"The Dead make better company you know... they aren't nearly as annoying as you." ~ Numbs's Catchphrase


Numbs: The Voice of the Void and #9 Member of the Odium Priest of Zodias

Numbs: The Voice of the Void, The Speaker of the Old Ones, The Splinter of Existence, The Harbinger of Oblivion, The Amoral One, The Immortal Salesman, The Souless One, Aeither's Soul Reaper, Zodias's Preacher, The Shadow Lord of the Abyss, The Face of Suffering, The Shadowy Chasm, and Numbs by his comrades is a member of the highly active and morbidly psychotic Odium Organization, and he's a rather unique antagonist at that too.

His real name has long become forgotten in existence and as time has passed, he doesn't even remember nor does he care. But the few comrades he supports and gets help from always refer to him as Numbs, mainly as a bad sort of pun, due to the fact he's immune to pain and usually is seen with a very apathetic, uncaring, pessimistic, and aloof attitude.

He acted as a protagonist throughout the early entire Ink Saga ironically even when he joined the Odium Organization and since then has been one of the more strange and perhaps deviant members ever to join, which is saying much.

Especially among villains he is most unique. He explains before that he was once just an average salesman; dealing in alchemy and potion spells before he was apparently killed during a violent raid between a group of savage bandits and deranged town people (Which Dremora and Plague would later admit being a part of) and was killed off during the conflict.

Having been dead for perhaps somewhere between 60 to 100 years, he was then ressurected by either Yog Sothoth of Zodias, in the Abyss/Underworld and was granted incredibly ancient and powerful Taboo powers that not even Demons or Angels could possess, rather only the great power of an Old One could, and an incredibly powerful one at best. Zodias decided that Numbs would act as his main Prophet or Priest to use as a Reaper/Reaver that would he would insert and help enslave his world. Numbs at the time was not interested and did not know why the Outer God would choose him, and likely didn't care, most wanting to just go back to sleep and die... But Zodias, for whatever reason had other plans.

He hurled his way out of Oblivion thanks to the incredible power of Zodias's Reaper abilities and then found himself at the feets in a grave of two mysterious beings who ressurected him and knew of his arrival, Dremora and Nelkorious. They explained that they knew of his coming (Apparently either Samael knew or the other Old Ones told him) and that he would be a perfect member to add to the Odium Organization.

With not much choice to go for anyways, he decided it was perhaps the only logical thing to do... though secretly he still wishes that he could just go back to sleep and die. Later however, during his most recent mind alterations, his emotions and negative personality have been kept in check and whiped by his peers and Master Old Ones. Every now and then, most of his emotions are lowered to that of an empty stoic person, this prevents from acting up with more of his personality running loose, sort of taking his name Numb more seriously. However his identity also continues to be last as he does this.


"I don't know what you find so uplifiting or exciting about this whole Apocalypse bit or whether it just gives some useless purpose in your life. But then again, I couldn't possibly give less of shit of anything going on. The guys on the right want one thing, the guys on the left are trying to do another bullshit thing. I just want to die and let it all be over with. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR?" ~ Numbs to the rest of the Odium on the main objective

Numbs is a paticularly interesting character in the sense that he's rather unlike the majority (If any) antagonist before him.

Numbs does no potray any noticable traits of sadistic pleasure, cruel and malicious planning, he isn't insane, he does not break into maniacal laughter, calculting schemes, he isn't even described as being deceitful or cruel for that matter. But he is without a doubt cold and apathetic character, which is shown to be perhaps his most obvious trait, on just how uncaring he is. What is real disturbing though is that he does not regard it with much thought.

While he does not potray much symptoms of that of someone being Evil per say. There is little doubt that he is in fact a Sociopath. His profile and behavior shows that he has many symptoms of that of a classic sociopath. From his lack of caring and regard for other beings even for himself, even if they are close to him. His lack of remorse or guilt is what gets to most people, even his comrades, when he hurts someone whether accidentally or intentionally, he never seems to show any sigh of regret of sympathy with those he's hurt, and is often flumixed or even confused when they behave so negatively against him.

And while he is not known for being the most calculating of planners, he's shown to be a complete liar and a manipulative conning man at heart. This trait may have been displayed in his previous life where he'd cheat people of there money whenever he tried to make a deal with them and gain there wealth with his snide words and techninques. This may indicate that prior to his death and rebirth, he is a thief at heart.

He's not above any sort of lying or pathological manipulation no matter how low, if it means he'll get out of situation he does not want to go through, then he takes it. Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests. He is very opportunistic and will use any technique he can take to get what he wants. And while not the most seductive tongue, he has been known to toy with people's emotions, if only for his amusement.

