Titans are beings who surpassed Gods and even Devils. There are beings who have unlimited Demonic and Dark power. They hardly have any weaknesses and have variety of powers that could destroy countless worlds in the series. Titans are praticully indestructible and invincible and are the Creators of all Worlds Exsistance. They are also The Beginning and The End. Theier powers are so destructive they could bring forth an Apocalpyse in a mere second. Titans also can die but will just return a year or several years later a thousand times more powerful and if they were sealed they would return years later and still be a thousand times more powerful then they were in the last Generation. Titans are by far the most sadastic cruel and highest powerful that has ever and will exist ever. They are by far the highest ranking force of all time. Only the most evil and villanous being of all time can become one. A Titans something that not only surpasses the power of God but is the all-time physical manifestation of everything and beyond infinite. Titans are everything and nothing, the mixture and creation of everything that has ever existed and the nothingness that has never existed in all imagination mixed together in compete power od perfection. They are everything and nothing. Invincible beings, Forces in shape that take form of the most powerful entities. Titans can never really be killed, only sealed for a short period of time before they eventuall rise again more powerful than ever. The Titans are the representation of inevitable. Darkness will always end up winning in the end. Only evil beings have the capabilities of becoming a Titan because Titans are all powerful dark forces, they are evil and the darkness and evil of all bad things in the shape of beings and they are constantly getting stronger due to the fast paced corruption of everything and man kind. They are creators and have way more freedom and capabilities than any mere God. A Titan literally is everything and nothing. While most people tend to forget the almighty invincible power of a Titan as opposed to a God, Gods are only a commander and creator of few compared to the almighty power of a Titan, something that has authority over everything with no limits and is the commander of all and chaos itself. Gods don't stand a chance and are generally way weaker. Titans have larger authority over everything and are basically chaos itself with more freedom. There are two ways to become a Titan and in a way it makes Gods way more vaulnarable and weaker. A natural way is for a villain to become so evil and powerful like Soifon and Vaati that they have the authority to do anything they want and become all powerful Titans. Or A Titan Lord (A Titan that becomes so powerful for a long time) can offer a villain to become a Titan when chosen wisely for a chaotic honor. Once they become Titans there power is competely endless fufilled by darkness. Like Sweet Tooth or Aizen or Cooper. A Titan can have limitless power. Most to all in which can obliterate even the most powerful God in one single careless blow like a Shadow Dragon. Only villains like Dark Lord have the authority to turn to Titans naturally, if a hero tries to turn into a Titan the hero will end becoming corrupt, invincible, but still very evil. No one can stand against a Titan. Titans are a single minded and barely if never argue, even the weakest of a Titan can destroy and create universes. Unlike Gods who create there own limited powers in order, Titans create there own limitless order with limitless dark powers to create a perfect union and since everyone thinks within the same medium mind of chaos there can be no corruption and betrayl within a Titan army since they are everything including corruption. Gods and mortals can be corrupted and killed Titans are 100% invicible. Only the loyalist of villains can become Titans like Dark Emperor, Aizen, Soifon, and Vaati. Beings like Typhon are especially powerful Titans. In the end Titans of chaos will always win and the mortals and gods always lose. A Titans appearnce are about as almighty they sound like and can be. A Titan can basically be anything everything it wants to be without and limits, they can even be more than one person in one time, they can take form of an unlimited all-powerful invincible army without and single flaws. Perfection is the goal they have been achieving yet they are never satified and wanna go beyond perfection and infinite flawessness through almighty glorified chaos.They simply want all power of chaos and more.A Titan can also posses as much people as they want depending on how they feel and so forth with no limitations.Sometimes they get so powerful it even bores them yet they still want more power. It's an obssession now. A true Titan form baiscally looks a humanoid or animal formed by pure all-powerful charge of unlimited energy with no human weaknesses.Just amebas that can turn to anything they want and take the shape of anything with pure elmental power over everything without limit and can gradually get stronger over time especially during corruption and after sealings. Titans seem to be by far the most powerful and dark and flawess sort of being of all time of everything and in Darkness Within Shadow the battle between good and evil is put to the ultimate test. Now the forces of good are fighting a war they cannot win at all. Performing a fight they cannot win. Even there most powerful Gods of good are no match for even the most flawed of evil foot soldiers or Titans. They are literally battling a force they cannot win. And the weapon that was used to seal the Titans eons ago doesn't work, even if they did get lucky to power the weapon up and seal the Titans again with a powerful pure angels sacrifice what will happen in the next generation? What will be the hope of the next generation. Simple there is none, for the Titans and the Lords will appear more flawess then ever. Titans are not only the most powerful form of all creatures but by far the most intelligent, there intelligence is just as limitless as there power in fact even some like Vaati or Cooper tend to rely slighlty more on intelligence than power. Still that doesn't stop them from being extremly dangerous and enough to topple civilizations and Gods. Mostly due to the fact that they are connected to everything so there mind can read with anything, even with there opponents which make them impossible to defeat especially one on one since they can topple, create, and conquer dimensions to the thousands. Titans are independent and serve only themselves in the line of darkness never to fall under someone weaker than them but Gods, only as manipulation. Nothing out there known is nearly as powerful enough to defeat Titans, there power ranks to the unlimited of darkness and chaos. Even with an unlimted power and an army of Gods and Light they never defeat the Titans and even if they did which would be very unlikely they would never in million or billion years be able to stop the next generation of Titans for they get stronger and smarter drastically and can manipulate the flows of space and time. But that is perhaps they can never die. In fact the Titans had only lost once at one moment and that's mainly because the Gods just lucky because of Zeus's foolish betrayl over his brother. And with that the Titans still one over in the end due to the fact that Zeus that the Gods had just simply given into the corruption toward Zeus and mortals became so corrupt to defy the Gods that eventually the chaos won over with the unjust corruption and the Titans broker out more powerful than ever and had eventually won over in the end thanks to corruption and chaos. In the darkness always wins and the Titans are proof of that. While Titans are independent and can fight fleets of infinites all by themselves easily they are very oddly enough loyal to eachother. None can be corrupted betrayed because they are everything, they are corruption and they are unable to that to eachother. Plus all share the same exact thoughts of darkness because they all incarnations to darkness and chaos and all think and like and respect eachother under the same exact roof. They cannot betray eachother nor do they ever wish to or want, while they are all chaotic they are logic thinker and can easily fend for themselves as well as team up with eachother perfectly and will agree on everything and respect the masters. While some may get into minor disagreements that still could never compare to the amount of perfect teams they have accomplished. And like the steadly increasing victory of the darknessm the Titans are getting more powerful and increase in numbers. The Titans only really have one true ritual and that is feasting upon the opponents like cannibalsm. Some like sacrifices, some for hunger, others for the fun. A normal Titans is at least supposed have performed one cannibal festing in there exestance. Insane Titans like Vaati or Sweet Tooth make a living off of that. Soifon however is someone who's more serious and into war a little more. The former Titan King Kronos fed on his chidren all the time like Typhon.

the most powerful and the most sadistic. So far after the Dark Emperor Soifon, Vaati, Aizen, and Typhon are the most powerful of Titans.

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