Lian Shi

Lian Shi, One of the Wives of Terrantos

You Shall Burn by the Flames of Hell if you invoke my Wrath and anger Chaos itself

Lian Shi is a new character appearing in Dynasty Warriors 7. She is actually Bu Zhi's daughter, a member of a once wealthy and prominent family that has fallen from grace. Trained to become a warrior, she serves under Sun Shang Xiang as one of her armed maids, thus she is one of the Protagonists.

In Beyond Light and Darkness, Lian Shi turns evil upon falling in love with Terrantos and serves him in his army of Darkness, Shadowblood. She is One of the Wives of the Dark Emperor and the Mother of Lian Hua, Lian Po, Hotaru Shi, Lian Keahi, Seraphina Shi, and Lamia Shi. She is also one of the Main and Primary Antagonists of the Series appearing as one of the Main Antagonists of the Pandora Arc, not counting Pandora herself.



Kind and sincere, Lian Shi is gentle support for Sun Shang Xiang and Sun Quan. If either one of them doubts themselves, Lian Shi is the one who advocates restoring their focus with a friendly and mature tone. While she is often content to watch her masters mature from a respectful distance, she may occasionally break the tension between them by mildly teasing them. Even if she may share a close bond between her masters, Lian Shi is quite aware of her status as a servant. Should she feel it necessary, she will boldly sacrifice herself to protect them without hesitation. Although she feels she is just staying true to her duty, she is always surprised when her lady or master rides to her rescue.

Lian Shi is the one person outside of family who can make Sun Quan loses his otherwise serious composure. While she may be charmed by his flustered mannerisms to her, Lian Shi keeps redirecting his focus to the importance of their kingdom and the morale of his followers. Within the Warriors Orochi series, she shares an affinity with Aya and Okuni. Lian Shi comments that Aya's method of encouraging her loved ones is too harsh for her liking.

In Beyond Light and Darkness, Lian Shi has a colder personality showing no sympathy or even concern for her enemies and sometimes allies as she is showed to be quite cold to her subordinates often referring them as worthless fools but she is also arrogant as she seems to believe no one can surpass her beauty or her skill in crossbows or hand-to-hand combat showing she has slight Narcissism in her believing her to be more beautiful than the other girls of Shadowblood. She is also has a Fiery Spirit as shows some enthusiasm throughout the series even in battle but Lian Shi does have a Tempered personality as she loses her cool quite often in the series as she often gets quite angry usually because of Vaati's sexual comments or insults which usually leads him to yet another death. She can also shown to be seductive using her body in very sexually movements around Terrantos such as putting her body closer to him and talking in seductive tones to get him to either have sex with her (which led to her having Seven children) or give her more power, and give her more weapons, and etc.

Lian Shi speaks in a gentle yet cold tone similar to one of the Commandants, Aizen as she never seems to lose that tone even when angered. She is also one of the few females who never really seems hostile with the exception of her anger state, while she never seems hostile toward her enemies no matter who they are or what they have done as she confronted Kyoraku and showed no ill feelings or signs of hatred towards him despite him betraying her Husband, Terrantos; this is shown at 1st but when they start fighting her true feelings about the matter are shown she bitterly despises Kyoraku for betraying Terrantos and wants to see him die a thousand fold. She shows Murder Intent in her eyes when she gets serious as most of the time she does not take her enemies seriously usually underestimating them because of their age or their skills but when injured she enters her "Murder State" becoming far less merciful and more Heartless as she showed no hesitation or mercy when ripping apart Impa with Her Arm-Scythe Blades showing no sign of sympathy or Mercy only seeing the foe as Prey.

She shows No emotion some times in her fights often appearing dispassionate; devoid of emotion and Indifference towards all Mortals similar to her Step-Daughter Domina or her ally Ulquiorra Cifer. She shows great pride in her appearance espicially her breasts as out of all of Terrantos's Wives she is one of the few who has large breasts along with Both Erzas, Seras, Hagoromo, Yuanji, Yoruichi, and a few others this may make her either perverted about this due to how she enjoys using them to seduce Terrantos or just Narcissistic. Like Most of the Wives of Terrantos, Lian Shi believes herself to be more beautiful than all the other wives and will often boast about it but doesn't seem to believe herself to be more beautiful than Wang Yuanji or Soifon for some unknown reason either its loyalty or required respect is unclear.

She is Cruel but unlike most villains in Shadowblood her cruelty is different as she often forces enemy officers usually foot soldiers to surrender and betray their beliefs and their families because of how much they fear dying, but she knows full well they would only be useful for 2 years at most viewing this as more cruel than inflicting pain or mental suffering showing Lian Shi does not have High Sadism but while she is not Sadistic she will inflict pain upon others such as shooting a Crossbow bolt from her demonic crossbow in an enemy's knee and she will often say things that will torture their very thoughts but she shows no sign of enjoyment from this due to her emotionless expression, showing how much Crueler she can be than most other women of Shadowblood with the exception of Lilith. Lian Shi also never loses her Cold Yet Sinister Smile this often makes her foes think she is mocking them similar to how Gin, Darkon smile at all times, She does not seem to mock them as she states "I have no reason to mock the weak" She just seems to prefer smiling over frowning as she is always seen smiling around her Husband as when he is in a bad mood her appearance and smile always brings his spirits up.

