "Earwig" "Five-Pincered Insect"
Yylfordt Granz Skewer Del Toro "Of the Bull" "Pale-Horned Prince"
Números & Soul Reapres
Aldegor Get Them {{translation|Jabalí "Boar"
Bansui Amatsuki Reap Segador Severo "Grim Reaper"
Mock Arrancar Crunch Dientes "Teeth"
Kaname Tosen None Grillar Grillo "Chirping Cricket" "Crazed-shackle Cricket"
Loly Aivirrne Poison Escolopendra "Centipede" "Hundred Stings, Poisonous Harlot"
Menis Stab Erizo "Hedgehog"
Patros Pollute Gerifalte "Gyrfalcon"

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