Titan Lords are like Titans but far more powerful and surpass Gods, Titans, and Devils. They have all the abilities of a normal titan but are far much more destructive and worst then a normal Titan like Vaati for example. Titan Lords are the embodiment of everything like normal titans but they are also the very source of all other Titans like Kronos was in Greek Mythology for the Titans in Greek and in the Percy Jacskon series. Titan lords are the Rulers of all other Titans and some times they are called Titan Kings (for Male Titan Lords) and Titan Queens (For a Female Titan Lords). Titan Lords are Titans who have been very powerful for a long period of time. and like normal Titans they are far more powerful then Gods, Greek Gods, Devils, and all other races known to the worlds. The Titan Lords like all Titans are also the Beginning and the End. They are the True Creators of Everything and everyone. The Most powerful all the Titan Lords is Eneas the Dark Emperor. All The Titan Lords are all evil because if even if someone became a Titan and was good at some point would eventually become corrupt and turn evil like all other titans. Titan Lords also want to bring the end to all life that is good like all Titans do. They are also the Primary Antagonists of the series Future Arc like the normal Titans are such as Szayel Aporro Granz, Seras Victoria, Vaati, Alucard, Ulquiorra Cifer, Kuja, Shantotto, Chaos, Garland, and etc.

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