But what makes it real obvious and where his true personality shows is his in impatience and lack of care for any other person's well being but himself. If Numbs is denied on what he wants and what he desired to get, he can get very violent both verbally and phyiscally. His verbal outburts and violent nature and desire of punishment for those who've done him wrong are completely display of just how of a controlling person he is and how much he wants things to go his way. This corresponds in his past life too whenever he'd get angry when he thought someone was ratting him out on a deal while gambling, promiscuity and gambling were common in his life and still are while undead.

And when he's angry, he has the tongue of a foul mouthed and angry child. His behavior controls, impulsive nature, and vulgar mouth still show as much as he is dead then he was alive. As a mercenary now, and especially to his teammates, whenever they annoy or he just gets a little bit upset, he curses at them with an array of violent and negative slurs. Often calling Dremora, as well many other women "Whore", "Sluts", "Cunts", and "Bitches". Especially if they tell him what to do, and due to the fact he's immortal and undead (Or if just his negative nature) he is not afraid to trash talk his masters. Even threatning to kill his own clients, partners, and masters from Orason to Zodias, though most regard him as that of an angry child, who desires too much attention.

His juvenile delinquency and lack of preparation and reliability also shows that he simply just doesn't care of the current situation, whereabout, and what's going on in the world around him. As far as he cares, the world him is just one terrible dream, a dream in which he feels a lack of connection towards. He even regards them all as simple illusions and "Shit-Nightmares" or his imagination and that once he's freed from the seal of life and released in Death, he can finally rest in peace.

With this much negative behavior, many people question the Odium on why they even bother keeping Numbs if he cares little and does not even bother trying to help out the teams plan, it's mainly due to the fact that Dremora and Orason and Zodias believe that deep within his callous and uncaring behavior, there is a deep desire and malice he has in destroying the world and the rest of the creation that follows. Due to the poor lifestyle he lived in, in worldn't be too surprising if he desired to end all of Creation and take it with him to Oblvion.

Regardless to his cruel behavior to both his peers and enemies, he has been shown to be incredibly helpful in the battlefield. From creating armies to help for soldiers, to healing injured allies, and to completely destroying powerful foes. And some people even believe that deep down he does enjoy being part of the family but simply does not know how to express it, as shown he had grown into a contantly hostile enviorment.

Meeting The MerchantEdit

"Even if find myself surprised on how cruel us buisness types can be... But that Merchant... He's something else. I don't know what he wants, why he offered it to me and what he would gain off it, but if I could go back in time, I would so prevent myself from ever making a deal with that asshole in the first place." ~ Numbs explaining his first meeting with the Merchant

In a discussion he had with Havoc and a few of the other Odium members, he made claims and that were similar to that of other people, when he said that he too met a Merchant that may have been involved in altering his self and giving him strange powers in the first place.

He says that from what he can remember, one day when he was involved in some trading and was cotemplating all the wasted time he spends on trying to get his buisness to work, he comes across a strange and tall grinning Merchant who jokes around with him if he ever thought about being immortal.

Numbs at the time did nothing anything of it and simply that this Merchant was joking around with him. "Naturally" claims Numbs, he said "Yes" at the time and that may have been the thing that triggered Numbs resilient Immortality. And Numbs strongly regrets his decision from that day.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

"I honestly couldn't care what you're bloody goal is, what you're hear for, and why you want it. I'm just here for one thing and one thing only, and that's to reunite myself with Oblivion. Got a problem with that? Then go bother someone else and leave me be you arrogant tart!" ~ Numbs to Dremora

In his life, before his death and rebirth, Numbs was could only considered someone who was just barely above the average human. As a living human being, his physical strength was average at best and his magic skills were low. He only required a few spells to learn though when entering his college and attempting to be a magic salesman, so that's what was required of him.

His magic skills were low, just barely above average to be considered a mage. Though his intelligence was indeed high at the time (Likely hitting somewhere between 160 to 180) he did not care enough to try in life. His pessimistic views and negative nature may have hindered his ability to actually become a stronger scholar.

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After his resurection though, at the hands of a powerful Elder God freeing him from Hell, his granted powers completely skyrocketed. His powers became linked with that of the Old Ones, and thus he became a vessal to nigh-unlimited magic and power. Since his alligence was neither pledged to Heaven nor Hell, it does not hinder him whether which Realm falls weaker then the other, thus he is completely unaffected when one side is damaged. Since his powers are linked to the ever mysterious and unbiquitos powers of the Old Ones, they provide with strange and powerful magic, much in which most demons and angels would never even dream of achieving, though he views these abilities as more of a way to avoid obstacles

His magic prior was just basic elemental spells like minor wind and gust manipulation to sparking fires, but now as the Vessal for Zodias's Wrath and Yog Sothoth's Order, his ability to manipulate elements has thus increased. Depending on how much power he can preseve, he can now possess the abilities to control certain elements and bend them to his will to a certain degree, and the more magic he preserves, the stronger it is. And when he gain enoughs magic power, and is granted enough by his masters, he could from just controlling large gusts of winds to starting hurricane. He's even been showed to create mountain slides, earthquakes, flood and tsunami, and on even some horrifying occassions volcanic eruptions. In terms of magic, he's certainly one of the highest magic users out there, but his body while immortal, is still able to breakdown under too much pressure, and must always be wary and make sure he doesn't crumble over too much pressure... Even if he wants too.

