Original Chracters are characters who do not come from a series made by a company. but Fanmade writers like LordTerrantos or Ridleysghost make thier own characters for thier story. The Original Characters are either Evil or Good or even Neutral. But they either are on the Antagonists Side with the Evil Organization SHadowblood or on the Protagonists side with the Good Organization Godstrike.

Examples of Evil Original Characters are: Dark Emperor, Darkseeker, Debora, Shadow Lord of the Seven Deadly Sins, Dark the Devil Hedgehog, Plague, Haruka, Darth Dalek, DevilTerrantos, SuperSaiyanCortex, Njuma, Jafar the Saiyan Hedgehog, Maralyn, Clay, Swift the Black Angel Hedgehog, Angel of Darkness, Jake the Vampire Hunter, and BloodBroly

Examples of Good Original Characters are; Jamiethedalek, Gekido, WarriorBroly, Sora the Fox, Tanya, Brett the Shadow Dragon, Helios the Hedgehog, Jazz the Hedgefox, Cyrex, Rallen the Hedgehog, Mecha Shadow, Omega, Gyro the Chameleon, Kelli the Cat, Steph, Blizze the Ice Dragon, Croc, Angel, Solar, Draco, Elise, and Luke the Bounty Hunter.

and a former good Original Character is LordTerrantos before he fused with his Darkside and Dark Emperor he was a good man according to his friends but in reality he was already planning his evil schemes.

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