Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet, One of the Wives of the Dark Emperor

Stand out of my Way! I will strike you down in a instant, your face pisses me off, so stand aside if you want to live!!!

Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Rogue Mage of Fairy Tail who's famous for her usage of Requip Magic. She is also was a member of Team Natsu, as well as one of the main female protagonists of the Fairy Tail Series until Beyond Light and Darkness. She is also one of the Primary Antagonists of Beyond Light and Darkness and a former Member of Godstrike upon her corruption. She is one of the Wives of the Dark Emperor and Mother of Hecate Scarlet, Medea Scarlet, and Abira Scarlet. Erza is Nicknamed in Shadowblood as, Titania, The Queen of Hell and Beauty, which she gladly accepts the nickname due to her beauty and hell-like fighting strength.


Erza casual

Erza without her standard Armor

Erza is a young woman who has long scarlet hair and brown eyes. Her right eye is actually artificial; it was made by Porlyusica. She has a slender figure that Lucy Heartfilia described as amazing, and like most females in the series, has large breasts. She wears a custom-made armor by Heart Kreuz smiths, a blue skirt, and black boots. Her Fairy Tail stamp is blue and located on the middle of her left upper arm. Erza specializes in Requip Magic, and uses it to Requip not only armor, but different outfits as well. Her favorite outfit is her bunny suit, because as she quoted, "Those ears are cute".

Upon her Corruption into Shadowblood she is usually seen wearing black armor such as her pugatory or black winged armor


Erza Says Sorry

No, she's not angry, she's just saying "sorry"

Erza is a very strict person, often criticizing the bad behavior and habits of the other guild members, causing most of them to apologize, fearing that they might invoke her wrath. She is also very impatient, disliking people who don't answer her questions quickly enough. This, coupled with her own tragic childhood, caused many of her guildmates to avoid her due to her social awkwardness. However, she has a great sense of justice and pride in being a member of Fairy Tail.

According to Lucy in the letter she wrote for her mother Erza is "cool and beautiful, warm and full of passion", while to Erza Knightwalker she stated that Erza is strong, cool and a little scary but relied on by everyone, even so she can be really girly and liked sweet things and cute clothes. Jellal, when he had lost his memories, remembering nothing but the name "Erza", said her name was "full of kindness, brightness and warmth".

Erza describes herself as someone who was always crying, since she wasn't able to protect those dear to her. Several examples are when Rob tried to shield her from destruction, and when Jellal was captured because he saved her and was brainwashed by "Zeref". Also, Erza has stated that she feels uncomfortable and insecure when she's not wearing armor. However, when Erza encounters Ikaruga, she overcomes her fear and defeats her without her armor.

Despite her reserved personality and mostly dressing in her conservative Heart Kreuz armor, Erza has shown to have very little modesty and an unusual view on the concept in general. Many of her armors are skimpy, revealing and feminine, and when out of armor she has an affinity for sexy and revealing clothing. Finally, Erza seems to have no problem with men (or at least her male guildmates) seeing her naked. She felt no discomfort stating her desire to shower with Natsu and Gray or the fact that she used to shower with them when they were younger. When they were at the hot spring, when she learned that the boys may have been peeping on her and the other girls, she wanted to invite them to bath with them, much to Wendy's shock and Lucy's strong objection. Lucy has also stated that Erza has a habit of climbing into her bed in their shared room during the Grand Magic Games

It was shown that Erza cannot stand drinking too much alcohol. While being drunk, she is acting very aggressive, furious and sadistic toward nearest person. She also have a problem with recognizing different guild members.

in Beyond Light and Darkness, Erza has a side to her upon her corruption not shown in FT she shows a Sign of Carnage in her as she enjoys slaughtering people as she massacred an entire village and showed signs of delight and pleasure from killing its residents with her blades showing her to Enjoys Blood-Shed as when she murdered her last victim she lick the blood of her blade with great satasfication. She also speaks in venomous words towards her enemies as she spoke of how her old ally and friend Natsu could never find Igneel she said that maybe it was because she murdered him. Often inflicting painful wounds in the heart and angering her enemies as she often lies to her foes to torment them or just to be Cruel as she seems to possess no genuine compassion or Honor for her former allies anymore whether or not she was just merely pretending to be thier friend or using them as pawns is unknown. Erza is also a very Murderous woman as when she appears most can sense her Murderous aura making her one of the most dangerous and feared individuals of all Shakala or the entire Omniverse.

While Beautiful Erza is Very Narcisstic believing herself to be the Most Beautiful Woman out of Terrantos's Large Harem and Wives as she has said things such as "Your Beauty is nothing when compared to mine, I am the Most beautiful Woman and Swordswoman in the entire Omniverse no one can surpass my Beauty! Hahahahahaa" This shows her to be arrogant as she often boasts about her beauty and her Skills as well believing that no one is a match for her other than her Husband and her Edolas counterpart but while she is arrogant she does not look down upon her enemies or underestimate them giving them some respect in battle allowing them to make thier 1st move due to them being weaker than herself and even gives them to opportunity to strike her anywhere they like (She changes into non-armor: wearing red hakama pants no shoes and just have white banadges over her breasts with most of her skin visible) but most of the ones who have strike her ended up injuring themselves due to her Spiritual Power, Aura, and Power Level is greater than thiers. Erza often shows dissapointment afer this as she wanted a good fight to the Death. Most of her arrogance tho comes from her magic as she believes it to be the power of a God and because she was often nicknamed the Goddess of Beauty in FT and she is also arrogant because she is no longer human as she traded her humanity to become a Demon and to gain Immortality but Erza also craves for Destruction often destroying everything around her when fighting, she is one of the reasons why Kenpachi betrayed Terrantos so he could fight her to the death.

She is quite Cruel despite once being very caring towards her old allies because now she will grab her enemy by the neck and nearly crushing thier neck to a point they hardly breathe and the sign of thier agony slightly amuses Erza because unlike many of her Sisters-in-laws she doesn't have a lot of sadism in her making her different than most of them nor is she really insane despite her psychotic qualities she just enjoys slaughtering others and Fighting to the Death to pass the time. Erza will often state cruel things about the heroes like she once said to Gray Fullbuster "Fool you have no place in this world, in his world I will send you into hell where all your pitiful ancestors and your parents dwell. Say Hello to True Darkness GRAY!" Despite her evil tenacities she still possesses much of her personality from fairy tail as she is strict towards her new comrades as she lectured Aaroniero for not protecting her Daughter Hecate Scarlet when she told him too which put him in a lot of trouble from Terrantos, she is still impatient as she will demand Terrantos's attention almost immediatly which often gets his other wives annoyed espicially Soifon or Lilith, she still does not mind letting men see her naked but only Terrantos as she walked in on him when he was in his personal hotspring, naked and all and joined him as well.

She still possesses a caring heart for her allies as she is often kind to Her sisters-in-laws, her daughters, her step-children, and the trusted soldiers of Shadowblood. Giving them advice on certain matters as she gave her daughter Hecate advice about how to use her Pugatory sword and gave advice to Abyss how to make someone like him who is not one of Terrantos's wives or any of his women who are part of his harem. But Erza can be cruel to anyone who threatens the ones she cares for as she almost killed Garp form almost killing Her sister-in-law Alphard she almost used a death scythe on him which almost cut his head off. Despite this Erza can shows signs of Tyranny as she desires to rule the land with fear and have everyone bow before Her and Terrantos in other words The Adversaries she finds all of humanity as a weak race and its only purpose is to serve as sarcrifices for either the old ones or for Lilith. and Erza also desires absoulte Power above all else she wants everything and everyone who is not Shadowblood to bow before her feet and she will obtain power through whatever means necessary even if it means stealing life force from the innocent or inslaving all beings across the omniverse.

Erza while a very loving wife and Mother and Sister she is mostly angry all of the time mostly because she was once a Seraphim (the strongest level of angel) but upon her being tainted by corruption she was removed of her status as Seraphim from the True Angels which greatly enraged her bringing her to absolute corruption and making her a fallen Seraphim. Erza now desires vengeance against all Angels of Light and will see them destroyed with her own barehands.


Erza's magic

Erza uses her magic for the first time

A cult tried to build a tower to resurrect Zeref. This was called the R-system, or Tower of Heaven. They used slaves to build it, of which Erza happened to be one, along with Jellal Fernandes, Wally, Sho, Millianna, Simon, and members of Oración Seis: Midnight, Racer, Cobra, and Angel.

After an escape attempt, Erza was taken to the dungeons and was tortured with such severity, she lost her right eye. Her friend Jellal arrived to save her and told her they had to fight to survive now. Caught by another guard, Jellal was beaten and Erza was sent back to her prison. No longer able to take the abuse, she attacked guards and started a revolt. At its inception, the revolt appeared to be successful.

Erza in a picture with the rest of fairy tail

Erza in the picture with the rest of Fairy Tail

The sudden presence of Mages, however, began to dampen their chances at victory. All seemed lost at the moment a Magic blast came towards Erza, but Rob, another slave that was forced to work on the R-System, interfered, saving Erza, but sacrificing his life in doing so. To see Rob, who had nurtured her in the manner of a grandfather, blown to dust in an attempt to save her life, seemed to unlock something inside of her. She discovered her Magic. In vengeful fury, she called to all manner of pickaxes and shovels in her proximity and sent a barrage of steel at her captors; and in that moment of rage, she finished the revolt.

Erza vs Mirajane

Erza VS. Mirajane

When everyone was on the boat to go home, Erza went back in the dungeons to look for Jellal. Already possessed by "Zeref", Jellal attacked Erza and told her he was going to complete the R-System to resurrect Zeref's body. He told her not to tell anybody about the tower or he would kill everyone. She then wakes up on an island, crying about the events she had just witnessed.

After Erza escapes from the island of slaves, she tries to find Fairy Tail. She had heard about Fairy Tail from Rob. Eight years prior to the beginning of the story, she found Fairy Tail and was taken in as a member when she was about 10 or 11 years old. Upon joining, Erza immediately developed a habit to wear armor, as it made her feel safe. It was around that time Makarov took her to Porlyusica to get an artificial eye. When her eye was finished, she was only able to cry out of one eye. Porlyusica tried to find out what was wrong, but Erza didn't mind, exclaiming that she had already cried half her tears out.

Erza remembers her S Class Exam

Erza remembers her S-Class Exam

As the years passed, Erza became more and more strict until she could be called the guild's disciplinarian. She took responsibility for breaking up fights between Gray and Natsu. At the same time, however, she was driven to constantly fight and bicker with fellow member Mirajane, which eventually ended after Mirajane greatly mellowed out in the wake of her younger sister Lisanna's apparent death in X782. In the year X780, Erza passed Fairy Tail's annually held S-Class Wizard Promotion Trial, becoming the youngest member of the guild to do so at fifteen years of age.


