Maka, One of the Generals of Godstrike

I won't let you get away with what you Have done Medusa!

Maka Albarn is Soul Eater Evans' Scythe Meister. As such, she stands out as the female protagonist and one of the main Meisters in the story. Of all the main characters, she is the most normal and civilized of the group, which provides a significant balance to the other main characters. Presently, she is a Two-Star Meister and a creator of a Death Scythe. She is a member of the elite unit, Spartoi. She is also Currently in a War Between Good and Evil on the Planet Shakala, the source of all Worlds. She is a Member of Godstrike and one of its Generals and she seems to not hate her father anymore


Maka Boy

Maka as a Boy

Maka is of Japanese and Caucasian descent. She is fairly petite, being about twelve to thirteen years of age in the first part, according to Spirit's statement to little Maka and Sid's flashback that she was born in the same day infant Black Star was taken in by Shibusen, and fourteen to fifteen years of age in the second part, according to Giriko. Her primary outfit is a typical schoolgirl outfit and a trench coat with a cloak-like end (that constantly alters its shape in various parts of both the manga and anime), a white blouse with a yellow sweater vest, a red plaid skirt, and black boots with white buckles. When using Soul, she usually wears white gloves. Her hair is ash blonde and always in pigtails, although there are certain times at her home where she will wear them in buns or straight down, or sometimes styled on formal occasions. She has large olive green eyes.

Her soul, when viewed by Stein, has an orange-like color and has her signature pigtails. Some comments from Ragnarok and Maka herself seems to suggest that Maka's soul is quite small, especially when compared to someone else's, for example, like Black Star's (although her soul grows in size considerably after she grows more powerful). When Resonating with Soul, these 'pigtails' turn into wings. Her Soul Wavelength takes on the form of feathers. Unlike Soul, Maka does not have exaggerated facial expressions unless a situation calls for it or if she is under the influence of Black Blood. When in the Black Room with Soul, she wears a black dress with black gloves, black ribbons in her pigtails and black lacy heels.

When Maka joins Spartoi, her outfit changes, though it still shows similarities to her previous attire. Maka's Spartoi uniform is very similar to that of a Japanese schoolgirl's sailor uniform with the coloring of the classic Spartoi uniform: a white blouse attached with a blue, sailor-style collar with a red necktie that has a pink coiled tip and a short, blue, pleated skirt. Alongside this uniform, Maka wears black tights and the classic white, Spartoi shoes. Like her previous outfit, Maka wears a long trench coat; though it is white instead of black and has the Spartoi logo on the left shoulder as well as the fact that the cloak end splits in two. Her pigtails are fashioned using skull hairbands similar to Shinigami's mask. She also still wears white gloves.

In the Lust Chapter in the Book of Eibon, Maka is transformed into a boy, having switched genders like the other members of Spartoi. Out of all the characters, apart from Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder, she changes the least in appearance. She has shorter hair and wears a suit, similar to Kid's, complete with the usual gloves she wears. However, after leaving the Chapter, she starts to slowly change back into a female. Her pigtails start to reappear, although they are still quite short, and she is wearing her Spartoi uniform again, only she is still wearing trousers instead of her usual skirt. She then changes back completely.

Maka's Soul

Maka's Soul (left) and Soul's Soul (right)


Maka's Soul Manga

Maka's Soul

As the daughter of the current Death Scythe and his former Meister, she has high expectations of herself. She idolizes her mother and as a result dislikes her disloyal father, as shown in the anime when she was speaking with Crona. Strangely enough, Maka has said that her favorite memory of her mother was when she asked Spirit for a divorce, the reason being that she admired her mother's strong will.

She likes reading books and doing puzzles. She frequently studies to remain as a model student. She is often seen with a book, and seems to always have one on her person so that she can use her Maka Chop at any time. She relies a lot on books to help her understand things, and is sometimes teased by Soul, who calls her a bookworm. She seems to prefer to stay in her house and read or study, emphasized by her lack of ability to play games such as basketball (despite her athleticism), as she does not know the rules. She states that she also writes poetry when she feels troubled. She is also stubborn, foolhardy, gloomy-natured and is quick to resort to violence, according to Soul, at least. In Chapter 70, Soul also calls her an otaku, and this might very well be true as Maka, as if in response, coins a traditional phrase from an RPG when she sees Black Star and Tsubaki ('Black Star and Tsubaki appeared'). Despite her mature and serious demeanour, she sometimes shows some child-like girlish traits (she is secretly fond of a song called, 'The Pon Pon Dance,' and calls her notebook the, 'Maka Note'). Although usually polite to her seniors, she has a rather informal and sometimes even tomboyish way of speaking with her friends.

Maka is bright, cheerful, direct and confident, in stark contrast to Soul, short-tempered, competitive and can sometimes let her emotions get the better of her and she sometimes forgets to take into consideration of other people's feelings, which sometimes results in conflict with her peers, like the times when she argues with Soul and later has a fight with Black Star. She is enthusiastic, but sometimes takes her enthusiasm too far and can be bossy at times. However, over time, she can admit to her mistakes and is not too proud to apologize. She is kind and caring to her friends, sometimes showing a gentler side to her usually assertive personality. Her willing to help is not limited to her friends, as she will stop to help out or encourage even strangers that she finds are having a hard time. She will not hesitate to do anything to help her friends, although she also will also not hesitate to put them in line if they do something inappropriate. She is shown to be easily annoyed, which causes Black Star to wind her up just for the fun of it. She is mostly known for her courage, and she is willing to throw herself at any enemy, no matter how strong they are, and she also retains a cool demeanour even when Giriko tries to intimidate her. She also has a sense of honour, shown when she tells Black Star to punch her since she punched him some time ago.

Although Maka is usually confident in herself, she can be extremely sensitive when someone scorns her abilities, and she often falls into a depression and questions on how weak she is. She admits that she is considerably weaker than Death the Kid or Black Star. This may be the reason why she is very competitive, and is determine to prove herself to the others of her strength. Likewise, she is also easily flattered. Nevertheless, she still fights with all of her strength and furiously attacks anyone who hurts her friends.

In battle, her determination knows no bounds, and she faces an enemy no matter how strong they are. She also displays an almost frightening ferocity and drive in battle, not afraid of punching her opponents directly in the face (which she does quite often). In her fight with Free, she even headbutts her Weapon in order to push the blade into the werewolf, and she even rushes at an enemy when she does not have a Weapon. Her temper is amplified in battle, and it is not unusual for her to shout and curse when something goes wrong. She also develops a tendency to mock her enemies, as she does so with Giriko in the Book of Eibon. She used to prefer the logical approach to fights, wanting to have a proper plan of what to do in a battle. However, as the series progresses, she becomes more reckless and starts diving into battles without any plan, preferring to simply give it her all in the situation.

Maka also holds deep respect for her superiors like Stein and Lord Death, and usually never hesitates in obeying orders from Shibusen. In fact, she does not even kill Gopher for trying to assassinate her, as he is not on Lord Death's wanted list. She likes to consider herself as a model student, and abides by the rules of Shibusen and displays great politeness to her superiors. She sometimes recites the DWMA rules from memory, throwing even Shinigami himself. However, deep down, she is shown to be torn at times when she is not sure whether to obey Shibusen or go her own way. This is shown more in the anime, when Maka becomes frustrated whether or not to follow Shibusen, or go and help Crona and Marie save Stein. However, after Soul persuades her to do what she wants to do for a change, Maka proves herself to be incredibly driven, up until the point she completely ignores rules and regulations, attacking Medusa even though she knows that Shibusen had promised not to harm her. She later admits to Asura that although she tries to obey rules and orders to please others, in the end, she is not really that good at it and prefers going her own way. In the manga, she also breaks school rules by using her father's ID in checking out forbidden books from the Library, although she sincerely apologizes for this.

When her gender changes in the Last Chapter in the book of Eibon, her personality slightly alters to match more of a male character. Although her seriousness remains, she also becomes more critical and somber. One of her great changes in her personality though is her new weakness towards women, similar to Soul's, shown when she starts to have an uncontrollable nosebleed upon meeting the Succubus. However, her original personality returns upon leaving the Chapter.

Maka seems to be annoyed at the fact that her body has not developed yet (which is the center of some jokes in the series) and is even more annoyed when people tease her about it. When being told of her Grigori Soul, she gets a strong desire to become an 'angel-like' figure, and is irritated as Soul does not agree with this. She has a tendency to have zero-tolerance to some of Soul's undesirable behavior, usually hitting him with a Maka Chop if he does something perverted (even if he is not the instigator. Namely, he often receives Maka Chops if Blair presses herself on him). She can be quite violent when needs arise. Overall, she seems to dislike men because of their disloyalty and perverted ways towards women. This dislike stems from her father's actions. A slightly darker side emerges from her personality when being with her father, leading to her exploiting her father's status as a Death Scythe or by deliberately making him feel uncomfortable or depressed.

Dr. Stein sees her soul and tells her she is a 'serious person who tries hard.' Since she is quite serious, she is often dismayed by the other's immature behaviour. Her father is Lord Death's current Death Scythe. Maka acts as if she hates her father (as she has caught him constantly flirting with other women) but she still loves him very much. Her mother was a Scythe Meister, as well, at one point wielding Maka's father as her own Weapon; Maka's mother, Kami, and Spirit, Maka's father, are divorced one month prior to the series.

Seeing that Maka changed quite quickly back to her original gender in the Book of Eibon, it is revealed that she is not that lustful, befitting her serious nature.

In DWS Maka does not change in anyway in her personality other than that she cares for her fellow allies of Godstrike and does not lose her temper as often.


Maka was born around the same time Black Star was taken in to the DWMA, which was approximately thirteen years prior to the series's beginning. She apparently knew Black Star from a young age. Her mother, Kami, was an esteemed Scythe Meister, and her father was Spirit, Kami's Weapon partner who became a Death Scythe under Kami's hand. Maka was inspired from a very young age to become a student of Shibusen. Spirit often read books to her, which led to her love of reading and books at her present age. However, ever since she was small, Maka was constantly aware of Spirit cheating on her mother, which resulted in her dislike for her father and men in general. She can still remember all the instances in which Spirit had cheated on Kami. Kami divorced Spirit one month prior to the start of the series, and Maka vowed to make a Death Scythe like her mother, one that was even stronger than Spirit.

