The Organization of Evil that serve as the Central and Primary Antagonists of the series who serve the Principal Antagonist of Darkness within Shadow, Dark Emperor Eneas. The Organization consists mostly of villains, former Heroes who turned bad, Anti-Villains who turned completly evil, and Former villains who returned to thier villainous ways. Shadowblood is the opposite of godstrike in many ways such as they have no code of honor or sense of Kindness against the weak. They also want to purge the world in darkness, take over the world, change the world in thier Master's own twisted Image, and All Want to become Gods or even surpass Gods. Many of the Members seek to kill as many people or heroes as possible just to make the world in a far deeper darkness then before. Some of the Members of Shadowblood are Soifon, Sosuke Aizen, Vaati, Debora, Cooper The Great Philosopher, Darkseeker, and Dark Emperor Eneas himself.