Lullaby ArcEdit

Erza arrives

Erza arrives at Fairy Tail

Erza returns to the guild, only to force Natsu and Gray to help her stop the Eisenwald Guild, whose leader, "Shinigami" or "Death God" Erigor, is planning to use the Lullaby, the "Magic of Death", to murder all the guild masters.

Erza vs Eisenwald

Erza fights Eisenwald members

While on the train, prompting Natsu's motion sickness, Erza quickly knocks him out to "ease his pain". However, Erza leaves Natsu on the train and she promptly beats Natsu for not knowing anything, despite the fact that she had knocked him out beforehand. When Erza, Natsu and Gray, along with Lucy Heartfilia and Happy, arrive at the Oshibana train station, she sends Natsu and Gray to catch Erigor. Meanwhile, she fights with a lot of subordinates of the "Shinigami"

Erza wants info

Erza always gets what she wants

After this, Erigor locks them inside the train station with his wind spell and escapes to complete his plan, but Erza finds that Kageyama can dispel Magic, so she and Gray go to find him. However, Kageyama is stabbed in the back by Karacka, a fellow Eisenwald guild member, in order to protect the plan. Erza rushes to save him. However, Erza learns of Lucy's Virgo key and with it, they escape. Erza drives a Magic Four-Wheeler to find Natsu and get him to stop Erigor near his destination; Natsu, however, had already defeated him. Erza then leads everyone to find Kageyama, who makes off with Lullaby to kill the guild masters himself. When she arrives with the others, however, Makarov convinces Kageyama to end his desperate game. She becomes quite pleased with Makarov after this, but she becomes freaked out when she finds that Lullaby moves on its own.

Erza, Natsu, and Gray fight Lullaby

Erza, Natsu and Gray fight Lullaby

Erza quickly springs into action with Natsu and Gray, and together, the three make quick work of the demon flute in a destructive fashion. However, Erza and the others destroy the Guild House during the battle, prompting Makarov to tell them to run for it.

Siegrain talks to Erza

Siegrain, Jellal's thought projection, reminds Erza to keep a secret

As Erza keeps her promise to fight Natsu, Erza is arrested by the Magic Council for property damage. She finds the trial is a hoax to show the council's powers, but Natsu arrives to save her dressed as Erza. and destroys most of the court room, which results in both of them getting thrown in prison. Despite being mad at him, she is grateful to know he cared enough to help her.

Galuna Island ArcEdit

Angry Erza

In the beginning, Erza was angry...

After Natsu, Lucy and Gray go to Galuna Island, Erza goes after them to stop them and return them to Fairy Tail. She is sent after them because they went on an S-Class mission, which was too much for the three (plus Happy) to handle. Erza arrives and saves Lucy from Sherry Blendi, and detains Lucy and Happy for their crimes against the guild. She shows her stern side as she states to Gray that she doesn't care what happens on the island. However, much to her and Lucy's surprise, Gray berates her honor and sense of justice, which she doesn't take too kindly to. She puts a sword to his throat, telling him that he wouldn't be able to break the rules without getting punished. Surprisingly, Gray slices his hand on her sword, telling her this is the path he chooses and she that can kill him if she wants.

Very Angry Erza

...rather, very angry

Shocked that someone actually stood up to her, Erza has a slight change of heart and decides to punish them after they finish the mission. She tries to stop the revival ritual of Deliora, but doesn't make it in time; however, Deliora is found to have already died.

Erza about to throw her spear at the moon

Erza about to throw her spear at the moon

She is the one who figures out the secret of the villagers, and uses the Giant's Armor to throw the Evil Crushing Spear to the moon with the help of a very motivated Natsu. With this, they destroy a layer created by the Moon Drip, revealing that all the villagers were originally monsters who are able to turn to humans and not the other way around. She then leads the team off the island, reminding them that despite finishing the mission (and refusing payment except for a Celestial Spirit key), they are all going to get punished.

Phantom Lord ArcEdit

Erza tries to stop Jupiter

Erza tries to stop Jupiter

Erza and the others return from Galuna Island, only to find that the guild had been attacked by Phantom Lord. After the assault of Fairy Tail on Phantom Lord, and the sucker punch defeat of Makarov by Aria, Erza takes the role of leader of the guild alongside Mirajane and Cana Alberona, while feeling responsible for what had happened to the master. When the walking guild of Phantom Lord attacks Fairy Tail with its Magical Convergent Cannon - Jupiter, she stops the first shot with her Adamantine Armor, but loses consciousness and doesn't take part in the first couple of battles against the Element 4.

Erza defeats aria

Erza defeats Aria

Later, she easily defeats Aria, the last of the group, when Natsu was being beaten by him. As she collapses, she implores Natsu to protect Lucy and the guild as his power is far greater than her own, and he can beat both Jose Porla and Gajeel Redfox. After she rests a minute, she fights with Jose, the master of Phantom Lord, alongside Gray and Elfman, but they are soundly defeated.

Erza vs Jose

Erza Vs. Jose

After Natsu beats Gajeel, she reminds Jose that he lost the war because he didn't calculate Natsu's destructiveness into his plans. A flashback is then seen as Natsu remembers his past about Fairy Tail and how he was taught vocabulary by Erza. Erza then berates Jose's reasons for attacking Fairy Tail, and reveals the truth about Lucy to him. She is then easily defeated by him, not before earning some praise, and is saved by a recovered Makarov who finally finishes Jose with Fairy Law. As she helps to rebuild the guild, it appears that after Gray's rebating of her, she lightens up and declares to the guild that Team Natsu is official, earning the most powerful team a round of applause.

Loke ArcEdit

Erza acting as a prince

Erza acting as a prince

Erza is sent to help a theater in trouble; it is here she reveals her love for the theater and the dramatic arts. She signs the others up in a play to help the owner recover from his tragedy, wherein most of his actors and actresses had quit. Erza spends a long time and effort practicing for her role as the prince. During the play, it is revealed she also gets stage fright and forgets most of her lines when it comes to performing her part, to which, in some moments, she improvizes to fill up sentences in her dialogue. It is also seen that she gets too deep into her character, as she cuts Lucy's clothes up on stage. It is also seen that Erza was helping her fellow guild members in finding Loke when he was found to be missing from the guild.

Tower of Heaven ArcEdit

Sexy Rose Dress Erza

Erza's dress to go the casino

Erza is one of the members invited by Loke to go with her to an expensive resort. At the beach, Erza has a quick flashback of her slave life at the Tower of Heaven. When she wakes up from the daydream, she requips her basic armour, but after Lucy tells her to come with them to the casino, she requips a dress.

While at the casino, Lucy and Erza are playing cards when one of Erza's childhood friends, Sho, steps in to rotate the dealer position. Instead of tossing regular cards, however, he throws down cards that spells DEATH in front of Erza, to which she becomes shocked seeing him again after so long. He remarks that it's been a while and Erza asks him if he is safe. Suddenly, the casino lights turn off due to Simon's Magic, then come back on with Sho behind Erza, telling her that he can use Magic as well by trapping the people in the casino inside his cards.

Erza shot

Erza shot by Wally

Another friend of Erza, Millianna, appears from behind Lucy and ties her up using her Magic ropes. Erza angrily states that Lucy is her friend and demands Millianna to let Lucy go. Feeling insulted, Sho tells Erza that they were her friends too once, until she betrayed them. Wally Buchanan steps in, reminding Shô to calm down and tells Erza that she grew beautifully after a long time, despite her barely remembering his face. Simon then appears as Lucy questions Erza as to who the people are and why they are calling her sister, but she tells Lucy they are just old friends. The group tells Erza that they are here to take her back home with Wally pointing his gun at Lucy, in case she refuses. Erza, pleading for Wally to stop, ends up with a shot in the back with Wally's Reanimation Magic, with Wally using a tranquilizer shot. Before their departure, Wally gives Millianna a sleeping Happy as a gift, and tells her to tie Erza up. Sho, excited, reveals that Erza will be returning to the Tower of Heaven, where Jellal is waiting.

Erza captured

Erza captured by Sho

Erza later wakes up in a ship on the way to the tower, attempting to free herself from Millianna's ropes. Sho then appears, commenting that it is pointless to try. Erza asks if she can put her armor on because she does not feel secure without it. Shô then cries and yells at her for betraying Jellal. Erza then has another short flashback, revealing her imprisonment with Jellal and the rest of her old friends.

Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Juvia Lockser sail to the Tower of Heaven in hopes of finding Erza and Happy. As Erza arrives at the Tower, she is thrown in a prison. Sho tells her she will stay there until the "ceremony" starts tomorrow. He then tells her that she will be the sacrifice for "Paradise". Erza tells Sho not to use the R-System to resurrect the dark Mage, Zeref, because of the consequences it will bring to the Magic World. Sho then says that Jellal is reviving him to bring them to "Paradise", and that they will rule with him. Erza then brings Shô to his knees by kicking him in the face, and requips her basic armor to search for Jellal.

Erza sad

Erza explains her past as a slave

Erza fights her way through some guards, asking where Jellal is, and eventually comes across Natsu and gang. Although she is surprised to see them, she tells them to go back and that this is her problem to deal with. Natsu refuses, one reason being because Millianna has Happy. Erza apologizes, saying that she would lose this fight no matter what. Erza tells them about the Tower of Heaven, otherwise known as the R-System. After she finishes telling about her past, she says that she is ready to fight.

Back in the present, Erza tells Gray, Lucy, and Juvia, that she is destined to fight Jellal. Meanwhile, Jellal's thought projection, Siegrain, is gathering votes at the Magic Council to destroy the Tower of Heaven with the Etherion. Back at the Tower, Erza tells the others that Zeref was the strongest Dark Mage ever. He created horrible and destructive monsters. Lucy points out that the Lullaby was one of Zeref's monsters. Erza also thinks that Deliora was one, too. Lucy then asks why Erza is considered a traitor to her old friends. Erza doesn't know why, but suspects Jellal made something up. Sho then appears, hearing what actually happened eight years ago and cannot believe that Jellal was tricking them all this time. Sho says that eight years ago, Jellal told him that Erza had planted bombs in their ships and that if Jellal hadn't noticed, everyone would have died. Jellal then made everyone get back to work on the tower, claiming that it was a sign that the tower must continue to be built. Erza tells Sho she never did that. Simon then appears, revealing he knew all along that Jellal was lying. They all decide to work together to stop Jellal.