One day she met Soul playing the piano and the Demon Weapon played her a strange dark song on the instrument, stating that this song was what he was. Maka, however, liked his song and felt that he was an interesting person to get to know, also the first boy that she felt she could trust. The two agreed to become partners and have been a Weapon and Meister team since then.



The series begins when Maka and Soul Eater are soul hunting at night in the dark streets when they cross paths with Jack the Ripper and engage him in a battle, in which they are victorious. After defeating the Evil human, Soul eats Jack the Ripper's soul, the souls of Evil humans being necessary for Soul's possible upgrade to Death Scythe. Since this is their ninety-ninth Evil human soul, Maka is very close in making Soul into a Death Scythe.

Maka vs Jack the Ripper

Maka Confronts Jack the Ripper

They contact Lord Death and are informed that Soul Eater must consume a single Witch Soul before he can be upgraded into a Death Scythe (Witch Souls being the hardest to obtain). Lord Death reminds them that if they consume a soul that is not a Witch Soul, they will have to start collecting ninety-nine Evil human souls all over again. During the conversation between them and Lord Death, Spirit, Maka's father, also appears, and warns Soul to keep his hands off of his daughter. Soul replies coolly that he is not interested in girls like Maka who lack physical attractiveness, which enrages both Maka and Spirit. Spirit tries to be friendly towards his daughter, who rejects him almost immediately, much to his despair.

Maka and Soul's quest for the Witch Soul takes them to a pumpkin-shaped house which they believe to be home to Blair the Witch, a woman with purple hair and magical powers. Although Maka tries to have Soul follow a set plan, her partner disobeys her and crashes through the window of Blair's house, eager for his next meal. However, he finds out that he had crashed into her bathroom, and that Blair is having a bath, and he ends up getting a nosebleed after landing into the bath with Blair. Maka, angered by his actions, kicks him across the bathroom before confronting Blair. They try to fight Blair, but she easily blows them away with her Halloween Cannon. The pair try fighting her again numerous times, but their plans usually end with Blair using her Halloween Cannon on them, or by sneaking up on Soul and giving him a nosebleed again.

Finally, they are able to engage Blair in a proper battle. Maka, now annoyed with Soul's constant nosebleeds, argues with him, which prompts Blair to ask Soul to become her Weapon instead, since she will not complain at him at all. Maka tells her to stay away from Soul and that he is her partner. However, Soul is silent throughout the battle after Blair's proposal, not responding to Maka. When she starts struggling in holding her own against Blair, Soul suddenly declares himself as Blair's new partner, saying that he prefers Blair because she is physically superior to Maka. Maka at first believes that Blair had put a spell on Soul, but soon realizes and is deeply upset. However, she then sees that Soul is only tricking Blair, and using the opportunity, the two manage to defeat her. Maka thanks Soul as he devours his final soul, and prepares to become a Death Scythe. However, all he manages is a belch, much to Maka's disgust. To their horror, they find that Blair is not a Witch, but a mere cat with magic powers. They find that they must start their soul hunting all over again. Forlorn, the two ride away on Soul's motorbike, with Blair following. Maka asks her why she is still alive, and Blair replies that cats have more than one soul, and that Maka and Soul had only succeeded in getting one of them. Maka crossly tells the cat to stop following them and asks her why she is still alive. Blair replies that cats have more than one souls, which enables her to come back to life after being defeated.

Supplementary LessonsEdit

Maka and Soul, resuming their soul hunting, defeat and acquire the soul of the Evil human, Rasputin. The morning after, Maka walks in Soul's room to find him with Blair, who had snuck up on him. Misunderstanding the situation, Maka kicks Soul out of the window in fury. Later, at school, Soul tells her of a rumour that had been going around recently. Their homeroom teacher, Sid Barett had been missing and rumors had gone around that he might be a zombie attacking students. Maka is frightened by Soul Eater's retelling of the stories but tries to write them off as meaningless rumors. Much to Maka's dismay, her father becomes a temporary replacement for their homeroom teacher. However, the two are sent to the Death Room to see Lord Death. On the way, they meet Black Star and Tsubaki, who had also being called to the Death Room.

Lord Death, upon meeting them, informs them that they all must take extra lessons. Maka is shocked by this, thinking that extra lessons are only for idiots, however, she is soon demoralized when she is told that she has acquired a low number of souls as of now. Lord Death informs them to go after Sid, who had indeed been turned into a zombie, and find who had turned him into one. If they do not succeed, all four of them will be expelled.

The four decide to go to Sid's grave in Hook Cemetery to start their investigation. Maka is still too depressed to care because of her having to take extra lessons. However, she soon readies herself as Sid attacks them. A battle soon ensues between the students and teacher. This fight is the first time in which Maka uses Soul Resonance and her Witch Hunt attack, resulting in a near-death experience for Black Star after she missteps and incorrectly aims. Maka and Soul argue as to who botched up the Resonance. Black Star ends up catching Sid using Tsubaki in Weapon form (unintentionally catching Maka and Soul too, much to their chagrin). In trying to get Sid to tell them who had made him into a zombie, Black Star flips Tsubaki's skirt, revealing her underwear. Sid relents and says that is was Franken Stein who had made him into a zombie, but refuses to tell them where he is. Soul, refusing to give up, flips Maka's skirt also, covering his eyes. To Maka's annoyance, Sid shows no reaction towards her. She ends up giving Black Star, Sid and Soul a Maka Chop and Sid ends up telling them where Stein is.

The four then proceed to Stein's lab to encounter and deal with the source of the problem. After a rather bemusing introduction, it is concluded that the only way to resolve the issues is to defeat Stein. It is only when the fight begins that Stein reveals just why he had earned his reputation as a strong fighter, by easily taking on the team single handed, intimidating Maka and apparently 'killing' Black Star. Maka rightfully begins to fear Stein and this is only furthered when she observes his far stronger soul, using Soul Perception for the first time. It appears that she is frozen by her fear, but Soul manages to encourage her to fight him, saying that just because she had seen his soul, she has not seen the future. The two attack again and successfully Resonate and connect their Witch Hunt. Unfortunately Stein is still able to overpower the attack, leaving Maka barely conscious on the ground. Before Stein can grab her however, Soul appears and crouches over Maka, telling him that he will not let him hurt his Meister. Stein, pleased by Soul's bravery, gives him a pass point, and Stein reveals that the lesson has now ended. Everyone finds out that Black Star is actually alive and that this was all a part of the extra lesson, much to Maka's despair. From this point onwards Stein becomes Maka's teacher. Maka, horrified, actually starts to want her father to be her teacher instead.

The New Student and the Soul ObservationEdit

Maka is seen in class watching the new teacher, Stein, prepare to dissect an endangered bird on the brink of extinction. Tsubaki wonders where Black Star and Soul had got to, and Maka jokingly replies that the two may as well become partners since their attitudes are almost the same, which provokes a shocked Tsubaki to object rather violently towards her. Two students then notice Soul and Black Star about to battle somebody outside. Maka tells Stein that, when two Meisters fight on school grounds, one staff member has to forsee it. With that said, Stein brings Tsubaki and Maka with him. They find that Soul and Black Star are fighting Death the Kid and his partners, who had just enrolled into the DWMA.

Outside, Stein teaches Maka about matching Soul Wavelengths with one's partner(s). Maka witnesses the perfect Resonance between Kid and his Weapons and the imperfect Resonance between Soul and Black Star, using her newly acquired Soul Perception. She watches in dismay as the hapless pair fail to act as a Meister and Weapon and end up being defeated by Death the Kid after trying to execute a sneak attack. However, Black Star and Soul win by default as Kid then loses consciousness after coughing up blood. Maka explains that Soul's sneak attack eariler had cut Kid's bangs, making them asymmetrical, and he had fainted because he had just noticed this. She approaches a battered Soul, and gently scolds him for picking pointless fights, which had been what Soul had told her once before. Soul laughs and admits that he had been 'not cool.' The two agree that Black Star can only be partners with Tsubaki. Maka and Soul agree to work together again as they reconcile.

When Lord Death comes to pick up his son, Kid, Maka takes the opportunity to see his soul. She, however cannot see it and leaves it at that. What she does not know, however, is that the reason she cannot see Death's soul is because it covers the entirety of Shibusen.

Demon Sword RagnarokEdit

Maka and Soul go on a mission in Italy. After a run-in with the Materazzi (shown in the anime), the two successfully defeat and acquire the soul of Sonson J. After a brief conversation with Soul, Maka detects an unusual soul within a church and decides to investigate, believing it to be another Meister and Weapon. She detects the souls of the Materazzi, but to her shock, all of their souls disappear in an instant, as if they have been devoured. The two ride to the church on Soul's motorbike, and enter the building.

The two do encounter a Meister and Weapon: Crona and her Weapon partner that shares a symbiotic relationship with her, Ragnarok. It is revealed that they had killed all the people present, and they then proceed to attack Maka and Soul. Maka and Soul put up a good fight but are overpowered due to the abilities of Crona's Black Blood. Maka worries about Soul as she realizes that Crona can hurt him, even in Weapon form. However, Soul tells her to keep using him, as he is prepared to die for his Meister. However, Maka is cornered, and is reluctant to use Soul to block one of Crona's blows.

Soul transforms into human form and shields her from the blow, acquiring a large scar across his chest. Maka, deeply upset over Soul's sacrifice, refuses to leave him behind as he tells her to escape before losing consciousness. However, the two are saved by Spirit and Stein. Stein assures that he will do what he can to save Soul before fighting Crona and Ragnarok. Maka watches the two battle and eventually they are successful in defeating Crona and Ragnarok, but the sudden appearance of a Witch, Medusa Gorgon, allows Crona to escape.