While usually Shown as a Calm and Collected woman never showing any signs of anger or alarm or distress even in the most dire of circumstances even if an entire army surrounded her she would remain calm. Despite all this she does lose her temper on some occasions usually if a friend or foe insults her Husband/lover, Terrantos. Her eyes will usually turn completely black with red irises and shows a very violent and aggressive personality; she is shown to be quite Brutal as she fights more barbaric she will grab an enemy by the arm and place it behind their back and break it without hesitation or mercy not only that but she also swears/cusses a lot as well as she once said to Link for injuring her "You Fucking Little maggot, go to hell you piece of shit, you are nothing but a damn fucking worm!" This Makes her very violent as she acts with uncontrolled rage and desire to kill something as she would rip off the head of a foot soldier without caring for the consequences and almost like her sister-in-law Juri when it comes to swearing. While Usually she is not Sadistic in her "Berserk Rage State" she is shown to be Highly Sadistic enjoying inflicting pain on her enemies and the peasants and is also the most brutal in this state as she will rip someone in half just by putting her hands through them and ripping them apart with just her strength showing she will also use gruesome methods to kill her enemies and peasants without mercy or concern but one of her favorite methods of her sadism is holding a foe in the air and slicing them up with her arm-blades slowly but more agonizing until she is done playing and rips the victim apart.

her Masochism is rare but usually only seen when Terrantos and her are together (mostly in bed) as she will scream in pain with delight when he scratches her with his claws (regardless where at) and will get sexually aroused when he kisses her and injures her on the chest or the legs almost completely red when doing so, showing her to love to be in pain when its caused by Terrantos but when doing so she will also moan and scream out of joy from his touch as she really enjoys the pleasure of pain from his hands or lips. When not in her berserk state she does have a darker personality about the lives of humans are pointless due to their lifespan and also often says things that are dark as when confronted by Hope about Plague she says "Don't Bother clinging to life is a waste a time as you will one day die and do not create as it will eventually be destroyed" but she also speaks about Chaos, Death, and Destruction in a more calm-like matter as she believes only those things makes life more living along with her Husband. She also has a Dark Sense of Humor as well as she gives very dark jokes when fighting her enemies as well as when she fought Anderson "Looks like another Anti-Villain with a God Complex, like that is anything special!?"

Lian Shi is also quite Lustful for her Lover, Terrantos often suggesting sexual things as she hinted having sex with Terrantos for the 6th Time during the Horseman of Apocalypse Arc to James Sunderland or stating she gave him a tit job and many other sexual things. In battle Lian Shi has a habit to burrow underground and take her opponents with her and eats them and leaves nothing but thier bones left just to show them what true fear is before they die. It should be noted while she is a lot more evil and darker than in DW7 she still has all her traits from seven the only difference is that she is in love with Terrantos and not Sun Quan and is more protective over Terrantos than Sun Quan.


Lian Shi first appears to assist the suppression for Ou Xing's rebellion. Supporting the siege at Xu Chang, she witnesses Sun Ce's death. When Sun Quan becomes the new leader of the Sun family, she lectures him to stop living his brother's shadow and to realize that everyone is fighting for him. When Sun Shang Xiang leaves her home for Liu Bei, she stays in Wu to continue supporting Sun Quan at the behest of her lady. Living past Sun Quan's death, Lian Shi continues to fight for her country during Jin's Story Mode. She supports the Wu forces at Dong Xing and He Fei Castle.

Her first Legendary Mode has her participate in a sparring match between Sun Shang Xiang and other Wu generals. During her second Legendary Mode, she escorts and protects Sun Quan and her lady during Cao Cao's massive army at Chi Bi. The Xtreme Legends expansion adds a Hero Scenario focusing on Lian Shi's participation at Shi Ting. She supports the ally plot to feign defection to Cao Xiu's army by first defeating enemy troops surrounding the castle and helping Lu Xun with his ambush attack. Cao Ren is struck down to pave Zhou Jing's path towards Wei. She is given the task to simultaneously defend ally troops and Sun Quan as Zhang Liao and Sima Yi march into the field. Once Cao Xiu falls, the Wei army has suffered many losses to Wu.

After the conflict, a worried Sun Quan rides to Lian Shi's side to inquire for her safety. Though he is soon embarrassed by his fretful behavior, she assures him that she is fine. In an effort to recompose Sun Quan's focus, Lian Shi affirms that the bonds shared between him and his vassals are what truly led to their victory

Warriors Orochi

Lianshi is among the many possessed by Kiyomori's spell in Warriors Orochi 3. She was placed under the sorcery's influence when she sacrificed herself for Sun Shangxiang's safe escape from Wu; she first attacks the coalition at Nagashino. Her mind is freed when Sun Shangxiang and company locate her in the past at Tao River and beat her back to her senses. While grateful for the rescue, Lianshi wants to return to the Orochi loyalists as a spy for the coalition; she believes her actions serve as penance to her lady. Once the main party returns to the changed future, Lianshi betrays Masamune at Nagashino. After the battle, she is glad to join with the information she has gathered for their cause. She speaks with Taishi Ci and Nagamasa on how they can save Lu Meng. Later she teams up with Aya to investigate the odd fiasco they spot near Luo Castle. Their efforts ultimately leads to Okuni joining the coalition.