Erza trapped

Erza trapped in a card

Everybody follows Simon in an attempt to look for Natsu and stop Erza's other friends from attacking. The company learns that they can't escape, because they need to defeat Jellal and the assassination Death's Head Caucus Guild's Trinity Raven before Jellal activates the tower that will cause the Council to release the Etherion, which would destroy the tower and them along with it. After hearing what will happen, Sho traps Erza in one of his cards and runs off with her. They have a limited amount of time to defeat Trinity Raven before the Etherion is released and everyone manages to defeat two members of the Trinity Raven. Erza and Sho run into the third member, Ikaruga. Sho throws cards at her, but she cuts them all up. Ikaruga claims that she can slice anything, even separate dimensions like Sho's cards. Somehow, without her sword touching Sho, he gets slashed across the chest twice. Erza falls out of Sho's hand and demands to be let out.

Erza vs Ikaruga

Erza vs. Ikaruga

Ikaruga swings her sword again. She protects the blow and tells Shô that she isn't safe in his card. After a few more slices, Erza breaks out because when the slashes went into the card, there was a slight opening that she used to get out of the card. All of a sudden, Erza's armor is cut into pieces, showing that she didn't dodge all of Ikaruga's attacks successfully. She then requips her Heaven's Wheel Armor. The two girls attack each other head on. Erza uses Circle Sword. Her circle of swords comes toward the enemy, but she simply cuts them up and then destroys Erza's armor again. Ikaruga then uses Garuda Flame, and Erza quickly requips her Flame Empress Armor to defend herself. She slams into a wall and charges towards Ikaruga. Her armor again shatters. She is persuaded to use her strongest armor. She requips her Purgatory Armor, and claims that nobody had seen it and lived. Ikaruga quickly slices past Erza, shattering the armor. She gets up and requips a sarashi (long, winding strip of cloth, usually thick cotton, wrapped tightly around the midriff up to the chest) with a flame patterned bottom hakama.

Erza defeats Ikaruga

Erza defeats Ikaruga

Erza explains there is nothing special about her armor. All her life she had locked her heart away in her suit of armor, and that had made her weak and afraid. Now that she wears none, she believes she can defeat Ikaruga. The two ladies charge towards each other, their swords clashing for the final time. Erza's arm gets slashed twice, and her enemy tells her that she has lost. However, Ikaruga realizes she got slashed too. Blood comes out of her heavy wound and she falls to the ground, most likely dead. Her last words tell Sho that there are 15 minutes until the Etherion hits the tower. Erza tells Sho to get everybody else out the tower, claiming that she will fight Jellal and end this.

Erza wants to kill Jellal

Erza pinning down Jellal and preparing to kill him

Erza makes it to the part of the tower where Jellal is. Jellal claims the game is over, and Erza asks if playing with people's lives are fun. Erza claims that she will free her friends. She thinks Jellal is bluffing about the Etherion falling, but he claims that he is not and that either way, she will be a sacrifice for Zeref. Jellal announces there are 7 minutes until the Etherion strikes. He attacks Erza with Shade Magic. She dodges all of them and cuts them up. Jellal then attacks her again, making her fly out the side of the tower. She manages to get back up by jumping on the crumbling rocks. As she swings her sword, she asks why Jellal is damaging his tower so carelessly. Jellal doesn't seem to care, but Erza does, because Sho and her friends spent years making it. He uses his Shade Magic again, hitting Erza.

She manages to break out of it, slices Jellal, and holds him down on the ground. She then tells Jellal he failed at completing the R-System because the tower has no Magic to resurrect. There needs to be 2.7 billion Edeas in order for the tower to activate. Trying to make her give up, he explains how his body was possessed by Zeref and how he is nothing more than a doll doing his bidding.

Erza's anger and hatred towards Jellal

Erza fighting Jellal

He claims it was all over before it had even begun and that nobody could save him. He says he knew he could not finish the R-System, but Zeref would not stop him. He asks Erza to strike him down. She refuses and hugs Jellal as the Etherion hits the tower, completely destroying the outer structure of the tower. Surprised that she is alive after the blast, she looks around and notices there are crystals everywhere and that the structure is an absorption crystal. Jellal explains that the council's Etherion provided the tower with 2.7 billion Edeas, enough to bring Zeref back. Just then, Siegrain shows up and reveals that he and Jellal are the same person, and that he became a council member just to cast the Etherion down on the tower. They both reveal that they are the same person and that Siegrain was just a psychic projection. Now that the two have morphed back together, Jellal’s full Magical power returns. He pushes Erza to the ground.

Binding serpent spell

Jellal casting his Bind Snake spell on Erza

Just then a serpent binding spell stops Erza from moving. It was put on her when she hugged him. Before forcing her into the R-System crystal in order to be sacrificed, he claims that he loved her. Natsu then arrives just in time to pull Erza out. Natsu telld her that they need to go back to work, otherwise they won't have enough money to pay Lucy's rent on time.

Natsu saves Erza

Natsu saves Erza from being a sacrifice for Zeref

Erza tells him that she can't move, which he took advantage of as he comically tickles her. Erza tells Natsu to leave and not fight Jellal, because she is afraid of the consequences that will happen to him. She begs him to do so. Natsu tells Erza that he doesn't get her at all. He then punches her, causing her to faint while mentioning he'll win this fight. Enraged from what had happened, Natsu flares up like never before and goes to fight Jellal. Erza then wakes up to Natsu being blasted by Jellal's meteor attacks.

Erza's sadness

Erza's sorrow after Simon's death

Natsu starts destroying the tower so the resurrection cannot occur. Jellal prepares another attack on Natsu, but Erza gets in front, hoping that he won't attack her. He still prepares to launch it, claiming that it does not matter who the sacrifice is, now that there is so much damage. He launches his attack. Opening her eyes, Erza sees that Simon is in front of her and that he used his body as a shield to protect her. He falls to the ground and Erza runs towards him. He confesses his love for Erza, and then dies. Erza screams in anguish and Natsu continues his battle with Jellal. By eating the Etherion, Natsu manages to defeat Jellal, but the Etherion has already been activated. Sadly, the Tower of Heaven has too much damage to it and is going to let loose all the Magic, which will make everything explode, including Gray, Lucy, and the others outside the tower.

Erza sacrifice

Erza sacrifices herself in front of Natsu

Back in the tower, Erza carries Natsu on her back. She shortly realizes that she needs to be the sacrifice to control the Magic energy and stop the explosion. She then puts her body half-way in the crystal, only for Natsu to wake up and ask her what she is doing. She tells him what she is doing and that she cannot live without Fairy Tail, and cannot imagine a world without her friends. If she dies saving everybody, then she has no regrets; she then offers her body to the R-System so that she can control it. She blanks out completely.

Erza's grave

Erza's Grave

Erza wakes up in a dress, wondering where she is. Everything is white around her. The scene turns to her funeral. Erza realizes that she is dead and that nobody is happy. She is a permanent part of the Magic Council, but nobody seems to care and is just crying. Natsu doesn't believe Erza is dead and refuses to accept it. As everybody cries, Erza realizes that she made a mistake. She says she did this to give them a better future and closes her eyes.

Natsu carrying Erza

Natsu saves Erza

She then wakes up, realizing it was a dream. All of her friends run towards her, and Natsu carries her towards them. He lays her in the water, to which Erza is amazed that he was able to not only find, but also take her out the vortex alive. Natsu stated that they, and everybody in Fairy Tail feel the same way, especially her friends.

Erza comforting Natsu

Erza promising Natsu not to waste her life again

Natsu in tears tells Erza not to do something like that ever again. Erza promises him to do so, and she comes to the realization that she doesn't need to die for her friends, but to live for them, because that is that only way to bring the best future. For the first time since 8 years ago, she cries tears of joy, out of both eyes.

Wally, Millianna and Sho apologize to Erza, saying they didn't want to hurt her. Erza suggests they come to Fairy Tail. She then hears Jellal say she has become strong. She turns around and sees nobody, denying to herself that she heard anything. However, Erza leaves with the impression that Jellal had spoken to her. While they are celebrating their reunion, Erza mentions her belief that once "Zeref"'s spirit left Jellal's body, it was Jellal who directed the Etherion into the sky, preventing all of them from falling into destruction and losing his life in the process.

Erza unamed armor

Erza in the Fairy Tail’s Farewell Armor

Later, Lucy asks where Sho and the others went. Erza dashes out to go look for them. She then realizes that her former comrades decided to leave Erza’s side, saying that they have caused her too much pain for her. Erza then prepares for them the official Fairy Tail’s Farewell Ceremony. After a few promises, she recites the Rules when leaving Fairy Tail, and cries goodbye to them, hoping to see them again someday. After that, Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Erza throw a farewell bash, wishing Sho, Milliana, and Wally well as they depart, finally free and living their own lives.

Fighting Festival ArcEdit

Erza very scary

Never mess with Erza's cake

Erza comes back to the Guild to see it rebuilt and in great condition; but her happiness is interrupted when she finds that Gajeel Redfox had joined Fairy Tail. She voices her concerns with Makarov, but as he gives her his confidence, she petitions to have Gajeel watched.

Later, when a reporter from Sorcerer Magazine comes to Fairy Tail to interview the members, she wears a modified version of her Heart Kreuz Armor. She surprises everyone when she expresses her desire to be interviewed, but after she is done, she goes to Heart Kreuz to voice her concerns about her new armor.

Mirajane, Erza, Cana, Juvia, Levy, and Bisca turned to stone

Erza and the other contestants turned to stone

During the festival, Erza competes for the title of "Miss Fairy Tail", requiping into a beautiful dress that Lucy recognizes as Goth Loli style in front of everyone, and states that victory is hers. However, she is turned to stone, along with all the other Miss Fairy Tail contestants by Evergreen.

Loli Erza

Erza is freed from Evergreen's Magic

Natsu and Gajeel try to turn her back to normal with Natsu's flame, thinking that it would release her from the stone. She does get revived, because her artificial eye halves the effect of Evergreen's Magic, and she promptly beats the two of them. She soon realizes that even Mystogan has arrived to fight Laxus Dreyar, in order to help save the guild.

Never Piss Erza Off

Erza threatens to kill Evergreen

She then goes to town to find Laxus, but encounters Evergreen instead. She threatens Evergreen to release the other girls, but Evergreen is more interested in claiming the title of "Titania" for herself instead. After fighting her for some time, Erza pins her against a wall, Evergreen reveals to her she'll kill the girls if Erza doesn't strip to degrade herself. Erza counters that by requiping into her "Heaven's Wheel Armor" and threatens to kill Evergreen herself if she doesn't revive the girls, and thus, Evergreen concedes and the girls are released.

Laxus vs Erza

Erza fights Laxus

After her fight with Evergreen, both Erza and Natsu find Laxus and Mystogan already fighting in the Cathedral, and she has a shock when she witnesses the true face of Mystogan, which is exactly like Jellal's face. Not knowing it wasn't Jellal, her eyes begin to shed tears and she becomes emotionally unstable for a moment. She recovers from the surprise though and prepares to attack Laxus with her Lightning Empress Armor, but later decides to trust Natsu to stop Laxus, and goes to destroy the Thunder Palace instead to protect everyone in Magnolia.