Maka, deeply worried about Soul, waits for Stein to finish operating on him outside the dispensary back at Shibusen. When Stein allows her to see him, she tearfully stands at his bedside, promising Soul to become stronger in order to not let him get hurt again. Black Star and Tsubaki then enter to comfort her. Black Star tries to wake Soul up (rather violently), prompting Maka to give him a Maka Chop. They are soon also met by Medusa (who is disguised as the school nurse) with Spirit who tries to flirt with her (Maka also gives him a Maka Chop). Medusa cheers Maka up by telling her that she will definitely become stronger. Unbeknownst to Maka, Soul's bloodstream is invaded by Black Blood during the fight against Crona and Ragnarok.


Maka is next to Soul when he wakes up from a terrible dream, and tries to comfort him. Later on, Maka asks if she can do anything for Soul; Soul replies with a no. Maka is noticeably saddened by this. Soul tries to cheer her up by saying it is his fault that he is in this condition. This only saddens her more as he makes her leave. Outside of Soul's room, Maka's father asks her to come up to the roof with him.

Up on the roof, Spirit tries to cheer up Maka, which proves fruitless. Maka asks Spirit what he thinks of her mother. When Spirit replies that he loves her, Maka asks why he cheated on her all the time. Spirit tries to run away by asking her if she wants to head back. Maka says they just got there.

Later on, Maka asks Spirit about the Kishin. He then explains the origins of the first one, Asura.

After Black Star and Kid's meeting with Excalibur, Maka, along with Soul who had recovered, shows them a large bouquet of flowers Excalibur had left for them in their classroom, and a message to them that he will be waiting for them.

Uncanny SwordEdit

Maka is seen with Soul, Lord Death, Stein, Death the Kid, Liz Thompson and Patti Thompson in the Death Room, welcoming Black Star and Tsubaki back from their successful mission against Masamune. Maka congratulates the two and is seen watching as Black Star attempts to use Tsubaki's new Uncanny Sword form, but fails as it is still too powerful for him.

The Soul that PersistedEdit

Maka, witnessing Stein give Black Star a way to make his soul stronger in order for him to wield Tsubaki's Uncanny Sword form, tells Stein to give her training as well. She is told by Stein to find a way to make herself stronger in her own unique way like Black Star does. Afterward, she goes to visit Soul to remind him of the party being thrown for Black Star and Tsubaki's first soul as well as Soul coming out of the hospital. She shows signs of distress upon seeing Soul's scar that he obtained from protecting her, and continues to blame herself.

During the party, Maka senses Witches in Death City, which are Eruka and Mizune fighting against Medusa. Maka reaches the spot at the same time Dr. Stein did and both see Medusa, who is disguised as the school's nurse. After the three talk about the possible culprit, Soul appears, worried about Maka since she just ran off. The worried Soul makes Maka realize that she must accept what had happened to Soul and work hard not to get him hurt again. Maka then places her hand on Soul's chest, much to his surprise, and tells Stein she has found a way to make her soul stronger.


Maka decides that due to their previous encounter, both she and Soul should undergo special training with Stein to become stronger but the two end up arguing between themselves. Soul is reluctant to become more powerful because of his dreams of Little Ogre, but does not tell Maka this, which only frustrates her as she wants to become stronger. The falling-out has the effect of de-synchronizing the Soul Wavelength bond between them. Their conflict goes on even when they are at home, with Maka refusing to cook dinner for him.

The next mission takes Maka to London, along with Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki. Soul and Maka ignore each other. However, they encounter Free, the immortal werewolf, on Tower Bridge. A battle between Free and the group begins on the bridge, with Eruka watching from the sidelines while having her vision linked with Medusa. Black Star is soon knocked unconscious as he uses Tsubaki's Uncanny Sword form for too long (he still cannot wield it for more than ten seconds). Due to the uneasiness present between Soul and Maka, she is unable to wield him as Soul's Weapon form burns her hands, and instead fights using Tsubaki, with Soul protecting her in human form. When this proves to be ineffective she makes the decision to use Soul at the cost of burning her hands. Because she cannot wield Soul correctly, she ends up fighting wildly and ineffectively, being constantly hit by Free's attacks. Maka and Soul end up fighting, and Maka asks Soul if he still wants to become stronger. Reminded of Little Ogre tempting him to use Black Blood again, Soul loses his temper and shouts at her.

Tsubaki then intervenes, much to the pair's surprise, and angrily tells them to listen to each other instead of argue. In the end, she resolves to become stronger alongside Soul. The two resolve their issues by listening to and understanding each other's opinions, allowing them to Resonate once again. Because of the high level of Resonance, the Black Blood spreads to Maka and Soul has difficulty controlling himself, as he almost consumes her soul. However, he manages to control it. They use Witch-Hunt Slash and are able to cut off a part of Free's tail (with Maka head-butting Soul in order for the attack to go through) and slightly scratch his arm and torso. Following this attack, Maka throws Soul aside and tackles Free and pushes him off the bridge in order to defeat him. He tries to take her with him but Soul manages to grab her ankle to prevent her from falling and Black Star cuts off Free's hand by throwing Tsubaki in Shuriken form, saving Maka and ending the battle. When the two are safe, Soul states that since Maka's hands are burned, he would have to make dinner for a while, to which Maka smiles and tells him to make sure he makes it right. She then coughs up some blood, which is black.

Written ExamEdit

An important test is coming up that is said to predict the creation of a Death Scythe by whoever earns the highest test score. Maka vows to climb to the top of her class as her mother did. Back at her home, Maka prepares to study.

During test day, Maka manages to answer every question, including the trick questions.

In the end, Maka had scored a perfect hundred, beating the previous winner Ox by one point — potentially due to her understanding of the trick question Stein had placed on the test.

Back at home, Maka looks through an old picture album of her and her father with Soul. Blair soon comes in and hands her a gift from Spirit, a bag with sexy lingerie — shrunk to Maka's size after being bought by Blair for herself instead of the book Spirit had asked her to buy for Maka — and a card, which read, "Congratualations! You must have studied really hard. I got you this present so that you can have some fun!-From Papa." Maka, who was enraged at this, remarked that how could she have any fun and that she disliked her father. Her father was standing at a balcony, wondering if Maka was happy with the present.

Black DragonEdit

Maka pays a visit to Medusa in order to get a blood test, concerned of her condition after coughing up Black Blood in her battle with Free. However, both to Maka and Medusa's surprise (Medusa had seen Maka cough up Black Blood, surveying the battle with Eruka) there is no trace of Black Blood in her body. Medusa gives Maka some medicinal herbs in hopes of strengthening the Black Blood, and then asks Maka on how Soul is doing. She tells her how Soul had told her of his dreams, and that he had been quite distressed. Maka is shocked as she had not heard this from Soul and tries to hide her anger towards her partner as she excuses herself. She crossly decides to confront him when she gets home. However, on the way, she meets Stein, who, suspicious of Medusa, takes the medicine she had recieved from her.

Foundation Day EveEdit

Maka and friends arrive at the DWMA commemoration party. During the party, she sees Soul alone outside and tries to talk to Soul about any of his problems, with little effect. Annoyed that Soul had told Medusa of his dreams and not her, Maka tries to change the mood and asks Soul to dance with her. Soul declines, and when Spirit arrives, asking his daughter to dance with him, Soul persuades her to do so, much to her dismay. However, Maka leaves some food behind from the buffet for Soul.

The party is interrupted when Medusa and her group begin to trap everyone in order for them to awake the Kishin. To prevent Medusa's group from awakening the Kishin, Asura, Sid is able to send Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz, Patti, Stein and Spirit, underground to defend the school. Once underground, Stein tells them of how Medusa is plannning to reawake the Kishin that is sealed beneath Shibusen, and offers everyone a chance to back out of the upcoming battle. Along with everyone else, Maka declines and prepares herself, changing from her dress to her usual uniform, donning her trench coat.

The Eve's Fight to the DeathEdit

Whilst on the way to stop Medusa, Maka senses a Wavelength that deeply disturbs her: that of her father. Spirit joins the group after he had also escaped from Free's Spatial Magic, much to Maka's annoyance.

They soon encounter Medusa. Black Star and Death the Kid, with their partners, run past Medusa. Maka also does so, by taking a risky path right through the blind spot of Medusa's attacks. She manages to pass through, and Stein stays behind with Spirit to battle Medusa.

Maka and Soul soon catch up with Black Star and Tsubaki, who are about to battle Crona. Although Stein had told Black Star and Tsubaki to fight Crona, Maka disobeys orders and tells Black Star to go on as she will fight Crona to avenge Soul. She expresses more confidence in the battle, and manages to aggravate Crona, and tells Ragnarok after he insults her that she is pleased that he is now treating her as an enemy rather than a meal. However, Crona still proves to be more powerful than her, countering her Witch Hunt with Screech Alpha. After seeing Crona gain the upper hand in their fight, Maka overhears Soul and Little Ogre and meets with Soul in the Black Room. Soul, shocked, thinks she is only a mere illusion that Little Ogre had created, but a Maka Chop from her shows him that she is real, and that they can converse to each other because their souls are in Resonance. The two dance together in the Black Room, and Maka tells him that she had heard Little Ogre after the Black Blood had temporarily infected her during the fight against Free, and urges him to accept his bargain for power when it appears to be their only chance of victory during their second battle against Crona. She tells him that she might gain more understanding of Crona's Soul Wavelength if she falls into the same sort of madness as her.

Soul appears reluctant, but he finally agrees, promising Maka that he will bring her back no matter how deep she sinks into madness. During this battle, the Black Blood causes Maka to fall into a crazed state of delirium, while Soul Eater holds on to both of their sanities, drowning in the darkness he refers to as madness. Because of the Black Blood hardening within her body, she is able to gain an immunity against slash and crush attacks and also acquirs superior strength, quickly overpowering Crona. While in this state, Maka is not only quite crazy but also quite silly, as her movements, behaviour, and her fighting style change drastically, and she resembles a state of inebriation. Her drastic behavior is clearly indicated by her swaying, constant giggling, and attempt to devour Crona's head. The true Maka is embarrassed by her actions, but Soul reassures her that her current state is no different as to how she usually acts. Soul tells her to quickly find Crona's soul. After passing by her own soul and her partner's soul, she sees Crona's soul. Whilst her physical self is crazily attacking her, her mental self manages to see into Crona's soul.