Though that isn't even the meat of his power. As is made clear, the Elder Gods have vast and superior knowledge and power, much that many beings can't even imagine, and one is the capability to manipulate the entire fabric of existence, from tearing holes into realms, altering reality to a limtited degree, creating portals, controlling time, and even erasing ones self from existence. He can even have full control over Gravity at some points.

He's been shown that he has the capability to teleport in almost anywhere he wants throughout the Universe, just so as the Old Ones allow him too and can dissapear into thin air in just 5 seconds. He can also create portal from one place, or one world to another, either for a technique or simply to travel quicker, a process still enigmatic to his followers. It is unknown how much energy it costs, at some points he can just use casually to get from one place to another, but sometimes it can be a dangerous risk taking task, only Elder Gods would have known for sure. His creation of Black Holes is by far the most terrifying and he himself must be careful to control it, otherwise it might even drag him to the deepest realms of the Abyss where he can be killed. (Even if that's what he wants)

Also, due to the fact that he's undead, and a rather powerful one at that, he's unable to fully die, much to his dismay. No matter how many times he's been shot, tortured, killed, gutted out, burnt, drowned, and such. None have proven a match to kill him as he returns stronger then before thanks to the Elder Gods blessing. What's worse is his incapability to feel true pain anymore, which is why he never twitches or reacts in pain whenever he's stabbed or shot or gutted, hence where his new name "Numbs" comes from. His regeneration ability is also put to go use.

But perhaps his most mysterious ability his Mushi-Shi/Phantom/Old Ones Awakening/Summoning Abilites. Though rarely used as reccomended, when Numbs finds himself in danger, he can actually summon real creatures from beyond any of the Infinite Realms of the Cosmos. He can actually someone strange and bizzare creatures of Old that no mortal nor anything from the Human realm has ever witnessed before whether Old One, Deep Ones, or some kind of bizzare Abomination, Numbs can use the Will of the Old Ones to help him summon powerful/ghosty and cosmic forces that would send even the most horrific looking demons in fear... if only because nothing like it has ever been witnessed before. Phantom Squid-Like beings known as "Ereyai-Inviktie" constantly swirl around little old Numbs and guide him through his journey, as Yog suggested. Though they can sometimes be an annoyance to him, they do prove to be merciless protectors and killers when against beings, and can literally consume and suck out the souls of any beings they desire, as souls of any mortal or immortal proves to be a great delicacy for them. Hence where another one of Numbs's nicknames comes from "Squids".


Yog Sothoth: The Ereyai-Invikitie are a species of creature that will guide you through your journey. They resemble a lot to the creatures you call squid. That aren't that hard to command you see... just provide them with what they need to feed on... What they desire... Souls... Since you literally have no Soul... You need not worry about them attacking you. As long as you kill endlessly in my name... In our name... And you feed them all the Souls of any poor fool who gets in your way, they'll offer there assitance and help to you loyally without any questions ask. The most loyal and best of companions, they will provide you with good use... Do not waste it.

Numbs: Oh I see... So there like the world's best Hookers then?

The Ereyai-Invikitie, or Inviktus if simply referring to one, are vastly mysterious and superior race of extraterrestrial squid-like beings with no with no or physical form, although they can literally suck out the souls of any physical being in there way.

They resemble something of Squid-Like creatures and dwelve in the Seas of Chaos, in the same Ancient and Prime Realm the Leviathans swam in, this explains there very aquadic apperance and nature.

They swirl around Numbs constantly, swimming around the air as if in water, hungering for more souls and constantly demanding Numbs be following there Master Yog Sothoth's commands, as they are his direct severants and his watchful eyes over him.

Character ConceptEdit

"What's so important about me anyways? There's like a million other undead slaves you could've chosen from. Why did you choose me to be your servant?" ~Numbs to Zodias

"You were just convenient for us..."~Zodias to Numbs

Originally, Numbs as a character was actually based off of the creators Warcraft character. Prior to his official creation, the creator had played the World of Warcraft game and had boosted a character up to level 67 in that of an Undead Mage for the Horde.

His official name was XNumbs-The-Void-WalkerX. The account had deactivated years ago when the creator stopped playing.


Beyond Light and DarknessEdit


Pandora ArcEdit

Odium Clan ArcEdit

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