Erza Fantasia parade

Erza on Fantasia Parade

With the help of Warren Rocko, she communicates with all her comrades, and they help her to destroy the Hall of Thunder's lacrimas. In the end, she manages to take out 200 lacrimas, which are the majority of them. As the festival continues after the whole incident, Erza is seen performing with her swords during the Fantasia Parade while Mystogan watches her.

Oración Seis ArcEdit

Erza begins to try and find out about Mystogan; however, she realizes Makarov knows nothing about him. Stumped, Erza wonders about Mystogan's relationship to Jellal, and why they both have the same exact face.

Fearless Erza trembles

Fearless Erza trembling before she remeets Ichiya

Later, Erza and her team begin to go on a mission to hunt a Mage hunter, but she becomes surprised when she hears Lucy went off to Acalypha and took out the Naked Mummy Guild by herself. Later, after Team Natsu discusses the Balam Alliance with Mirajane and a few other members of Fairy Tail, Makarov reveals that an alliance of guilds has been made in order to take down one of the Dark Guilds part of the Balam Alliance, Oración Seis, and that Fairy Tail is a part of it. Erza, along with Natsu, Gray, Happy and Lucy are chosen as Fairy Tail's representatives. They meet up with the Blue Pegasus Guild delegates, The Trimens that are none other than, Hibiki Laytis, Eve Thylm, Ren Akatsuki, and (much to the girls' chagrin) are met with the delegates' effeminacy, though to Erza's horror, Ichiya Wanderlei Kotobuki is also along. They also meet the delegates of Lamia Scale Guild: Jura Nekis, Lyon Bastia and Sherry Blendi, as well as the delegates of Caitshelter Guild: Wendy Marvell and Charle. As all the delegates get together, Erza follows Natsu and Gray as they run to find the Oración Seis.

Snake bites Erza

Cuberos bites Erza

As the Oración Seis finds them, Erza battles Cobra in a new armor. However, she is bitten by his snake and she suffers from the extreme poison. As Lucy gives Erza her belt to strap on her arm, she begs for someone to cut her poisoned arm off. Lyon steps forward to do this, but this is denied by her fellow Fairy Tail members and an argument erupts. However, Charle explains to them that Wendy, who was kidnapped by Brain, can help her, as her Magic allows her to heal the injured. As the others leave to rescue Wendy, Lucy and Hibiki Laytis stay behind to take care of her. After Natsu arrives with Wendy, she treats Erza and removes the poison. When the others notice the pillar of black light in the sky, Natsu says Jellal is there and rushes forward. In the ensuing confusion, Erza slips away, intending to head towards the pillar, too.

Erza meets Jellal

Erza meets Jellal

Because the others are impeded in fights against the Oración Seis, Erza manages to reach Jellal first, although she is unsure of how to act towards him. To her surprise, she discovers that he has become amnesiac, and is only able to remember her name. As Erza explains who he is and what he did to his comrades, Jellal breaks down in tears upon learning what kind of person he is. Suddenly, Cobra appears and attempts to take Nirvana, but Jellal reveals that he put a Self-Destruction Spell around Nirvana to destroy it. However, he also put the spell on himself so he could end his life, and free Erza from the pain he has caused to her and her comrades.

Jellal revives

Erza gives Jellal a scolding

She doesn't take this too kindly and runs up to him, grabs him and demands that he cancel the spell and live. Moments later, Brain appears, revealing that he taught Jellal the Self-Destruction Spell which he created himself, and easily cancels it, before activating the second stage of Nirvana. Erza and Jellal are caught in Nirvana's skywards eruption, Erza barely hanging onto an edge with one hand and Jellal in the other. She pulls them up, saying that he should live on to see the future as Fairy Tail members do with their connection of "hope". However, she takes time out of her speech to question Lucy, alongside Gray, why she and Natsu are wearing matching clothes.

Erza fights Midnight

Erza fights Midnight

Later, Midnight appears before her and quickly defeats Jellal, revealing his Reflector Magic to her. She tries her best to fight him, but all her attacks are reflected and her armor becomes reflected to confine her. As Midnight tortures Jellal with the truth of his deeds, Erza reassures Jellal that she believes that there is still goodness in him, and requips to a new armor, readying herself for round two against Midnight. She slashes at Midnight, but her attack gets reflected. She then punches him, sending him flying. She claims he has two weaknesses. She reveals that he can't reflect the human body and he starts to strangle her with her armor.

Robe of Yuen

Erza prepares to fight Midnight with new confidence

She then says that his second weakness is that he can't reflect objects in more than one area. He looks above and sees that she had sent multiple swords flying down at him, which pins him to the ground. Also, Erza's armor is an elastic robe, and she is able to overcome his twisting power. Midnight says that at midnight, his refracting gets to his peak as he transforms into a giant monster. He creates a giant explosion and stabs Jellal and Erza.

Erza breaks Midnight's illusion

Erza Defeats Midnight

He is then successfully slashed and defeated by Erza as she reveals his transformation was all just an illusion. Afterwards, she manages to get into contact with the others through Hibiki's telepathy, only to learn that Nirvana is controlled by six different Lacrima Crystals.

After their discussion and planning, Hibiki implants a map to guide them towards the location of each lacrima crystal. Erza says she will handle Lacrima number 5. When Jellal is about to say he'll destroy the 6th Lacrima, she immediately interrupts, saying "You will handle Lacrima number 6" without indicating a name. She whispers to him that Natsu still doesn't know his relation towards the mission and might mistake him as an enemy. When Erza finishes, Natsu answers that he seemed to have heard a familiar voice, which is actually Jellal, but no one seems to reply.

Erza destroys lacrima

Erza destroying one of Nirvana's legs

She is then seen standing in front of the fifth Lacrima, waiting for the appointed time to arrive and destroy it. After Natsu's victory over Zero, the rest of the Mages including Erza manage to destroy all six Lacrima Crystals and Nirvana collapses. Everyone is seen rejoicing as they are reunited. Erza says that she will support Jellal and he doesn´t need to care about his memories. At this moment, they stare at each other and she then says "I...", only for the New Magic Council to interrupt and arrest Hoteye and Jellal for their past criminal acts.

Erza talks to Jellal

Erza asking Jellal on what he'll do in the future

As Jellal willingly gives himself up to the council, Rahal warns him that this will probably be the last time he ever sees them again, for he will either be given the death sentence or life imprisonment. Suddenly, an angered Natsu starts to fight against the council, trying to bring Jellal back for Erza's sake, and states that Jellal is already "one of us". This causes every other Mage to fight for Jellal as well, except for Erza, who could only tremble in anger and watch the chaos. The council is then ordered to capture everyone else, but Erza decides to stop the commotion once and for all, and lets the Council take Jellal away. Jellal looks back at her in relief, but not before he mentions her scarlet hair, which implies that he remembers the time he chose her last name, Scarlet.

Shocked Erza

Erza shocked that Jellal will be arrested

They say their final farewells and as Jellal is taken away, everyone looks on sadly. Erza is later shown alone, crying from both eyes, for the loss of her friend as she remembers when she and Jellal were together as kids. As he leaves, he remembers her last name, "Scarlet", which he picked when they were young. Afterwards, a flashback is then seen with a scenario back at the Tower of Heaven, with Jellal introducing himself with his full name. Wally, an old friend who is now cross-country travelling, said that his name was too long and that it'll be easy to forget. In return, Jellal said that his name, "Wally Buchanan", is hard to remember, too. Wally then asks for Erza's full name and she replied "I am Erza. Just plain Erza." Jellal then said that's kind of sad, and suddenly came to notice her hair. Surprised, Erza turned and demanded to know what he was doing. Jellal Stated

Erza crying

Erza's sadness after she loses Jellal

that her hair was beautifully scarlet, and suddenly decided to name her "Erza Scarlet", with Wally opposing, saying that he shouldn't go naming people just like that.The flashback ends with Jellal saying "Scarlet. It's the color of your hair. That way, I'll never forget it!" She is then seen crying for the loss of her friend as the sky shines in a beautiful scarlet color. Lucy mentions that the beauty of the dawn's sunrise is the likes of which she had never seen before. It is like Erza's hair, warm and passionate. She then says that if only Erza would lift her face, a beautiful sky would spread out upon her.
Wendy and Erza

Erza invites Wendy to join Fairy Tail

Back at Cait Shelter, Lucy and Sherry wear clothes given by the guild members, who offer some to Erza. All she could say to reply is "Ah, that sounds nice." She is then seen comforting Wendy, as Cait Shelter is revealed to be just a mere illusion, and invites her back to Fairy Tail.

Edolas ArcEdit

Erza and Gray return to normal

Erza and Gray Return

After Gildarts Clive tells Natsu he has something to tell him, Erza urges Natsu and Lucy not to take on the Hundred Year quest that Gildarts had recently failed. Later, Erza comments on Bisca Mulan and Alzack Connell getting along well. Erza tells them to treasure these memories so they will not regret them later. Marakov then calls Erza over, telling her that about his choice to pass the Hundred Year Quest to another guild. She agrees with Makarov's decision. Later, the Anima sucks up Fairy Tail into Edolas, including Erza. However, Gajeel releases her and Gray from the lacrima with Mystogan's help. Mystogan then sends them to Edolas with X-Balls that allow Earth Land people to use Magic freely in Edolas.

Erza and Gray comeback

Erza and Gray join the fray

When Erza Knightwalker is about to kill Happy, Erza and Gray bash some of the Edolas Guards and show up, ready to attack, and declare Erza Knightwalker to be an enemy of Fairy Tail. Seeing that her counterpart is about to strike Gray, Erza quickly blocks her counterpart's spear with her sword, and the clash of their weapons causes a huge aftershock. Realizing that her group could not proceed any further than they already have with Knightwalker hot on their tails, Scarlet orders her friends to carry on without her.

Scarlet vs Knightwalker

Erza Vs. Erza

After Gray, Lucy, Charle and Happy leave to find Natsu and Wendy, the two Erzas begin to battle, with both being evenly matched. Scarlet attacks with her arsenal of weapons and armor, while Knightwalker parries with her Magical shape-shifting spear, "The Ten Commandments". Erza then comments on how their Magic is similar, before preparing for another round. The two continue fighting as their scenery changes to a small unstable bridge with bricks falling from above.