Later in their fight, she begins to understand Crona's soul and realizes that Crona has always lacked any sort of close relationship with anyone, not even with her mother, Medusa. As Soul manages to pull her out of the madness, Maka puts Soul aside, much to his surprise, walks calmly through Crona's Bloody Needle attacks (getting stabbed a few times in the process, although the Black Blood still manages to protect her) and embraces Crona, subduing her, stopping her rampage. Their fight ends with Maka asking to become Crona's friend. Crona starts to cry and decides to help Maka. Ragnarok, however, is displeased, and attacks Maka, which Soul and Crona try to prevent. Maka and Soul leave her behind to deal with the furious Ragnarok and help Black Star and the others stop the release of the Kishin.

On the way, Soul is concerned for Maka's wounds she had recieved, but Maka realizes that the Black Blood had healed them. However, she sees that her Black Blood is no longer in her body, and wonders why. However, she has no time to think as she senses Asura Kishin being released. She rushes to stop Asura. Despite her effort Asura is still released, but Maka still tries to stop him, grabbing one of his skin scarves and using Soul to try and slow him down. However, when Asura emerges above Death City, some falling debris hits her and she is left falling towards Death City. Luckily, Soul cushions the blow, probably saving her life. Maka still briefly tries to go after Asura, but loses consciousness. After Asura escapes, Soul carries her through the ruined Death City.

Daily LifeEdit

Maka is couped up in her and Soul's apartment, worrying over Crona. Soul, in order to give her some fresh air, drags a reluctant Maka outside (this scene is only in the anime). She ends up persuaded to play basketball with Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Patti and Death the Kid, with the excuse that they are missing one player (Liz). To make the game more interesting, Soul brings up the idea of a bet for each of the teams' respective captain to follow if they lose. If Kid's team loses, they will put the paintings on Kid's walls in his mansion off by 2 cm; if Maka's team loses, she has to go shopping with her father. Ultimately, Kid's team wins, since Maka, having never played basketball, easily loses as she does not know the rules. Maka reluctantly asks her father to go shopping with her, and Spirit ends up vomiting out of happiness, much to her shock.

Experimenting SchoolEdit

Maka visits Crona on the day of her first day at Shibusen after asking Sid for permission, as the zombie fails to coax Crona out of her room. Maka enters Crona's room to get her out. After a shaky start as Maka gives Crona a Maka Chop by accident after aiming for Ragnarok who had flipped her skirt, she and Marie coax her out and show her around the Academy. They are met by Soul, who asks Crona how she feels about Shibusen. However, Crona, depressed, seems fully convinced that she will never fit in. To cheer her up, Maka proposes that Crona write a poem to express him/herself, which is met immediately with scorn by Soul (who suffers multiple Maka Chops as punishment). However, Crona's poem ends up so depressing, that Maka, Marie, Soul, and even Black Star end up getting depressed with her and sitting in a corner.

Later on, Maka, Soul and Crona are sent on a mission to Loew Village in the Czech Republic after an incident involving the Oldest Golem. There, the gang ask around about the event with no results. Their arrival seems to attract hostility from the villagers. They soon meet a man named Sou who promises to tell them about the incident.

While following Sou, Soul expresses his suspicions about him, and indeed, the group are soon attacked by the Oldest Golem. Maka quickly notices the Golem has a Soul Wavelength, despite the fact that Golems do not have souls. At this point, the man named Sou reveals himself to be Giriko and transforms into his Weapon form and partners with the Oldest Golem. The Golem goes after Maka and Soul and quickly overwhelms them. Maka then convinces Ragnarok and Crona into helping her. With that, the two team up and battle the enemy. Maka manages to get through the Golem's guard, cut the Golem and, immediately after dealing the strike, a large amount of spider webs shoot out of the opening and paralyzes her. This forces Crona to defend her when the Golem strikes. Soul watches over the paralyzed Maka. Maka then watches numerous spiders congregate and form into the Witch Arachne. Arachne reveals that she had been surveying the world for hundreds of years through the eyes of many spiders. She proves this by referring to Soul and Maka by name and identifying Crona as Medusa's child.

The battle soon seems hopeless, as Crona is overwhelmed by Giriko, who is ordered by Arachne to kill her. Before Crona can be beheaded, Justin Law makes it in time to prevent it. Maka, along with Soul, watches the battle between Justin and Giriko. She expresses her awe at both of the Weapons' power. When Giriko escapes with Arachne, Justin fights against the Oldest Golem and beheads it with his Law Abiding Silver Gun. After defeating it, he orders everyone to pray for it. As Maka closes her eyes, she hears Soul curse to himself about being too weak to fight for Maka like Justin and Giriko, and gives him a concerned look.

After Justin defeats the golem, he carries the paralysed Maka off inside the coffin attached to his dune buggy. Maka is annoyed as everyone pretends to ignore her, and sympathizes with Sid as she finds herself covered in flowers in a coffin.


Maka is visited by all her friends in the infirmary in light of the recent events that had caused her paralysis. She is slightly embarrassed as Soul tends to her with everyone watching, and is greatly annoyed when Black Star signs her face in order to get better. After overhearing the conversation between Sid and Nygus, Black Star vows to avenge Maka. He later returns, defeated by Mifune, when Soul is saying goodbye to Maka for the night. Black Star gives Maka the candy Mifune had given him for her and promptly leaves, with Maka confused about his behaviour, as she had not heard of his fight to avenge her.


Maka recovers from her condition and is seen in Stein's class as he is about to start a lesson. The group discuss on how Black Star had been picking a lot of fights recently with the other students. However, Stein, much to evryone's shock, throws a scalpel in their direction and tells them to focus on the lesson. Black Star arrives late and is told to stand outside for the time being. The lesson is about Duel Art and he plans to teach the class by using Black Star, Maka and Soul, and Ox Ford and Harvar D. Éclair to work together to fight against himself. As Black Star is told to re-enter the classroom, Maka wonders why he is so out of breath (he had been training whilst outside). During the battle, Black Star is subject to many accidental assaults by both Ox and Maka, with Ox accounting for the lion's share of the assaults. Maka ends up being electrocuted by Ox's Lightning King along with Black Star and then watches the angered Black Star challenge and defeat Ox for his actions. She comments that this adds to the number of battles won by Black Star in a row, and Black Star tells her not to include Ox in his total. Overall, the lesson is a failure.

Reunion ExpressEdit

Maka is seen at a party with all her other friends thrown in celebration for her recovery. She comforts Crona with everyone else, who is still getting used to having people around him. When Maka asks Soul to play the piano, he refuses and goes to the bathroom. When Liz asks what kind of songs he plays, Maka replies that Soul plays really dark and strange songs.

When the party ends, the group splits up.

The Corner of The RoomEdit

The group again try to make Soul play the piano for them. Their efforts still remain fruitless. Soul tells everyone that his songs are not worth listening too. Maka objects, telling him that she had liked the song Soul had played for her once. Soul, frustrated for some reason, tells her that she only likes his music because of her low Musical IQ. Maka defends her love of, 'The Pon Poko Dance,' which is immediately made fun of by the others. She attempts to bring Crona into the conversation, but she quickly retreats and excuses herself. Maka wonders on her strange behaviour.

Legend of the Holy SwordEdit

Maka only briefly appears in this special chapter alongside Soul. Witnessing Hiro being bullied around by the other students, she sympathetically comments that Hiro would have been more popular if he went to a normal school, since he is too shabby here at the DWMA.

Duel ArtEdit

Black Star joins Maka and Kid and their partners outside to practice their Chain Resonance. Stein warns them that if they do not succeed, then they will be removed from his class. With this said, Maka warns Black Star in particular to do this properly, but he insists that he always does. Despite this, the three students fail multiple times, which angers Maka. She believes that Black Star is the blight of the failures. She starts arguing with him, but Kid steps in between them, and Stein decides to give them a break to cool down.

Maka trains with Kid and Black Star

Maka training with Black Star and Kid

Maka confronts Stein with the purporse of removing Black Star from the team. She fails at this and returns to the group. Black Star then accuses her of tattling to Stein and being selfish. This infuriates Maka, bringing her to try to punch him, but fails. Kid tries to diffuse the situation, but Soul steps in and tells him to leave the two to sort it out on their own. Maka tries to punch him again, and this time, Black Star allows her to hit him. Black Star then warns Maka that, if this goes on any further, it sould be a duel, and he would be sure to crush her. With that said, Maka curses at the top of her lungs and runs off in tears.

On her own, Maka secretly talks of her envy of Black Star and how he can become so strong without being concerned about anything around him. She is soon visited by Tsubaki. She asks him what she thinks of Black Star. Maka replies simply by saying that he ticks her off. Tsubaki pauses, before saying that Black Star actually does study before tests, which surprises Maka as he always gets zeroes. She asks Tsubaki why he never gets good grades, and Tsubaki admits that she does not know. Maka laments, saying that she will never understand Black Star if even Tsubaki cannot understand him. Tsubaki says that friends do not need to understand each other all the time. Realizing her mistake and on how to achieve a true Chain Resonance, Maka eagerly decides to return to the others, and Tsubaki wonders if it was necessary for her to come in the first place. However, Maka, on the way, panics, wondering on how to apologize. Tsubaki ends up dragging her, saying that she does not need to think about it since she will probably end up fighting with Black Star again. She is then met by Soul. She asks him if he had come to laugh at her, and Soul pauses before replying that the laughter should wait until after they had succeeded the Chain Resonance. Returning to the group, she apologizes to Black Star, who forgives her. The group resume their training and succeed, with Maka not trying to understand them, but putting her life in their hands and trusting them. Stein then makes Maka the leader of the group. Later that night as they are heading home, Maka lets Black Star hit her to make up for how she hit him earlier. To everyone's surprise, he ends up hitting her hard and, though apparently bruised after beign sent flying, Maka smiles and says, 'Ouch.'