Historical InformationEdit

Lady Bu was born in Xuzhou, Huaiyin. According to the Jiankang Shilu, she was also known under the name Lianshi. She came from the same family roots as Bu Zhi.

When she and her mother were fleeing the wars with Liu Xun to Jiangdong, Sun Quan happened to find her at Han Pass. For one reason or another, Sun Quan made her one of his wives on the spot. It is not made entirely clear why he did so and is considered to be a whimsical decision. Out of the wives Sun Quan had, Lady Bu was the one who received Sun Quan's utter attention and was granted several luxuries. Since nothing particularly negative is written about her, most people assume that he prided himself on choosing her and that she loved him in kind. A further romanticized interpretation is that he fell in love with her at first sight. There are few hints that note when exactly they met, but it is thought that he accepted her after Lady Xu (argued to be approximately be the years 200 through 209). She gave birth to Sun Quan's daughters, Sun Luban and Sun Luyu.

When Sun Quan ascended to the throne, he thought of making Lady Bu his empress. However, since Lady Xu was the one who gave birth to his heir, he couldn't readily make the choice. Sun Deng and other vassals pushed for him to accept Lady Xu, but he never truly accepted her. It's said but not necessarily recorded that people were also arguing to make Lady Bu empress as well. To null the dispute, Sun Quan refused to give either maiden the title. When Lady Bu died, however, he granted her the posthumous title of Zhuifeng Jing'ai and buried her in a mausoleum at Purple Mountain. Sun Quan dedicated his longing thoughts to her in ink after her death. A rough translation of his written thoughts are listed below.

My Empress, though you are my support in my divine rite to rule, you may not know how orderly the heaven and earth became with your presence. Day and night you served as a lawful wife who completed the harem with unfaltering gratitude, with a heart filled with utter consideration, with a body learned in absolute virtue and chastity. Everyone –the subjects, the public, and people near and far– had their hearts moved by you. The land is not united within my rule and I did not want to permit an Empress so soon. But, ever so suddenly, you left this world. It pains me so much that I did not grant this title while you were alive. Right now, I'm sending the order to make you Empress to Chancellor Gu Yong. If by some happenstance should the title reach your soul, would you be able to rejoice? I honesty feel remorseful.

According to the Jing'ai Wentei, Wu's vassals continued to accept her as their empress -in spite of her death- to respect Sun Quan's decision.

Beyond Light and DarknessEdit


Many years before the Chaos started in China and before the Yellow Turban Rebellion, Lian Shi met the Dark Emperor in his younger years (before being betrayed and banished to Hueco Mundo and becoming Corrupt). Terrantos and Lian Shi were good friends and always helped each other and cared for each other. After Terrantos returned to Dynasty Warriors upon being betrayed and becoming corrupt, he ressurected his long dead female friend of Wu. Seeing how he has changed she was cautious but still was in love with Terrantos after all this time and thus joined him out of love and become his 12th Wife

During his time in Dynasty Warriors he resurrected many of his Other Women of Dynasty Warriors such as Wang Yuanji, Yue Ying, Diao Chan, Xing Cai, Cai Wenji, Wang Yi, Sun Shang Xiang, and Zhenji. He made these women His Wives just as he did with Lian Shi, Soifon, Lucy, Seras Victoria, and several other women but Lian Shi was still Loyal to him. When she and her allies went to Hell where her Husband's lair was she sold her Humanity like many other Humans to become a Demon so she could live on for thousands of years.

By the Time Lian Shi was 600, Lian Shi and Cao Cao both realized that Terrantos would sooner or later be attacked when his wives, children, and other followers are not allowed. So She with the Help of Cao Cao, Had Zhang Liao and Lu Bu made into his Body Guards. Years Later she got pregnated by her Lord 7 different times and beared him Seven children.

By the time she was in her thousands the war started and she was preparing to help her Lord and Love win the war and conquer the entire Omniverse.

Horseman of Apocalypse ArcEdit

Rise of Vaati ArcEdit

Hearts of Darkness ArcEdit

Fatal Four ArcEdit

Pandora ArcEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Lian Shi uses a Crossbow and is shown able to just use one Hand to use it and is capable of using two crossbows at the same time. She can shoot multiple bolts at the same time and shoot them in the air and have them rain down on her foes.


Lian Shi's Main Weapon is a Crossbow and it has no name. But like Most Dynasty Warriors Characters, she can use many other weapons but she mainly uses crossbows but her melee weapon is a Armed-Scythe Blade that is on a gauntlet given to her by her Lord, Terrantos. Both gauntlets allow her to extend the scythe blade so she can rip her enemies apart. She often carries along a bag of condoms when ever she tries to rape someone

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