Erza dragging Gray and Natsu

Erza dragging Natsu and Gray

Erza Knightwalker is then seen meeting up with Natsu and Gray (after their fights with Hughes and Sugarboy) and captures them. She defeats the both of them and drags them to the Dragon Cannon control room, commenting on how she can see eternal Magic coming. She then orders Gray to active the cannon aiming towards the island, with the threat that she would kill Natsu if he did not comply. Right at the crucial moment, however, Erza Knightwalker suddenly shouts at Natsu to fight, before quickly holding her sword at Faust's throat, revealing herself to be Erza Scarlet, and the entire plan to be a ruse. She then tells the soldiers to move the coordinates to fire at the Lacrima, or she would kill the king.

Faust hostage

Erza Takes Faust Hostage

However, the real Erza Knightwalker vaults over the wall of the control room and frees Faust. Erza is then seen smirking at her Edolas counterpart while the Legion flies off. She then helps everyone to push back the Lacrima Island, enough for Mystogan to send the giant Lacrima back to Earth Land. She witnesses her counterpart shoot Pantherlily, who declares the battle is not over yet. When Dorma Anim shows up, Natsu tells her that he, along with Gajeel and Wendy, would take care of Faust, while she and her group should protect the Exceeds. However, as they try to catch up, Knightwalker ambushes the Legion that they were on. While Lucy, Gray, and Coco fall, Erza merely chains on to another Legion and defeats a couple of Legion squad members herself. As she requips to the Heaven's Wheel armor, the both of them declare that there is only room for one Erza, and the other one must perish.

Scarlet vs Knightwalker

Scarlet vs. Knightwalker Round 2

The second round starts off with Erza unleashing a new attack called Trinity Sword with her Heaven's Wheel Armor, but Knightwalker negates her attack with an orb of gravity (Gravity Core), before splitting her spear into two and attacking Erza with both a fire and ice attack (Blue Crimson). Erza manages to dodge, and requips into her Morning Star Armor. She then fires off an energy blast towards Knightwalker, but her counterpart simply seals it off (Runesave) before managing to score a hit with Silfarion.

Erza fights Erza

Erza fighting Knightwalker with her feet

However, as she is about to round off the fight, Erza exhibits the ability to wield swords with her feet, catching Knightwalker off guard. Erza then comments on how they're both evenly matched, but then Knightwalker decides at that moment to use her trump card, Ravelt. Erza then requips into the Fairy Armor, her strongest armor. As the two Erza's clash, they create an explosion large enough to shatter the entire island, and in the process, Erza's armor is destroyed along with Knightwalker's spear.

Erzas get Physical

Scarlet and Knightwalker get physical

However, even though they both have already run out of Magic, they have a fist fight, while debating about whether it is wrong to extort Magic from Extalia. Erza finally manages to knock some sense into Knightwalker, telling her that they can still survive without Magic, and that it can be overcome. She then tells Knightwalker that they are the same, and as Erza herself has the same evil qualities and weaknesses in Knightwalker, Knightwalker herself has the same compassionate heart as Erza. The falling island then crashes into the ground, and both Erzas no longer have the strength to move. Knightwalker then admits defeat, but Erza denies this, saying that there is no such thing, seeing as they're the same person.
Erza's farewell

Farewell, Erza

With the two Erza's peace made, Anima begins to take Scarlet back to Earth Land. The two Erzas bid one final farewell. After returning to Earth Land, she is surprised to see the Exceeds have arrived in Earth Land, and after hearing about their story, no one has grudge against them. Before saying farewell to the Exceeds, Nichiya hits on Erza, which freaks her out.

Returning to Earth Land

Return to Earth Land!

However, when the Exceeds leave, Erza, along with Gray and Natsu, are surprised when Pantherlily drags out the captured Lisanna from Edolas and wonders why is she on Earth Land. However, Lisanna reveals that she was never dead and she is the Earth Land Lisanna. Erza, alongside Natsu and the others, helps Lisanna to return to her siblings.

Tenrou Island ArcEdit

Sea empress up close

Erza activate her Magic Aura in front of Juvia

Back at Fairy Tail, everybody is acting hyper again. Pantherlily is surprised at how noisy everyone is, and finds it hard to believe that they all have Magical power inside them. Erza explains that's how Mages are in Earthland. She also points out that the Magic isn't important, but the hearts and the people who wield it. Pantherlily tells Erza that it's comforting to see a familiar face like hers, even though she's not the Erza he knew. Later, she is seen practicing her swordsmanship abilities with Pantherlily; they stop when Pantherlily returns to his chibi form. She is seen alongside Makarov, announcing the S-Class Wizard Promotion Trial. It is shown that it was her that didn't let Gajeel participate in the event, feeling it was too early for him.

The Female Knight Didn't hold back

Sorry, but you failed

After the rules are explained, it is revealed that Erza will be participating along with Mirajane and Gildarts. Their main role in the trial is to attempt to hinder the selected teams in some way. After the participants get to Tenrou Island, Makarov tells them there will be eight paths, and of them, seven will result in battles. She waits in path D, and battles both Juvia and Lisanna in a temple ruins of some sort with the Sea King Armor. Despite a valiant fight, Erza easily manages to defeat them. After the first part of the exam is over, she, along with Juvia, Lisanna, and Mirajane, are all seen at the resting camp on the island. While she is cooking, Mirajane breaks to Erza the news that Elfman and Evergreen were getting "married". She starts questioning how and when did it all happen. She then asks of Freed and Bickslow's whereabouts, and learns that they went back to the guild with Gildarts. She also questions why Mest and Wendy weren't at the base, which sends her and Juvia out to look for them.

Later, Erza is seen with Juvia, and the both find an injured Levy McGarden. Erza, with Juvia and Levy, goes to help Gajeel as he had already finished his long battle against Kawazu and Yomazu and won, albeit not without suffering some critical injuries himself. Then, while they are checking up Gajeel's condition, Yomazu announces that The Seven Kin of Purgatory is coming, the aces of Grimoire Heart.

Erza and Juvia vs Meredy

Erza and Juvia vs Meredy

Erza immediately announces that the exam is now on hold, and sends a warning flare signal to the rest of the guild members present on Tenrou Island, loudly declaring that everyone in the guild must enter in a battle formation for a 'code red'-level emergency. Erza requips into her Heartz Kreuz armor.

Erza tells Levy and Juvia that she's going to search for Wendy and Mest, because she thinks they got lost wandering the grounds. She then goes over to Yomazu and asks what their goals are. He refuses to talk, until Erza hits him on the head. He then reveals they are here for the Black Mage, Zeref. He tells them Zeref lived 400 years ago, and has since been in a "slumbering" state. Erza finds that impossible, and asks if he's trying to start some disorder. Yomazu simply tells her The Seven Kin of Purgatory are coming, and she shouldn't underestimate them. When the Grimoire Heart guild arrives on the island, members surround Juvia and Erza, and they prepare to fight them. They easily defeat all the members in their immediate vicinity, but are then confronted by Meredy. Erza warns Juvia not to underestimate her just because she is a kid, saying that she could sense a strange Magic from the girl.

Meredy's Blades surround Erza

Erza surrounded by Meredy's blades

Before they battle, Meredy tells them what Grimoire Heart plans to do with Zeref: to have him rule a world where non-Magic users cannot survive. In her battle with Juvia against Meredy, Meredy attacks them with an attack called Maguilty Sodom, which creates Magic swords that are sent flying towards her and Juvia. The attack manages to pierce Juvia's water body, which causes Erza to question what type of Magic it is. Meredy simply states that to eliminate the enemy is her mission.

As the battle between the three continues, Meredy begins to assault Juvia and states that she will be "13th place". Erza then tells Juvia to step down because she will take care of her, and Meredy replies that Erza will be "4th place". When questioned by Erza as to what her rankings mean, Meredy replies that those are the rankings she decided to kill them in. Meredy then utilizes Maguilty Sodom and attacks Juvia again. Erza then asks why she is after Juvia, and Meredy replies "13 is just trash. I'll take care of her quickly." Meredy then goes on and continues to explain her rankings, and says Gray Fullbuster is first since he killed Ultear's mother. This sparks both Juvia's and Erza's attention. Meredy then tries to use Maguilty Sodom against Erza, but Juvia uses her water to surround and knock all of her blades away. Juvia then says she can't forgive Meredy and with a disturbed look on her face, asks Meredy whose life she was going to take. Erza, with a nervous look, remarks that Juvia should calm down.

Azuma meets Erza

Erza vs Azuma

Juvia proceeds to attack Meredy with astonishing strength. This shocks Erza, who notices that Juvia's fighting is nothing like how she was during the exams. She finally understands that Juvia's true powers come out when she fights for a loved one. Juvia tells Erza that she will handle Meredy and that Erza needs to go find Wendy and Gray. Erza requips down to her swimsuit and leaves as Juvia defends her from Meredy's attack.

As Erza runs around looking for her guildmates, Azuma emerges upside down from a tree and calls out to her. He tells her that he took care of "that little girl", referring to Wendy. Later, she feels Bluenote using his Magic. She begins her fight with Azuma and is seen with her Flame Empress Armor, which negates Azuma's explosion attacks. After requipping a few more armors, she and Azuma battle for a while longer. Azuma comments that he and Erza are the same: they both fight to pursue the strong opponents. Erza, however, replies that she only needed the strength to protect her comrades.

Azuma then states that they are out of time. He activates his Lost Magic and uproots Tenrou Island's tree, which has the ability to protect and give strength to every Fairy Tail member.

Erza almost defeated by Azuma

Erza almost defeated by Azuma

Azuma then tells Erza that her friends' lives are on the line, and to show him if she had enough power to protect them. Erza asks Azuma why she's the only not affected by his daMage to the Tenrou Tree, and he says he wants to fight her when she's serious. Erza says she will defeat him no matter what if he'll return the guild's Magical power; he promises he will do this, remarking that he doesn't like these tactics. Erza starts her attack by using the Heaven Wheel's Armor and "Blumenblatt", which is easily blocked by Azuma, who then proceeds to use "Pholium and Laum Seekers" to attack Erza.

Erza's allies help her

Erza pushed by her comrades

Erza then switches to her Flight Armor, which allows her to land a hit, but on her second attempt, Azuma defends himself, captures Erza, and uses Tower Burst to severely injure Erza. After this, Erza starts to contemplate Azuma's power, remarking on how he's damaged both her Fairy and Purgatory Armor. She decides that she needs to put all her Magical power into one attack without using any power for defense, so she requips to just a sarashi and a single sword. She goes all out using the Crimson Cherry technique, but Azuma is easily able to ensnare Erza before she gets to him, anf uses the Terra Chrymal to defeat Erza. Jellal says her name back in prison as he no longer senses her presence. While Erza is unconscious, she hears Jellal's voice telling her not to lose, and she wakes up, telling herself it's just her imagination and that she needs to focus on Azuma. She attacks him, forcing him on the defense for a bit, but once again, he bind her arms and legs. She then remembers when Jellal gave her her last name back when they were younger. Azuma hits her with another Terra Chrymal,

Erza defeats Azuma

Erza Defeats Azuma

feeling that this is it for her. She then hears Natsu's voice asking her if she was going to give up, and has other visions of her friends in the guild. This gives her the resolve to get back up. She apologizes to them, mentioning that she wasn't protecting everyone but instead, she was the one being protected. As she comes toward Azuma, he is surprised that he has lost control of the Tenrou Island Magic and that it now protects Erza. He thinks to himself that their true strength is not in the individual but the sum of them, and calls them an amazing guild. Erza lands a finishing blow, defeating Azuma.