Maka, Kid, Black Star, Ox, Kirikou Rung, and Kim Diehl and their respective Weapons are the group of kids chosen for fighting to obtain Brew, a powerful Demon Tool, before Arachnophobia. The Demon Tool is located in a large magnetic field in the middle of the island, which is harmful to the human body if one is there for too long. The students' job is to prevent Arachnophobia forces from entering the field whilst Marie and Stein go inside. If they do not return after twenty minutes, they are to retreat. Maka questions on this, saying that she does not want to leave Marie and Stein behind. Ox replies that if they go in the field, the enemies will follow and the battle will get out-of-hand, leading to people being lost because of staying in the field for too long. He questions Maka, saying if she deserves to be top of the class, a comment which hits Maka hard.

When Stein and Marie, the duo responsible for retrieving Brew in the vortex of Lost Island, take too long to reappear, the group begins to worry. Ox, Kirikou, and Kim decide to stay behind and take care of the forces opposing them. With that, Maka, Black Star, and Kid enter the vortex. The first thing they notice is Death and that the vortex is a sort of frozen time anomaly repeatedly showing the events that led to the explosion on the island.

Kid explains that what they see is Lord Death from the Grim Times, before he built Shibusen. The group then hurries to a temple. When they reach, they notice a large mass of Witches — one of them being Arachne. They hear Arachne speak about blowing up the island and everything relating to Brew. The group proceeds and soon meet Marie and Stein. Because Marie and Stein are overstaying in the vortex, they are in danger of becoming a part of the time anomaly. Maka and the others tell them to retreat and decide that they will take on the mission of retrieving Brew.

They eventually bump into Mosquito, carrying Brew. He then reverts to his from from 100 years ago and prepares to battle them. Before the battle can start, though, a hologram of Eibon appears. Black Star decides not to waste time and attacks Mosquito, ignoring the presence of Eibon. Maka follows suit and, eventually, Kid brings himself to ignore Eibon and attacks Mosquito too. None of their attacks, however, are penetrating the tough hide of Mosquito. Mosquito then uses his immense strength to overpower the kids. Luckily, Soul comes up with the idea of Chain Resonance and augmenting it with his music. The group laugh as they hear he is going to play the piano in his soul. When Soul asks why they are laughing, Maka replies that they had finally got Soul to play the piano for them.

Maka uses Majin Hunter

Maka uses Majin Hunter on Mosquito

Soul plays the piano, giving everyone a rush of power, enabling them to manoeuvre flawlessly around each other and link their attacks with ease. They are easily able to overcome Mosquito with both their speed and strength. Ultimately, their combined strength allows them to damage Mosquito and Kid manages to connect a Death Cannon, and Black Star attacks with his Uncanny Blade, which destroys both of Mosquito's arms. Before they can finish him off, Soul stops playing, advising them to leave as their time limit for staying in the vortex is almost up. Maka protests, but has no choice but to agree. Since Mosquito can revert to an even younger form of himself, he can remain in the vortex for longer, and the group have no choice but to retreat without BREW. In the anime only, Maka continues on to activate the Majin Hunt and bisects Mosquito horizontally, but he escapes by detaching his head from his body. Soul then tells everyone that it's time to leave.

On their way out, they meet up with Kirikou and Ox, who help escort them out of the vortex. They leave and watch how the Witch's research facility is destroyed by an explosion, though that, too, is a hologram from years past. When they exit the vortex they are greeted by a distraught Marie, who makes a move to strike them, but instead hugs them all for making it out safe, but soon threatens that they will all have a talking with her back at Shibusen.

Maka calls Lord Death and reports in on the failed mission. After doing so, she sits next to Soul on the boat that is bearing them back to Shibusen.

Internal AffairsEdit

Maka is with Soul saying bye to Crona as they head home. While walking, Maka remembers that she had left her notebook in the classroom and turns back to retrieve it. On her way, she notices Crona talking to someone in an alleyway and the name 'Medusa' comes up. Distraught, Maka then leaves, but bumps into a child. She apologizes and continues on her way.

Back at home, Maka ponders on what to do.


Late at night, Maka is still contemplating on what to do regarding Crona. Soul sees that she is troubled and asks her if she wants to talk to him about it. Maka tells him that she will tell him tomorrow, knowing that Soul will definitely help her. She decides to talk to Crona the next day before class. The next day, when Maka goes to check on Crona, she finds that Crona is not in her room. She then says Medusa's name in quiet anger.

The ClownEdit

Maka is first seen choosing an extra-curricular mission from the bulletin at the DWMA. She meets with Kirikou, who is searching for a mission also. Although Kirikou had chosen one, Maka tells him that the mission requires Soul Perception, which he is not capable of, and suggests him another mission. She, Kirikou and Soul notice Black Star's signature on the back of the mission card Kirikou had chosen. Maka expresses sadness at how things are quieter at Shibusen now that Black Star and Tsubaki have taken a leave of absence. However, she reads a note from Black Star that had been written on the back of one of the missions, saying that, 'This sort of boring mission should be left to Maka.' Goaded by his note, Maka crossly accepts the mission.

The mission sends Maka and Soul to Bor-7 Factory in Russia to solve an incident taking place there, which requires two Meisters with the ability of Soul Perception. She is joined by Death the Kid and his partners, Liz and Patti.

Maka defeats The Clown

Maka defeats The Clown

After being abandoned by Death the Kid, who decides to search for a 'suitable' entrance to the factory but finds himself unable to enter due to being crippled by his OCPD compulsions, Maka, Soul and Blair (who tags along) are forced to search the building alone. During their search, they are ambushed by the Flying Dutchman but Blair is able to save the group and proceeds to follow him as he makes his escape. It is at this point that the Clown is first mentioned, being stated as "the one who will give the people their freedom." The Clown then decides to make its entrance, even after receiving advice not to attack as it could not capture Maka so easily, introducing itself anyway.

Maka begins to sense the similarity between the Clown's soul and that of Asura's, but how this one was small yet absorbing and sucking in everything. Before she can deduce anymore, the Clown attacks and a large battle ensues. Eventually the Clown's soul begins to effect Maka and she is sucked into it's madness, with any efforts to save her blocked as pipes surround the pair. Maka is forced to see visions of the deaths of her friends and family, in an attempt to drag her deeper into madness. However, Soul manages to reach her with his Wavelength. Maka meets with Soul in her mind, both dressed as if they are in the Black Room, with the exception that Maka's face is partly covered by the Clown's mask after being influenced by the madness. Having her sit at a piano, Soul tells her that the songs he plays are of madness. Maka protests that although she does not know much about music, she likes Soul's songs. Soul explains to her how madness gives people strength, but beneath the insanity, when the soul endures the darkness, is a strength that is even more intriguing. Maka calls this strength courage, and Soul tells her that they should have Crona know of courage too. Soul takes Maka's hand and tells her to let him listen to her soul. Maka touches a key at random, which is a G. Due to the influence of Soul's Wavelength, Maka's courage allows her to break free of the illusions. The two resume their fight against the Clown.

This new found courage causes her abilities to evolve and now being faced with Majin Hunt, even at full strength, the Clown's abilities are no match. It is eventually defeated but before it's soul can be consumed, it disappears in a shower of ribbons.

The ChoiceEdit

Maka returns from her mission with Soul, and meets with Ox, Harvar and Kirikou who had also returned from their mission. Maka realizes that the three are shirtless and asks them why. Kirikou explains how they took on a mission to quell a giant in the mountains, but they ended up dancing naked around a campfire with the giant instead. Soul expresses his desire to have gone with Kirikou instead, saying that their mission sounded a lot more fun than his and Maka's. Maka protests that it was not that boring, since they learnt a new move. Ox expresses interest in Maka's new move, and the two Meisters soon engage in deep conversation about the Majin Hunt. Kirikou and Soul, bored of the pair's conversation, start their own conversation on musical instruments, to Maka's disdain. Maka soon sees Kim coming back. When Kim and Jacqueline arrive, they are soon surrounded by numerous officials, who know that she is a Witch. Scared, the two take off, as Maka and the others watch them.

The DealEdit

Maka recalls the moment when Kim left, the revelation that Kim is a Witch, and that the person who released the information was Medusa. When taking a shower with her female classmates, Liz invites her to lunch. Maka replies that she will be preoccupied during that time. During lunch break, Maka uses her father's ID to visit the recently captured Medusa in her prison cell with Soul. There, she asks Medusa of Crona's whereabouts, though Medusa does not give her any answers relating to the question. Soul decides that it is best to just leave.

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's CastleEdit

Maka, Kirikou, Ox, and their respective weapons are chosen for the assault squad for the operation of taking over Arachnophobia with Medusa. Maka is shocked and angered by the fact that she must work alongside the Witch that had caused Crona so much pain. However, she agrees to work with Medusa, since she might know something about Crona, and persuades Soul also, who had decided at first to back down from the mission. Kid and his two partners are also chosen to be Medusa's bodyguards. When meeting Medusa face to face, she barely manages to control her hatred towards her. After the operation details are discussed, they proceed with the mission, towards the Amazon River Basin in South America.

On the way, the group encounters mutated squid-like creatures affected by Arachne's magical influence over the environment. During the battle, Maka ends up being saved by Medusa, and after Medusa uses Vector Boost to strengthen Kirikou's attacks, the creatures are defeated. The group soon enter the castle via underground tunnels. Immediately, Maka's Soul Perception activates and she senses two people. Kid reassures her that the two are a Death Scythe and his Meister, and that they had been secretly dispatched to watch over Medusa. Maka discovers that one of them is a monkey. After traversing through the castle some more, the group camp out. Maka uses the opportunity to interrogate Medusa about Crona. Medusa states that the reason she is waging war against Arachne is because she took Crona to be used as a sacrifice. This throws Maka, and her anger against Medusa ends up being quelled as she starts to believe the Witch. Soul warns her not to believe Medusa, but Maka slowly ends up trusting her.

The next day, they continue and soon meet Eruka, who gives them Arachnophobia uniforms to disguise in. When the group make it into the center of the castle, they find that everyone is dressed exactly as they are. Soon, they all become confused and eventually lose each other — each getting into their own trouble. Maka has a close run-in with Giriko, but luckily, the Weapon does not remember her and soon turns his attention to Liz and Patti, who distracts him. Everyone soon meet up with Medusa and are thrilled.