After defeating Azuma Erza falls to the ground, battle worn, and notices Azuma's body was transforming into a tree. He states that it is a side effect of overusing his Lost Magic. He then tells her that, as promised, he would return everyone's Magic Power to them. She then asks him if he knew a man name Jellal. Azuma states that he does and explains that Jellal is a sad man whose become obsessed with the idea that Zeref ghost exist and that he lost all sense of reason. He then asks Erza did she know him, and she doesn't respond. He then apologizes and states that it was Ultear's plan, and that she did it to get the Magic Council to take their eyes off of Grimoire Heart. He then goes on to explain that Ultear is a truly frightening person. Erza then asks him why they are after Zeref so much, and Azuma states that it is to get closer to the very first Magic in the world, the source of all Magic. Erza then asks what would happen if they found the source and Azuma simply smiles and states that Jellal dreamed of Paradise. Azuma tries to explain further but is completely transformed into trees. Erza attempts to rush towards him but collapses due to fatigue.

Later Erza was seen trying to stand up again. After standing up,Erza helped Gray who almost collapsed and asks him if he's okay. Gray states that it seems that he always needs to be saved by somebody. Erza replies that she's the same, too. Natsu's group arrives, overhears the words said, and with a big grin, Natsu tells them that he is the same too. The reunited Team Natsu, along with Wendy, Charle and Pantherlily, prepares for the final battle against Hades.

Hades tells the group to fight him when ready and returns to his ship.Natsu tells the Exceeds to search for the ship's power source and destroy it in order to prevent it from taking off. After Wendy casts Troia on Natsu as a precautionary measure, Gray uses his Ice Make: Stairs to climb the ship while the Exceeds flies off to find the power source. As the group climbs the stairs, Erza reminds the group that Hades is a powerful Mage and that to use their full power from the start. Everyone agrees and Team Natsu head off to the ship

Natsu start of the battle by sending a fire ball into Hade,but Hade stops his attack with his hand,but is surprised to see Erza and Gray appear right in front of him. Erza, Erza, in her Black Wing Armor, attacks with her Moon Glimpse while Gray attacks with his Ice-Make: Cold Excalibur. Lucy then summons Taurus who attacks Hades while Wendy casts Arms Spell X Armor X Vernier to enhance their attack power, defensive power and speed. With Wendy's support, Erza and Gray continue to attack Hades but miss. With a summoned chain, Hades snags Erza and slams her into Gray.Natsu see it as an opening attack Hade but Hade recover from the attack and attack Natsu with his chain.but Erza cut the chain freeing Natsu, Gray uses his Ice-Make: Hammer to shot Natsu towards Hades. Wendy attacks with her Sky Dragon's Roar and Lucy summons Scorpio who attacks with his Sand Buster. The two attacks combine into a Unison Raid,and surrounds Natsu, boosting his Magic then Natsu attack Hades.

Hades goes flying into a wall and seem the group is victorious. But Hades soon arecovers barely affected, telling the group they made a true mistake in making him their opponent. He then asks if their done with their "warm up" much to the group's shock. Hades then shouts which affects Wendy who suddenly disappears. Leaving only her clothing behind.But it's revealed that Horologium saved her at the last second by forcing his gate open, commenting that since the danger was higher then normal he came out to help,Horologuim's time is spent so he releases a newly clothed Wendy and tells the group to be careful before disappearing.

Everyone prepares to attack again. Hade comments on "Makarov's kids",which made Natsu to ask him if he knew their master,Hade confirm it that he was the second master,a disbelieving Natsu charges,but Hade attack him,before attack Wendy and Gray,then uses his chain on Erza and Lucy ramming them into each other before blowing them up,Natsu tried to help the rest but Hade shoot him in the leg,while shooting Gray and Wendy as well.As Team Natsu lay defeated ,Hade start to belittle Makarov,but Natsu defend Makarov, Hade brutally beat up Natsu,while Erza and the others watch in horror,and yelling at Hade to stop.when Hade was about to finish Natsu off. When the light subsides, Laxus is standing in front of Hades. Having overheard Natsu's last remark about being the old man rival,he attacked Hades.

After Laxus fails at beating Hades, and gives his Magical power to Natsu, Erza remarks how the situation was similiar to when Natsu ate the Etherion. After Natsu attacks Hades with his Lighting Flame attacks, Erza is shocked to see Hades is still okay. Hades then removes his eye patch and shows the group the "Abyss of Magic", which transforms Hades and increases his Magical power drastically Hades tells the group none of them are worthy enough to walk the path of Magic, or to live in the Ultimate Magic World. After displaying his Living Magic spells, Erza starts to shake in fear. Natsu then tells the group to use that fear to become stronger. Erza understands and helps launch Natsu at Hades, even though none of them have Magical power left. Natsu and Hades's final collision ends with the ship exploding. Natsu prevails punching Hades in the face. Hades doesn't know how he lost, until he feels that his heart had been destroyed somewhere on the ship. He reveals his heart was the only thing that let him use all his Magic. Wendy shows Erza, Gray, and Lucy that the Tenrou tree is back up, which was thanks to Ultear's Arc of Time. After Lucy, Gray and Wendy attack Hades, Erza uses Pentagram Sword on him. Laxus then attacks, and then Natsu, which finally defeats Hades.After the battle, Erza and the others head back to the camp to rest.

Their rest, however, is cut short when Acnologia arrives and attacks the guild members. Erza watches as Makarov holds the beast off and tells his guild members that his final order is for them to escape. She heeds his order and she attempts to flee Tenrou Island. However, she, along with the rest of Fairy Tail, comes back and attempts to fight Acnologia. When Acnologia flies into the air and prepares to use some sort of Dragon Breath, the entire guild grabs hands and gives all their Magic Power to Freed in an attempt to negate the attack. They fail and Tenrou Island is destroyed, and they are never found.

Current Events-X791Edit

Erza along with the rest of the others are rescued by Bisca, Alzack, Jet, Droy, Max, Warren and the Trimens from Blue Pegasus. She watches as Mavis Vermilion reveals that she was the one who saved them and then disappears. She returns to the Fairy Tail Guild and, along with Natsu, Gajeel, and Gray, defeats the members of Twilight Ogre who were threating Romeo and is later welcomed back by Romeo.

Erza and Mirajane

Getting ready to beat up Twilight Ogre

Erza joins their welcome back party, and is surprised to hear the Bisca and Alzack have gotten married and have a child. Erza is later confronted by the couple again in Magnolia Town, and they reveal startling information about Jellal to Erza. Later, Erza, along with Mirajane, accompanies Makarov to the Twilight Ogre Guild to pay them back, though it wasn't for money. She dons her Purgatory Armor and she, along with Makarov and Mirajane, proceed to fight the entire guild.

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Erza's Requip

Requip: The Knight: Erza uses Requip, a type of Magic that swaps weapons, armor and clothes at will. Her main Requip is called The Knight. She is noted for her ability to requip extremely fast and is the only sword wizard known to be capable of requipping weapons and armor while fighting, something which made her well known throughout the Kingdom of Fiore and Magnolia Town, earning her the epithet "Titania".

Sword Magic: As the name implies, this is a type of Magic which revolves around the use of swords. Erza is capable of performing different Magical attacks through the use of specific armours of hers, which can make her deadlier in melee or, when combined with her Telekinesis, allow her to target opponents which are out of her physical range.

Erza telekenisis

An immobilized Erza using Telekinesis

Telekinesis: Erza's first use of Magic as a child was to levitate discarded weapons from the ground and launch them at her enemies, something which she did inadvertenly, due to the shock caused by Rob's death. Erza's most common use of Telekinesis comes with her Sword Magic, in which she can perform different attacks by controlling her swords remotely. In the anime, she was shown employing this kind of Magic for a different purpose, during her fight with Jose Porla: when Phantom Lord's Master was torturing her and had her immobilized with his Darkness Magic, she once again employed Telekinesis to lift her fallen sword without touching it in an attempt to commit suicide and stop the pain; however, she was saved by Makarov's arrival before she could do so.

Erza's Swordsmanship

Erza displaying her swordplay with dual weapons

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Erza's skills in swordsmanship are of the highest caliber. Her offensive capabilities mainly come from her swordsplay, which enables her to effectively utilize the weapons that her Requip provides. She is even capable of employing her swords effectively using her feet, by wielding their hilts between her hallux and second toe. Her swordsmanship is enough for her to slash through Aria's presumably intangible airspaces, and to deflect hundreds of needles which were shot at her by Evergreen with relative ease. In addition, her sword slashes possess so much force behind them that they are able to slice through metal using only the air pressure from the swings.

Immense Endurance: Erza has been shown to possess tremendous endurance. After using up all of her Magic power during her fight with Azuma by focusing it all in a single slash, she was still able to join the battle against Hades, requipping different armors and performing combo attacks with her teammates.

Immense Durability: Erza has also proved herself to be highly durable: with the aid of her Adamantine Armor, she was able to take the brunt of the Magical Convergent Cannon - Jupiter on herself, and then go on to defeat Aria, an S-Class Mage, and fight Jose Porla, the Phantom Lord Guild Master and a former member of the Ten Wizard Saints, after a brief amount of time. While clad in her Heaven's Wheel Armor, she was capable of taking on the counter effect of 200 Lacrima orbs from Laxus’ Thunder Palace, and she was also able to survive the highly-damaging Terra Chrymal twice, and still manage to continue to fight and defeat Azuma. She alo in DWS has taken direct hits from Dark Emperor's Zanpakuto but has very little damage to her.

Enhanced Strength: In stark contrast with her slim and womanly figure, Erza possesses a large amount of physical strength, having been repeatedly shown capable of lifting and dragging around objects many times her own size and weight, most prominently due to her habit of carrying around vast amounts of luggage. She was also able to send Midnight flying against a wall, several meters away from both of them, with a flick of her wrist.

Keen Intellect: Erza has proven herself to be clever and to possess a thorough knowledge of the Magic world: she was able to figure out why the people of Galuna Island were changing into demons (or thought they were) after only a brief period on the island, and could work out the mechanics behind Midnight’s Reflector Magic after being struck by it only few times, something which even got her praise from Jellal Fernandes.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Despite favoring the use of her various weapons, Erza has proven herself to be a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. She was able to knock Sho unconscious with a single kick while she was bound to a wall. She was also able to engage Erza Knightwalker in an unarmed fight after all of their weapons were shattered in their previous battle, attacking her counterpart with powerful punches and performing throws and takedowns to push her away. She is even able to mix hand to hand combat with her swordsmanship while in battle


Erza owns over 100 different types of armor, and well over 200 different weapons. Below are a list of those known.

Erza in her main armor

Heart Kreuz Armor

Heart Kreuz Armor: Made by the popular fashion brand Heart Kreuz specifically for her, this is Erza's casual armor, which she is mostly seen wearing. This armor sports a breastplate now composed of a single piece of metal, decorated by curved lines and by a deformed version of Heart Kreuz's mark, with the cross' right arm extending to the right part of Erza's chest, and the added mark of Fairy Tail located under the cross itself, which is now lacking the brand's name. Her shoulderguards are large and her waistguard is composed of two plates. She has plated gauntlets extending up her elbow and an armored collar circling Erza's neck and leaving the front side open, made up by protrusions similar to the ones on her elbows.

Heavens Wheel Armor

Heaven's Wheel Armor

Heaven's Wheel Armor: The breastplate of this armor is small composed of feather-shaped plates pointing upwards, which cover only Erza’s breasts, revealing a fair amount of her cleavage and sporting a large metal flower on the front, extending down along her hips, exposing her belly and navel as well, and reaching up to her pauldrons, again composed of feather-shaped plates pointing upwards. Her biceps are covered by straps seemingly made of metal, and her very large plated gauntlets sport feather-shaped plates at the edges. Around her waist she has a series of extremely large, decorated plates circling it completely, still reminiscent of feathers, which is sported over a very long and flimsy skirt with decorated edges, under which her large, plated boots are partially hidden, each sporting two small, metal ornaments shaped like wings. Erza also wears a neck guard made of feather-like plates around her neck, more reminiscent of a necklace, and, true to her nickname, a tiara with prominent, jutting metal wings extending upwards above her head. The most visible trait of the armor, however, are the two pairs of large metal wings which adorn Erza’s back when she dons it, composed of metal feathers which get longer and larger as they approach the edges. The armor's weapons of choice are a pair of long swords, each sporting a gem on its handguard, which is shaped like a group of leafs. In the anime, however, the handguards instead resemble wings, and the blades, which in the manga are plain, get intricately decorated by blue motifs.

  • Flight: While wearing this armor, Erza seemingly gains the ability to fly for short distances
  • Sword Requipping: Erza is able to summon a large amount of swords (roughly more than 200), and launch weapons at her opponent(s) in a variety of differrent ways. The armor is meant to be used for facing multiple opponents.
  • Blumenblatt: Erza will requip a mass amount of swords, and then charge at her opponent and slice him or her with two of her swords. Then she will fly past her enemy and send the swords she requipped into the enemy at the same time.
  • Circle Sword:Erza requips swords and has them circle around her by utilizing the commnad, "Dance, My Blades". The swords then begin spinning rapidly around Erza and she sends them flying towards her opponent(s) in a disc formation at first and upon impact the swords seperate and fly in different directions dealing great damage.
  • Trinity Shot: While in her Heavens Wheel Armor, Erza slashes the opponent in a delta formation.

Black Wing Armor

Black Wing Armor

Black Wing Armor: As its name implies, this armor is black in colour, sporting some silver trimming. The silver-edged breastplate reveals a fair amount of Erza’s cleavage and belly, with plates flanking her hips and reaching down to her very large waistguard, composed of very long, silver-edged plates somehow shaped like feathers and decorated by silver crosses. The waistguard leaves the front of Erza’s body exposed, with her groin being covered by a dark indument. Her large shoulderpads, each composed of two silver-edged plates one over the other, sport silver crosses on them too, and flank the high collar, whose shape is reminiscent of that of a dress. The slim gauntlets come equipped with prominent protection for her hands, and sport silver parts in a pattern reminiscent of straps; the plates guarding her legs are sliver-edged on her thighs and knees, but pitch black dark on her metal greaves. A distinctive feature of the armor is its pair of wings, which are reminiscent of those of a dragon or a bat, with black metal "arms" acting as the wings' leading structure, but with the parts used to fly being composed of a membrane-like material. Around Erza’s neck is a neck guard decorated by several gems, and, while wearing this armor, her long scarlet hair is tied up in a high ponytail, with two bangs framing her face. The armor comes equipped with a long, dark sword with a menacing look.

  • Flight: This armor seems to grant Erza the ability to fly around for short distances.
  • Increased Offense: This armor increases Erza's offensive capabilities, and she uses it in conjunction with any number of weapons to deal her enemy great damage
  • Moon Glimpse: Erza rushes past her target, slashing them in a cross pattern. This spell was first used in her battle against Hades

Flame Empress Armor

Flame Empress Armor

Flame Empress Armor: Protecting Erza from fire, this armor has dark red as its predominant colour, but also sports orange and black parts, with the first ones being shaped like flames and the second being reminiscent of dragon’s limbs. It’s basically made up of three different parts: the breastplate, the gauntlets and the greaves. The breastplate lacks pauldrons, revealing Erza’s shoulders, and extends down to cover Erza’s groin, revealing her legs and being somehow reminiscent of a one piece swimming suit, with an orange part covering her breast and another one circling her waist like a belt; the black parts on it are mostly decorative, with one covering her groin. The gauntlets sport prominent orange decorations, along with small claw-like protrusions on the hands. The greaves are shaped like dragon’s claws, possess orange-coloured knee guards, and black parts which extend up from the knees to the upper part of the thighs. The breastplate possesses a pair of dragon-like wings attached to it, and, while donning this outfit, Erza’s hair is tied into a pair of high, long pigtails by clips resembling dragon’s horns. This armor comes equipped with a large bastard sword which is predominantly dark red in colour, but sports orange decorations on its handguard.

  • Flame Resistance: This armor lowers the destructive power of flame attacks by 50%, and it is strong enough to protect Erza against the effects of Ikaruga's Garuda Flame.
  • Fire Magic: In the anime & DWS, this armor grants Erza the ability to shoot fire.
  • Flame Slash: While in the Flame Empress Armor, Erza collects flames around the sword and then attacks attacks the target. (Anime & DWS Only)

Giant Armor

The Giant's Armor

The Giant's Armor: True to its name, this golden armor has a somehow barbaric look to it, given the large amount of fur trimmings present on it. The breastplate differs a little in the manga and anime version, but in both sports a cross in correspondence to Erza’s belly, a medallion similar in shape to a four-leaf clover attached to a large stranded band around her neck, and a skirt, covering the upper part of Erza’s legs, made of plates and donning fur-lined edges. The curved, decorated pauldrons are very large, point upwards and possess fur trimmings on the lower edges too, just like the large gauntlets which are seen sprouting from under them to completely cover Erza’s arms. The greaves have fur sprouting from both the knee and the ankle areas; the knee guards sport jutting metal ornaments reminiscent of dragon’s wings, and the plates covering part of Erza’s thighs are held up by straps tied behind her legs. The armor is completed by a headgear with the appearance of a pair of large metal ears. The armor works great in combination with the Evil Crushing Spear, a long and elaborated polearm sporting a cross just like the one on the armor.

In the anime & DWS, the armor receives some changes, with parts of it becoming black or being rendered clothed instead of armored, and her greaves being much larger in correspondence to Erza’s forearms and hands.

  • Enhanced Strength: This armor increases Erza's strength in the form of her throwing power. It was first used when Erza threw her spear at the "moon" above Galuna Island.

Adamintine Armor

Adamantine Armor

Adamantine Armor: The anime portrayal of this armor is quite different from the manga one. In the manga, the Adamantine Armor is shown to possess a mildly dark color, and “devilish” features. The breastplate is composed of different plates joined together, with four, prominent tube-like ornaments on the front, right above her breasts, below the high armoured collar. The shoulder pads are very large and sport prominent plates shaped like spikes, protruding from a far darker part which composes the base of the structure; the gauntlets are very large too, composed of plates, and get tighter near Erza’s wrists. The waistguard is composed of what looks like chainmail, with prominent metal spikes attached to it and hanging downwards, and the greaves reach up to the upper part of Erza’s exposed thighs, with the knee guards sporting prominent, decorative horn-shaped protrusions on the sides. The armor is completed by a helmet which covers the top and the sides of Erza’s face, leaving the back part of her head exposed, and sporting prominent spikes jutting outwards.

In the anime, the armor is depicted as whitish silver and light blue, with a much more “high-tech” design, rounder spikes, large spheres covering the upper parts of her hands and no sign of chainmail, with the waistguard being formed by plates, and Erza’s legs under it completely covered by black, tight-fitting pants. The anime also adds a pair of enormous shields to the armor, one for each arm.

  • Enhanced Defense: This armor is the ultimate, high-level defensive stance. While wearing it, Erza is able to withstand the Magic beam fired by the Phantom Lord's Jupiter Cannon, despite her receiving injuries and the armor breaking in the process.
  • Magic Barrier: The armor features two shields on the arms, which can be brought together to generate a large Magical barrier. (Anime & DWS only)
  • Flight: While wearing this armor, Erza gains the ability to fly for short distances. (Anime & DWS only)

Purgatory Armor

Purgatory Armor

Purgatory Armor: Arguably Erza’s most “devilish”-looking outfit, the anime depiction of this dark-colored armor differs greatly from the manga, in which it’s far more elaborated. The breastplate sports a light trimming adorned by many rounded spikes, while the ones circling the high collar are much more menacing and dark, with the ones placed on the highest part being larger than the others. Her massive pauldrons, composed of three plates placed one over the other, are covered in yet even larger spikes, decorated by concentric stripes which make them resemble horns, jutting outwards, and bear similarities with the ones hanging from the numerous plates which form the armor’s waistguard, with the highest ones being attached to a striped belt with a similarly spiked buckle. The gauntlets possess smaller spikes protruding backwards on their edges, and the upper parts of Erza’s arms are covered by what looks like some form of chainmail. Her legs are completely covered too: the plates protecting Erza’s thighs sport rounded spikes similar to the ones on the breastplate, while her graves are adorned by the same spikes which cover her shoulder pads, with the ones jutting out from the sides of her knee guards being instead smaller and curved. When using this armor, Erza’s hair becomes styled in very prominent spikes pointing outwards in every direction, with her right eye being covered by it and a devilish shadow obscuring the upper part of her face. The armors design was altered slightly in the anime.

Seemingly Erza's second most powerful armor, before her fight with Ikaruga she claimed that "None had seen the armor and lived to tell the tale." Its true power is not seen, however, as it was destroyed almost instantly by Ikaruga.