Medusa begins to discuss the plan: taking down all eight locks preventing people from entering Arachne's throne room. After performing Vector Conduct on them, Medusa leaves them to follow the arrows pointing to their respective lock to destroy. Kid is given lock 8. Maka chooses to act as Medusa's bodyguard in Kid's stead, stating that, if Medusa does anything untoward, she will not hesitate to attack her. Although Soul still tells her to not trust Medusa, Maka brushes off his worry as him merely causing a fuss, which annoys him.

Maka, Soul, and Medusa are then seen in front of the door leading to Arachne's room. With the magical barrier preventing their entry lifted, Maka uses the opportunity to sense for Crona's Wavelength. She is interrupted, though, when Arachne's magical threads assault them, threatening to plunge them into insanity. Maka is next seen unharmed by this, likely due to her Anti-Demon Wavelength. She manages to knock Soul out of the magical influence, too. They then enter the room. Maka uses her Soul Perception to locate Arachne. When they find her, though, Arachne is on the floor, lifeless.

Soul asks Maka what she thinks of the situation. She replies that she can feel the madness flowing through the room. Suddenly, the darkness begins to spread and attack the three. Medusa tries to contain it using her Vector Arrows, but fails. Medusa and Arachne then begin to communicate, with each insulting the other. The conversation ends when Arachne performs a mental attack that immediately defeats Medusa. After that, Arachne begins to attack Maka. Despite Maka's attempts, all her attacks seem to just flow through Arachne, due to her formless state. Maka and Soul both agree that they should use Majin Hunt.

Black Blood Dress

Maka donning a Black Blood dress

Maka soon notices that Arachne is trying to overcome everyone in the vicinity of the castle with madness. Soul then comes up with the idea of spreading Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength to everyone around the castle using the network of spider threads Arachne spanned to spread the madness into everyone's heads. Soul plays his piano to facilitate the transmission of Maka's Wavelength and is successful in freeing everyone. They even manage to transmit the Anti-Demon Wavelength to Arachne, forcing her to sever the network. With this now done, Maka and Soul perform Soul Resonance — activating Majin Hunt with Maka donning a dress made of Black Blood.
Maka defeats Arachne

Maka defeats Arachne

Playing the piano had set off Soul's madness and activate the Black Blood, which had formed into a dress similar to the one Maka wears in the Black Room. They decide to take advantage of it before it wears off and attacks Arachne. The dress acts as an armor against Arachne's attacks. With a powerful scythe coupled with the dress acting as an armour, Maka is able to reach Arachne and deliver a powerful swipe, killing her. Maka's attention is quickly changed to Crona's whereabouts. She then notices Medusa's body, but senses a normal soul in it instead of a Witch Soul. She then senses another reaction and turns her attention to Arachne's body, which is now possessed by Medusa. Maka is immediately attacked by Medusa. Medusa reveals that she used Crona as an incentive for Maka's cooperation. Medusa then states that Maka's abilities are a threat to her and the world's progress to madness. Before Medusa can finish Maka off, she is attacked by Enrique. The Death Scythe Tezca Tlipoca then enters and warns Medusa of the oncoming Shibusen forces. Medusa takes him up on the advice and leaves. Before leaving, Maka asks where Crona is. Medusa tells her to give up, going on to say that the Crona she knows no longer exists and that she will never give Crona up. Maka punches the ground in anger and laments over her mistake to trust Medusa, as Soul comforts her.

Tying Things Up and New BeginningsEdit

Maka is with Liz and Patti discussing Kid's capture. Patti asks Maka what she knows about the Book of Eibon. Maka replies that she does not know anything, although it is heavily implied that she is hiding something.


Soul and Maka resume their soul hunting. After defeating Frey D. Sadoko Maka and Soul at last harvest their ninety-ninth evil human soul. Maka is seen with Soul in the Death Room in their new Spartoi uniforms. When asking Shinigami about the change of the unit's name to Spartoi from Shibu-Kids Squad, Shinigami replies that Stein had thought that Shibu-Kids Squad did not really work wonders for morale. Stein explains that Spartoi means 'the sown' in Greek, an army of warriors born from dragon's teeth to fight against insanity. Maka is overjoyed that Stein has returned and hugs him. The other members of Spartoi arrive to commemorate Soul finally obtaining his ninety-nine Evil human souls and one Witch Soul. Soul consumes Arachne's soul and, alongside the birth of a new Death Scythe, the elite unit Spartoi is formed.

I'm Goona be an AngelEdit

After becoming a Death Scythe, Maka and Soul begin to understand what exactly the implications of this means. They are seen outside with Marie, and Kim flying. Maka suggests that because Soul is a Death Scythe now, that he should be able to fly with ease. Marie objects, telling them that becoming a Death Scythe is not something so simple. She continues, saying that the advanced wavelength control that a Death Scythe obtains from a Witch Soul can grant magical abilities. If she can use the Grigori form her soul takes and imply it with all of that, they may be able to manifest wings. Marie calls Maka an angel at one point, which awakens Maka's desire to become like one, much to Soul's annoyance. Maka protests that with Ox calling Kim an angel all the time, it would be nice if she is called one as well. Spirit also comes along to watch their training.

Maka with her Death Scythe

Maka with her Death Scythe

In beginning the training, Soul transforms into his Weapon form. He has a slightly different form now, more so where his 'eye' is located in his Weapon form. They are then told their souls must be synchronized in order to complete the task. They must both focus on the same image, of Kim flying. While doing this, the scythe blade on Soul shrinks. Marie explains that form manipulation is basic for a Death Scythe and that they must have decided that the long blade is not necessary for flight. After, both Maka and Soul create sharp, blade-like wings at the end of Soul's Weapon form. However Soul, upon being told by Spirit to imagine Maka as an angel, instead thinks of the somewhat negative things she has done. Maka then starts spinning upside down in circles until they both fall, due to Soul losing concentration. They still argue about whose fault it is. Maka then rants about how she had wanted angel wings instead of the spiky ones that appeared. They argue again which leads to Maka saying she had wished she was partnered with Ox. Soul does not understand this as Ox is a Meister. Later, at Shibusen, Maka is still fantasizing on how she is now considered an angel Soul still telling her to drop the idea. They are then later called by Spirit to discuss something.


Soul is seen once again with Maka practicing flying with Kim. Despite the extremely slow speed given by the tiny wings, Maka is thrilled to have the fluffy angel wings she desires. Prior to this, Spirit speaks to them about the many enemies they have such as the witches(more specifically Medusa), the new group Noah has formed, and the Kishin. Spirit warns them that they too aim to take out talented people on their side, meaning Maka is also a target. Maka's advanced Soul Perception is the reason for her being targeted, and that it is their trump card against the Kishin. Spirit explains that Shibusen must protect Maka at all costs. After making a remark about her father, saying that he wants to protect her because of her abilities, Maka leaves the room. Spirit then asks Soul to watch over Maka. Going back to the training, Soul tells Maka that he believes her father cares more about her safety than her ability. They then continue on talking about the many responsibilities they have still to do, such as saving Kid. Soul remarks that they are not yet ready though and Maka becomes extremely surprised. Maka then senses another force approaching and urges Kim to head on without them. Gopher then appears in the sky, armed and ready to kill Maka.

The three engage in battle, with Gopher overwhelming Soul and Maka with his tremendous speed. Not too soon after, Gopher charges up a powerful attack in the center of his chest, aimed at Maka. Soul and Maka manage to dodge the attack with the mountain behind taking the impact. Soul remarks that Gopher is not ordinary, and Maka then explains that Gopher also has the same angel type Grigori Soul as she does, but filled with evil magic. Gopher then launches another barrage of attacks at the two. Soul and Maka attempt to attack but are once again outmatched in speed and take a hit by Gopher's barrage. Soul begins to talk about their difference in speed and it may be helpful if they bring the fight to the ground. Maka realizes the full meaning of Soul's words that they are not ready yet as they are losing the battle. Now irritated by the small angel wings, she demands Soul to create new ones. Soul grins and complies, and the two perform a Soul Resonance, creating larger and more powerful wings. The two then prepare to continue the fight, with Maka telling Gopher that the real battle begins now.

Black Feathers vs White FeathersEdit

After witnessing Maka create a new pair of wings, more suitable for battle, Gopher now realizes why Maka is wanted by Noah. Jealous of this realization, Gopher once again goes on the offense. Maka's new pair of wings allows her to easily dodge his attack and all attacks proceeding it. Immediately, Gopher is forced on the defensive after Maka delivers numerous hits, which includes a Witch Hunter. Angered that the body Noah made for him has been damaged, Gopher prepares another one of his stomach cannons, with this one specially installed with his hatred of her. Driven by Gopher's hatred, the ball of energy follows Maka everywhere. This prompts Maka to perform Majin Hunt and proceeds to slice through the ball of energy. Maka continues her attack and manages to inflict a shallow wound on Gopher. When Soul asks why she held back in the end, Maka replies that he is not on Lord Death's wanted list. Maka then witnesses Gopher retreat via a page from the Book of Eibon.

Love TriangleEdit

Back at the DWMA, Maka sees the large amount of requests that female Meisters have sent to Soul for him to be their partner in his locker. She expresses her amazement at the sheer amount, and states that although Soul usually got love letters like these, they had increased dramatically in recent times. Soul grumpily replies that it's only because he has become a Death Scythe. Maka pauses, before thumping her partner's back (hard) and suggesting they go home. As they leave, a mysterious girl watches the two, and she deems Maka incompatible for Soul.

Later, Maka complains that since she was the one who made Soul a Death Scythe, she should be getting some request letters too. Soul states that Maka's lack of sex appeal is the problem, and compares her to Blair, Risa and Arisa who are passing by, promoting their cabaret club to other students. Maka briefly makes a snide comment about men, until she is startled along with Soul because Blair is hanging around two Witches.

Buisness TripEdit

Maka and Soul worry about the two Witches being free, when Marie comes and takes Blair and the two Witches to the Death Room. Soul expresses concern on the situation, but Maka assures him that things must be under control if Marie is there.

The two later hide and watch Marie and the two Witches go in, and watch the doors of the Death Room. They soon see Marie storm out in a temper, and then sees Black Star and Tsubaki approaching the closed doors. Black Star breaks the door down, even though there is a sign saying that no one must enter. Soul proposes they should just go in too, but Maka replies that sneaking around is much cooler, comparing herself to a heroine in a mystery novel. Soul soon gets bored and calls it all a waste of time. Maka spots the mysterious girl still spying on them, and wonders what she's up to, having noticed her already with her Soul Perception.


It is here revealed that Maka was actually the one who secretly took out the Level 4 book from the Library, which was the Book of Eibon manuscript that Death the Kid thought was originally stolen by Medusa. She apologizes to Shinigami for this, and tells him not to blame Spirit (whose ID card she used to borrow the book). She begs Shinigami to let her go on the mission to help save Kid. Shinigami, with some persuasion, complies. Maka, determined to rescue her friend, tells the rest of Spartoi that, 'This is for Kid!'

Maka, along with Soul, Kirikou, Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder, Black Star, Tsubaki, Liz, Patti and Blair, are sent into the Book of Eibon to save Kid. There, the group meet the Index which informs them that they need to traverse through the seven chapters of the book in order ot save Kid. The group soon enter the first Chapter, Lust, and Maka has her gender changed, based on everything she sees desirable in the opposite sex. With her new male temperament, she immediately gets a nosebleed upon seeing the Succubus, much to Soul's annoyance.

After passing through the Lust Chapter and into the second Chapter, Gluttony, Maka realizes that although they had left the Lust Chapter, she still appears male, although her personality has returned to normal. The Index explains that they will only gradually return to their original gender depending on the intensity of their sexual desire. The more intense it is, the less faster one changes back. Maka snidely passes off the comment that Soul would probably change the slowest. Maka almost succumbs to the large amount of food on display in the Chapter, but barely manages to control herself.

Maka ends up getting separated from the rest in the third Chapter, Envy. She finds herself caught up in an illusion based upon her envy. She ends up in a fake Shibusen, and is approached by the mysterious girl she had seen spying on her and Soul. The girl tells her that she is not worth to be Soul's partner, and how little she understands Soul. Maka protests, saying that she reads lots of music books in order to understand Soul more. However, when commanded to spin a nearby broom like she does with a scythe, Maka surprisingly fails to do so, which results in the girl mocking her, saying that she is only a bookworm that always needs to have Soul helping her. Maka remembers how Soul had always needed to help and lead her, and the girl reveals that she is envious of people who understand music like Soul, in contrast to Maka who, in a flashback, shows that she does not reciprocate Soul's appreciation for music. Convinced by the girl of her worthlessness, Maka breaks down in tears.

Soul arrives at this point and asks her if something is wrong. Maka pretends that everything is fine. Soul tells her not to become separated this time and he takes her hand, moving on to the next Chapter.

The two are next seen in the sixth Chapter of the Book of Eibon, Sloth. Soul drags Maka along, but soon, Maka geets teary, still upset by her previous experience, and stops Soul, saying that she needs to tell him something. She apologizes to Soul for dragging him back, before sitting down, and to Soul's shock, asks him to leave her behind and says that she cannot fight alongside him anymore.

Giriko's 1st body destroyed

Maka destroys Giriko's first body

When Soul asks her why she is suddenly saying this, Maka apologizes again and says that none of it is his fault and that she is to blame. She tells him to split up with her. Soul is unnerved by Maka's statement and tells Maka not to spout a lot of nonsense just because of an illusion in a book. Maka replies that Soul must have seen something in the chapter of Envy as well, and Soul, put off a little, denies that he saw anything.

However, before their conversation can continue, Giriko attacks both of them. After kicking Soul aside, Giriko pins Maka down on the bed grabbing her wrists, saying that instead of waiting ten years, he is going to 'make her scream' right now. To his surprise, Maka replies, 'Do what you want,' which enrages Giriko, since she does not fear him, and he proceeds to kill her. Before he injures Maka, he is intercepted by Soul, and he transforms into his Weapon form as Maka prepares to fight. However, still emotionally distressed from the Envy chapter, she is unable to concentrate, and ends up leaving herself open for Giriko's attacks. When Giriko, tired of Maka's lack of determination, tells her that he will finish her off quickly, Soul suddenly transforms back into human form and Maka looks on shocked as Soul tells her that he will fight Giriko on his own.

Predictably, Giriko proves to be stronger than Soul, and ends up wounding the Death Scythe several times. Maka looks on, dumbfounded as Soul, after a powerful blow by Giriko, falls to the floor at her feet. However, Soul still gets up, voicing his frustration on his inability to do anything for Maka. However, he states that this is not the sort of courage that Maka had shown to him. Determined to show his own courage this time, he stands up again to fight. Soul's words bring Maka back to her senses. With a resolute expression on her face, she mentally berates herself, calling herself an idiot for not believing in Soul just because she had seen an illusion in a book.

She then proceeds to apoogize to Soul, who forgives her and begins to attack Giriko again with new resolve, but is still distraught over the Envy Chapter and is starting to lose when Soul comes up with a plan to intercept Giriko's Soul Wavelength by using his piano and Arachne's ability to spread Wavelengths via webs. Maka then uses her Soul Perception on Giriko and Soul plays his piano and uses it to stop Giriko. Maka then proceeds to cut him in half and he then explodes. Believing Giriko is defeated she begins to walk away now feeling less distraught over the Envy Chapter. Then a now female Giriko comes up from behind and cuts Maka's back. He then explains that he had had another body for himself for backup in case something like this happened, and being in the Chapter of Sloth, Maka had not realized this as she had been too sloppy with her Soul Perception. He says that he is disappointed that he is a 'big-titted female' and says that people do not explode when they die. Maka then says that Arachne had exploded when she died. Giriko responds by praising Arachne, saying that she had been, 'something else,' and wonders if Maka would explode when she dies. Maka and Grikio continue to fight, but Maka starts to lose as she proceeds to acquire more injuries and Soul's piano is destroyed by Giriko's Wavelength. She begins to lose hope, convinced that she will die. However, before Giriko can kill Maka, his soul, not being able to take eight hundred years of rage, begins to rupture. Maka sees this using Soul Perception and then proceeds to slightly mock Giriko, telling him to sit down and rest, as there are many chairs and beds in the Sloth Chapter. Giriko, enraged, tries to kill her, but his soul explodes before he can do so, leaving Grikio's body as an empty shell. Maka laughs at his demise and is later seen carried by Soul on his back after the battle.

Soon, the Black Mass frees everyone from the Book of Eibon, and they all tumble out the book onto the scene of battle. Maka is shocked and distraught as she sees Marie, Stein, Sid and Nygus at Noah's mercy. Although Sid and the others tell them to run, Black Star and Death the Kid decide to fight Noah and his monsters. Death the Kid asks Maka and Soul to help the two, and Maka is surprised as they activate the Insanity Wavelength in them. Soul asks if Maka can pull it off in her injured state. Maka replies that she has to. Holding Soul in Weapon form, she forms a Chain Resonance and supports Black Star and Death the Kids' sanities with her courage, whilst giving the two advice during the battle. Maka is in awe at Black Star's and Kid's new powers acquired through madness.

Later when Noah is finally defeated, Gopher takes the book of Eibon and flees. Maka attempts to stop him, but collapses, due to her injuries and is caught by Soul.

Mad BloodEdit

Maka grows concerned for Soul as his scar that he had acquired from Crona begins to hurt. However, she gets a call from Shibusen, telling them that Crona had appeared in Moscow. She, Soul, Stein, Kim and Jacqueline arrive in Moscow. Whilst Kim and the others stay and tend to the soldiers affected by the Black Blood, Soul and Maka enter the area where Crona fought Feodor and Tsar Pushka. They find the two encased in two spheres of Black Blood. Maka laments over Crona's actions, and holding back tears and mentally calling Crona an idiot, tries to cut into the spheres with Majin Hunt. However, the moment Soul touches the spheres, he becomes insane due to the Black Blood and returns to Stein and the others, pulling her by the pigtail. Everyone looks on, shocked as Soul yells that his scar hurts, and his scar re-opens, causing a Witch Hunt-like blade to emerge out of it.


Maka Chop

Maka Chop!

Maka senses the insanity coming out from the scar in Soul's chest. Enraged, she demands Soul to tell her what he is playing at. Soul merely replies that he is only releasing the pain that he had been holding back for so long. Gleefully, Soul attacks Stein, who uses Jacqueline as a Weapon partner. However, Soul's blade is sharp enough to wound both Stein and Jacqueline, even in Weapon form. Stein decides to attack Soul before he can attack himself, but Soul retaliates by using sound waves by turning his blade into a keyboard. The sound waves attempt to drag Stein into insanity, but Kim manages to negate the insanity with her Regeneration Magic. Maka, knowing that Soul will be torn to pieces if Stein were to fall into the insanity, passes on her Anti-Demon Wavelength into Stein also.

Stein marvels at how Soul is able to create such powerful sound waves by himself, and states that Maka's Soul Perception ability must have grown stronger as well through using Soul Resonance with Soul. Maka grins and states that although Stein only seems to have noticed now, she and Soul had always become stronger together. She adds, 'Right, Soul?' but Soul ignores her and keeps on attacking. Stein asks Maka what is going on with Soul, and Maka states that Soul has not completely given into the madness and is fighting within himself. She states that he will come back. Just as she says, Soul manages to quell the insanity within himself and returns to normal. Maka, however, annoyed that he is still acting cool even though he is not under the influence of the Black Blood anymore, gives him a Maka Chop with her hand. As Soul protests, Maka begins punching and kicking him, saying that it is payback for pulling her hair. Stein, relieved, raises the threat level of the Black Blood spheres and tells the Russian Branch to take cover. Another soldier then suddenly appears, and tells them that Crona had struck once again in Ukraine, much to Maka's shock.