Lightning Empress Armor

Lightning Empress Armor

Lightning Empress Armor: When donning this golden and light bluish armor, Erza’s appearance resembles that of an armored Greek goddess of sort. The breastplate is decorated by golden trimmings, and has thin plates going up to surround Erza’s neck; the similarly adorned pauldrons are composed of two plates one over the other, with the top ones each sporting a prominent protrusion. Similar protrusions, although less prominent, can also be seen on the armored gauntlets which cover the entirety of Erza’a arms; the greaves, on the other hand, possess matching protrusion on them, with a particularly large pair adorning the knee guards, but are instead composed of plates attached to simple, thigh-high boots with high heels. The armor lacks a waistguard, instead sporting a decorated cloth hanging down from the breastplate to cover Erza’s groin, sporting a single piece on the top front and three on the back, which are decorated by large spheres with fur-like ornaments hanging from them. When using this armor, Erza’s head gets adorned by a band with two ribbons on it, and her hair gets styled in a long braid. Also, the armor’s weapon of choice seems to be a long spear, with a very large blade and a decorated circle resembling a shield attaching it to the shaft, which is adorned by a large ribbon. All these features strengthen the Greek appearance of the armor.

In the anime, the armor underwent some minor changes, with the protrusions on it becoming more marked, prominent and numerous, her biceps and her back being exposed, and the plates covering the upper part of her chest disappearing in favour of a metal collar around her neck.

  • Lightning Resistance: This armor lowers the destructive power of lightning attacks. However, despite her having managed to block his only attack in the anime, a master of Lightning Magic like Laxus Dreyar claimed that such armor would be useless before his attacks.
  • Lightning Magic: In the anime & DWS, this armor grants Erza the ability to attack her foes with lightning
  • Lightning Beam: Erza fires a blue beam of lightning towards her opponent from the tip of the armor’s spear. (Anime & DWS Only)
  • Multiple Lightning Beams: Similar to Lightning Beam, but with several attacks being fired at the same time from the Magic Seal formed on the spear’s tip. (Anime & DWS Only)

Flight Armor

Flight Armor

Flight Armor: Featuring very few armored parts, this armor is more like a fancy attire bearing reminiscence to a cheetah. Its breastplate takes the form of a very revealing, armoured cheetah-patterned top, with some bare armor protruding from the upper part of it, in correspondence to Erza’ breasts, and some fur lining the lower edges. There’s no waistguard, with the armor instead sporting a pair of revealing black short, with a belt holding a cloth hanging over Erza’s left leg attached to them; the arms are covered by dark armbands reaching up just below Erza’s shoulders, with Erza’s left arm being protected by cheetah-patterned armor, consisting of a single pauldron and a wide arm guard. Her legs are covered in similar stockings reaching up to her thighs, with armored, asymmetric high-heeled boots over them: yet again, the left leg is the more armored one, with the boot reaching up to the knee, which is protected by a cheetah-patterned knee guard; the right leg, on the other hand, is covered by a boot only reaching up to part of Erza’s calf. The outfit is completed by a large collar around Erza’s neck and by a tail hanging from the back of her shorts, both made of bushy fur, plus a pair of large cheetah’s ears adorning both sides of Erza’s head. When wearing this armor, Erza is equipped with a pair of shortswords with elaborate handguards similar to a rapier's, shaped like rose's thorns.

  • Enhanced Speed: This armor increases Erza's speed dramatically, to the point where she could match Erza Knightwalker's speed while the latter was using Silfarion. She was also able to keep up with Racer despite being under the effects of his Slowing Magic.

Erza's Robe of Yuen

Robe of Yuen

Robe of Yuen: An armor that is more of a beautiful Japanese attire reminiscent of a revealing kimono. It consists of a short sleeveless tunic decorated by many flower motifs, with a revealing cleavage and revealing opening on the sides, exposing much of Erza’s chest, held closed by both a large, dark obi, which has a thin red rope tied around it and sports a wide closing ribbon on the back, and by a lighter, smaller white belt, which are both wrapped around a pink, flower-patterned cloth circling Erza’s waist on the back and the sides. On the front, her groin is covered by a long cloth hanging down from her tunic, while the back is circled by another one, almost reaching down to her knees, which sports jagged edges. Erza’s legs are covered by dark stockings reaching up to her thighs, and she also wears simple sandals. In the manga, the attire sported a separate, loose flower-patterned sleeve with a thin rope tied around it, covering Erza’s right arm; this, however, was left out in the anime, were she instead has both forearms covered in bandages. The flowers on her attire were also removed in favour of simpler motifs. The outfit comes equipped with a bisentō, a large Japanese polearm reminiscent of an halberd, with two small holes on its blade.

  • Elastic Properties: This armor is elasticated, something which prevented Midnight’s Reflector Magic from securely binging Erza or strangling her using it.

Morning Star Armor

Morning Star Armor

Morning Star Armor: This armor, which seems to be mainly composed of a leather-like material, sports many feather-shaped decorations, including the short cape, the pauldrons protruding from under it, and the cloth circling Erza’s waist, held up by a simple belt on the front. She dons a one piece suit revealing her legs, whose upper part is covered by fishnet leggings, and with high-heeled armored greaves with large knee guards covering her calves. Her arms are heavily armored as well. In this outfit, Erza’s hair is styled in tangled buns on top of her head, and she’s armed with a pair of simple swords with cross-shaped handguards, getting larger near the edges, and blades which seem to lack the standard cutting edges.

  • Photon Slicer: By pointing the twin swords towards her opponent, Erza is capable of releasing a large blast from them.

Armadura Fairy Armor

Armadura Fairy Armor

Armadura Fairy: The strongest armor as declared by her counterpart Erza Knightwalker. This armor has the name of her guild to symbolize her pride of being a member of Fairy Tail. It’s a pink armor with a simple breastplate joined to the collar, which sports a heart between two wings-shaped decorations; the pauldrons possess a similar structure, with the two plates constituting each of them being surmounted by small wings. The gauntlets cover her arms completely, with prominent feather-shaped decorations pointing backwards in correspondence to her wrists. The waistguard is made up of plates attached to the breastplate, with a belt around Erza’s waist, and a short, pinkish white skirt covering her upper thighs. Her greaves reach up to the middle parts of her bare thighs, possess feather-like ornaments on the upper edges and below her knee guards, which have similar motifs carved on them, and each sports a pair of small wings, one attached to the knee guard and one in correspondence to Erza’s ankles. The armor is completed by a large tiara adorning Erza’s head, with feather-shaped protrusions jutting out from it, and by a large pinkish white cape. Also, when Erza requips it, her hair get styled in a pair of braids. The armor’s weapons of choice are a pair of identical swords, sporting large and decorated handguards reminiscent each of a pair of wings, and with the blades protruding near the hilts to house additional decorative motifs.

  • Fairy Piercing Sword: Erza charges her swords with energy and hits the target with a powerful lunge. This attack was strong enough to break Knightwalker's strongest spear, Ravelt, shattering an entire island in the process. (Unnamed)

Sea Empress armor

Sea Empress Armor

Sea Empress Armor: This armor is green in color with bluish parts. The breastplate, which barely covers Erza’s breast, leaving her belly and her back visible, somehow resembles seaweed, and has some thin chains hanging from it over Erza’s exposed parts, with a pair siding her breasts and another the belly; a fifth chain is visible around her neck, which is guarded by the large collar. The breastplate is linked to the pauldrons, composed of green plates and decorated by prominent ornaments that look like fins. The gauntlets cover only Erza’s forearms, leaving her biceps exposed, and possess decorated elbow guards with ornaments jutting out in whirl shapes. The armor lacks a waistguard; instead, Erza’s groin is covered by revealing dark shorts, and a long cloth, with its edges that look like fins, circles her waist on the back and the sides, being connected to the shorts by a pair of fasteners shaped like sea stars. The greaves possess fin-shaped protrusions in correspondence to Erza’s ankles, and extend up to her knees, with her thighs being instead covered by jagged parts made of cloth. The outfit is completed by a headgear, with a large metal part covering her forehead, bearing a whirl-shaped wave on it, and large fin-shaped protrusions siding her head. The armor comes equipped with a long sword which seems to be made of crystal, with many small crystals jutting out in every direction from the handguard.

  • Water Resistance: According to Lisanna, this armor nullifies water attacks. It has been shown to be able to withstand Juvia's water attacks.

Seduction Armor

Seduction Armor

Seduction Armor: Erza’s most revealing armor, which is more like an extremely daring maid outfit, fitting its name. It’s composed of a long light apron, tied behind Erza’s neck and back, worn over her bare chest, and thus revealing much of her breasts’ sides, paired with dark panties, exposing much of her buttocks, and long stockings, reaching up to the middle parts of her thighs. There are no shoes, and Erza’s head is adorned by a maid hat. The only visible armored parts are the gauntlets, which extend up to the middle parts of Erza’s biceps, where ribbons are tied around her arms, and sport heart-shaped elbow guards. The armor comes equipped with a simple sword which bears a writing on the blade, this being "Come on", plus an unseen word starting with "b", most likely an alluring invitation.

A recently bought armor of Erza, its specific effects are unknown, though, due to Erza's curvaceous figure, it's probably supposed to act similarly to Charm.

Farewell Armor

Farewell Fairy Tail Armor

Farewell Fairy Tail Armor: Unlike most other armors, this one is given a much more elaborated appearance in the anime than it is in the manga. In the manga, its breastplate is fairly plain, with the waistguard attached to it being similar to the one in Erza’s second Heart Kreuz Armor, composed of simply two hanging plates, paired with a ruffled cloth sprouting from under it over some chainmail; all of which surmount a long skirt, reaching down to Erza’s knees and covering the rather featureless greaves. The gauntlets, covering the entirety of her arms, are similarly unadorned, with only her pauldrons, composed of overlapping plates, having some decorations over the upper plates, taking the form of wings. On the other hand, the long spear which comes with the armor sports intricate decorations on the shaft and the massive head, together with a flag bearing Fairy Tail’s symbol, plus what looks like a laurel wreath, tied to it by two slim ribbons. The anime design of this armor differs from the manga. Erza was seen donning this armor in order to bid farewell to her friends from the Tower of Heaven before their departure.

Artificial Eye: While enslaved as a child to build the Tower of Heaven, Erza lost her right eye during punishment for an escape attempt. After she joined Fairy Tail, Makarov took her to see Porlyusica , who created an artificial eye for her. Erza couldn't cry out of it. The artificial eye cannot be affected by Magic. Erza could look into Evergreen's eyes with the artificial eye without being affected. It could also see that Midnight was creating an illusion. According to Erza, Magic that affects the eyes doesn't work on her.