The HuntEdit

Maka and Soul along with Black Star and Tsubaki travel to Shisceda Village to help Hemingu, the village's hunter take down a sky whale in order to help the village prosper for another year. Maka uses her resonance with Soul to grow wings and join Black Star in the sky where they search for the whale. As they begin the hunt, Maka feels that something is wrong with the sky. They hear a loud noise and the sky whale appears before them and they pursue it. Black Star suggests forcing it to go down, but Maka reminds him they cannot directly interfere in the hunt. When the sky whale spouts Maka and Black Star can sense there is madness in his spout, and Maka realizes that there is a higher concentration of madness at high altitudes and wonders why it is like this. As they continue to chase the sky whale Soul realizes that the sky whale is sensitive to sound and suggests using the noise in the sky to their advantage to corner the whale. Maka and Soul proceed to attack the sky whale with supersonic waves of sound, causing it to gradually descend to lower altitudes. Hemingu spots the whale and shoots it down, ending the assignment with success. As they head back to Shibusen Maka reflects on the uneasy feeling she had back in the sky saying it was similar to the Kishin. As they arrive back at Shibusen, they are met by Marie who tells them that Crona has been added to Lord Death's list and that Spartoi has been ordered to execute her.

There is Someone to AdmireEdit

Maka was depressed about Lord Death's order of the execution of Crona. However, she understands what must be done. Kid said to her that it is not about executing Crona,rather than maintaining "order". While Maka was trying to find Crona, she came across Asura's wavelength. She and Soul went straight to Lord Death to report, but he already had found out his whereabouts. With that task at hand, Kid was in change of investagating the matter (partly because of his skateboard capability), but had to quit Spartoi to do so because of his status as a Grim Reaper. Maka asked him to take care since his mission was more dangerous than hers.


Maka went again to try to find Crona's soul, but couldn't. Soul told her that it's hard to pinpoint just one person out of the hundreds of souls in the area or even the world for that matter. She probably found the Kishin due to an reaction from the black blood. She knew that. Soul told her to call off for today and try again next time. She swears that she will find her.

Later that day, she met up with her father. She told him that it's an abuse of authority to call using an public announcer to call her plus it was embarrassing to say. He said that he was sorry and that he wanted to meet her no matter what. She asked if he was going to the moon as well. He signed and said yes, but it was for an important mission plus it's his first foreign trip in a long time run. He said that Liz and Patty are making an will and Maka said I see. He said sorry about putting her in a tough situation with Crona's research and all. She said it was fine since they stopped for today. She was thinking to herself that a father and daughter doesn't need to met up in an place like this.....but if it was then she was just a little rude just now. She asked if he needed something from her. He said that he wanted to give her something before going to the moon. She thought it was a will, but to her surprise it was a ring. It turns out to be her mother's wedding ring. She sent it back to him after the divorce. Back then he was young and broke, so he went to buy a cheap ring off the street from an old lady. According to the old lady, there is an charm written on the back side of it that is to say that it could purifies madness and misfortune. It was brought for Maka from all the hard work she is doing for them and who was born to them. He gave her the ring. Her mother is strong enough to not fall prey to madness so she probably knew that the world is surrounded with madness right now. She probably wants Maka to have it. Maka said thanks. She puts it on. He then mention that when her mother was pregnant with her that he wanted a boy. She asked why. He though that a girl like her father would have inexhaustible source of worries. She was like are you kidding me. However he was glad that it was her. He hugged her. He said that she has grew strong and well. He said that Crona was an poor child. He was a bad father, but Crona was a poor child that was raised by Medusa. He and Stein shouldn't have stopped her back when they first met at the Santa-marianovera's church. Maka then relieved. Spirit was confused. How could she have missed it. Maka hurried along her way. He then said that she reminds him of her mother's straight-forwardness.

In The AnimeEdit

Maka's role in the anime starts to differ from her role in the manga when she uses Majin Hunt earlier than in the manga, in the fight against Mosquito in the battle for Brew. After returning from the failed mission, she contacts Shinigami relating to this new move, to which Shinigami praises her, for her new ability is the same one shared by her mother, and that with her Anti-Demon Wavelength, she might be able to even defeat Asura. Inspired, Maka decides to train with a reluctant Soul, but fails in using Majin Hunt again. However, Soul reassures her that since they have done it once, they can do it again.

Maka soon witnesses Black Star and Kid's fight with each other, and visits Black Star later to find him training again. She soon takes part in a picnic with her friends. However, Crona, being told to return to Medusa by Eruka, decides to run away later on that day, wanting to find a place where no one can find him/her. However Maka, with Soul's help, manages to reach Crona and convinces him/her to return back to Shibusen. Crona is apprehended upon her return for her actions as a spy against the DWMA as Medusa's spy, despite Maka's protests. When she receives news that Medusa had surrendered and is imprisoned in Shibusen, she visits her cell and furiously screams at the Witch for her mistreatment of Crona. Medusa seems unperturbed, and Soul calms her down before leading her away from the Witch's cell. Later on, Arachne activates machines located around the world to spread Asura's madness around the world. The sky turns red because of his Wavelength.

Maka is later shocked to hear that Medusa had been set free by Shibusen, and becomes extremely angry and confused as to what is going on around her after Stein suddenly disappears. She soon however, receives a postcard from her mother, which cheers her up. She is forced to play basketball with Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki, and although reluctant at first, starts enjoyng herself. Soul makes a bet that whoever manages to score a basket would defeat Asura. Maka ends up scoring the basket.

The group are soon approached by Death the Kid, who reveals to them that Medusa was released because she gave Shibusen information regarding Asura's location. Maka starts worrying again, and becomes even more aggravated when she realizes that the search for Stein had been put off, instead told to focus on the assault on Asura and Arachne's lair. She also becomes concerned for Crona, who is still imprisoned. She is annoyed when Soul does not seem to pay attention to these concerns like her. On the day of the assault, she interrogates Sid as to the whereabouts of Crona and Marie, who have disappeared. She finds out that Marie and Crona had both cut off ties from Shibusen and had gone on to find Stein. She worries for their safety, yet is torn on whether to help the DWMA fight Arachnophobia, or do what she wants to do and help Marie, Crona and Stein. Her indecision continues right up until the moment they are about to fight against Arachnophobia, as she waits before battle in the Amazon River Basin with Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki. Soul, angered, asks her to decide what she wants to do. Soul's words clear her head, and she realizes what she wants to do. She thanks him and decides to help Crona and Marie.

However, her enthusiasm causes her to run in a random direction, and it takes some calming down by Soul to make her come up with a plan. She decides on using Soul Resonance to boost her Soul Perception to find Crona and the others. She requests Soul's help, and although skeptical of the plan, he follows her. Using her Soul Perception, powered up by Soul Resonance, Maka manages to find the whereabouts of her friends and arrives just in time to defend Crona from a fatal blow by Medusa. She furiously attacks the Witch, despite the deal she had made with Shibusen, and tries to talk round the insane Stein, with help from Crona and Marie, using Chain Resonance with the help of Soul. However, the outcome looks bleak, and when Crona gets fatally wounded protecting Maka against Medusa, Maka's grief for her friend and the anger towards Medusa ends up inadvertently activating the Black Blood and she attacks Medusa in a blind rage. She even attacks Stein, but creates an opening for Marie to apply her Wavelength into Stein, releasing him from insanity. Maka recovers from her blind rage, and works together with Stein and Marie in a Chain Resonance in the fight against Medusa. Maka uses Majin Hunt again, and manages to expel Medusa from Rachel's body without harming her, killing the Witch for good. Medusa, in her dying words, tells her the Majin Hunt may have managed to kill her, but it will not kill the Kishin.

After parting ways with Stein and Marie after being told that Crona would recover, she goes after Asura with Soul. On the way, she and Soul are dumbstruck as they see Death City, turned into a giant robot, attack Arachnophobia's castle. Asura is taken into the robot, but Maka sees the Kishin exit it after a while, which leads her to fear that Asura had defeated Shinigami. She and Soul manage to go through the barrier Asura had made around himself before it closes and finally meet up with Black Star and Death the Kid with their partners in the final battle against Asura. Soul uses his piano to create a Chain Resonance, and they start to attack the Kishin. However, their attacks have little effect, even Maka's Majin Hunt. As Maka is about to use Majin Hunt once more, Soul uses too much of his power and collapses, his soul being taken by Little Ogre. Distressed for her partner, Maka decides to save Soul whilst Black Star and Death the Kid protect the pair in their unconscious states

In her partner's soul, the Little Ogre attempts to trick Maka into allowing him to devour Soul completely, since he had separated his soul from himself to prevent himself from being taken completely. He tells her to open a box that he claims has his courage inside, the power for him to break out of the Black Blood. However, inside the box is not Soul's courage, but Soul himself, who had separated himself from his body to escape from being completely consumed by Little Ogre. Although the real trapped Soul frequently warns Maka not to trust him, Maka cannot hear him. However, Maka sees through Little Ogre's tricks but still decides to risk opening a way to her partner's soul to save him. She manages to reach Soul before the Black Blood, and saves him from Little Ogre.

As the two wake up, they are confronted by their unconscious friends, and Asura standing victorious. Maka uses Majin Hunt, and then Kishin Hunt to try and defeat him, but is quickly subdued. When Soul is knocked out in protecting her against an attack, Maka is left on her own. Although she puts up a fair fight by activating her inherited Weapon abilities whilst unconscious, she is soon left at Asura's mercy.

However, just when all seems lost, Maka frightens the Kishin by saying she's relieved, since she has nothing else to fear now. Her friends tell Asura that Maka has the courage to fight against fear. Asura, not understanding what courage is, soon becomes frightened of Maka, and attempts to attack her again. However, Maka manages to rush through Asura's attacks and defeats him with a punch full of her courage to Asura's face, defeating him.

As the world returns to normal, everyone is relieved that it is all over. However, Death the Kid worries about the possible birth of another Kishin, because as long as there are negative feelings like fear in the world, such an event is possible. However, Maka reassures him that they will be there if that happens, and reminds them that the world is not only full of negative feelings, and that courage is always in their souls. She is seen in the credits back at her flat with Soul, Blair and Crona. She punches Soul after he gets a nosebleed because of Blair. She is then seen playing basketball with the other characters and looking over Death City with Soul, Black Star, Kid and their partners.

Beyond Light and DarknessEdit


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